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Less than 2 weeks ago, Suan organized a day trip for us, and specifically for the hot chick to the Chiling Falls. This waterfall that is sitauted less than an hour’s drive away from PJ is listed as one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Selangor. Together with ST, Kim, and FA, we had a great time two Thursdays ago.

More pictures at my flickr set

Chinese Temple, guardian lion
the guardian lion, temple at Rawang

We engaged a guide for this tour, which turned out to be an excellent decision as our guide, Yen, turned out to be very good at what he is doing. After meeting at PJ, we drove to Rawang and first stopped by a Buddhist temple for some prayers and photography opportunity.

Buddhist Temple at Rawang, Selangor
Buddhist Temple

After that we stopped by the small town of Kuala Kubu Bharu for a heavier breakfast before proceeding with the journey. The small town reminded me of the Penang of yesteryears, very peaceful and simple. We had some really good wantan mee there.

Just before heading to the waterfalls, we also stopped by the Selangor Dam.

Kuala Kubu Bharu
stopped by Kuala Kubu Bharu for breakfast

The Chiling Falls is actually located quite deep inside the jungle. To reach there, we had to track the jungle for over an hour through pretty thick growth in the jungle.

walking the jungle track
jungle tracking for over an hour

The trail was pretty challenging, we had to cross the river on 5 occasions and the water could be up to chest high. Luckily our guide is very experienced and came prepared with safety ropes. I had to pack the camera in waterproof plastic bag, and hence denied the opportunity to captured some of the more interesting moments whilst crossing the river. It was quite an experience.

crossing the river
hot chick crossing the river

The river falls under government protection and absolutely no fishing is allowed. The river is actually packed with a lot of native fresh water fish that are absolutely fearless to human. We fed them with some bread Yen brought with him.

The guide was a lot more prepared than I thought, he actually had a stove set and made some hot drinks for us from boiling the water from Chiling river. I made a joke that it would be perfect if he had a hammock as well, and to my utter disbelieve, he ACTUALLY have a hammock with him (sans the ropes to tie it around the trees)!

fish feeding at chiling falls
feeding the fish with FA

After hanging out at the main waterfall for over an hour, it was time to make the return journey. On the way back FA actually lost her shoes in the rapids and had to walk over half an hour barefoot. The guide also picked up some trash (such as broken shoes) that were left from the other irresponsible tourists. We then had a very late lunch at Ulu Yam before returning home dead tired.

Chiling Falls, Selangor
The magnificent chiling falls

It was quite an adventurous trip and certainly a very enjoyable one. Perfect for a weekend getaway that does not involve going to the shopping malls. Yen can be contacted at happyyen at or 017369 7831. He charges RM180 for a group of 2 to 8 person and will supply more guide if you have a bigger group.

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  1. yen was awesome! 😀

  2. Dabido (Teflon)

    I should have arrived a week or two earlier. lol

  3. Awesome waterfall..!! prolly need alot of stamina doing this eh..??

  4. NOTE : Do not wear flip flops =\

  5. Mama Bok,
    not really a lot of stamina, just be prepared to suffer 😀

  6. Hello KY,

    I’ve been reading your blog on and off, and you’re really hilarious.

    However, if you don’t mind, there is something I would like to share with you regarding your latest post.

    It’s about feeding the fishes. I’m a diver, and during one of my recent dive trips, I was enlightened about the devastating effects on feeding fishes in the wild – the seas and rivers.

    It might seem harmless to feed those cute little fishes some bread. But over time, these fishes will begin to rely on artificial forms of feed, and will cease to hunt for their own food.

    The result are fishes that are more aggressive. An indirect result are corals that die (in a balanced ecology, fishes eat algae that that smother reefs).

    Here’s a website link for more information:

    Sorry if I sound like an over-zealous environmentalist. But I’m not, really. It’s just that I’ve been victim to samseng fishes in Redang (they were trying to eat my legs!), and the reason is because of how we have disturbed the natural feeding instincts of fishes.

    Thanks for reading 😀

  7. steelrage

    you guys so bad never call me go one..

  8. KennyStyle

    Where is this place..? is been awhile since the last time i went to a waterfall..
    can we go there by ourselve or a guide is necessary..?

  9. Yue Li,
    I agree with what you said, especially from a diver’s point of view as I am one myself. The ecology of a river system is slightly different (no coral reefs) but the impact might just as dramatic. Will keep that in mind. Thanks.

    Cos you almost never pick up your phone? 😛

    I think a guide is most recommended. It is located pretty near to Ulu Yam. Call Yen.

  10. I like jungle tracking, wanna have it at Bako National Park, but til now not yet take an action…coz not in kch…will try to make it this coming CNY, if other frens want to follow…:)

  11. davidlian

    Wah! Darn, sounds so fun – I wanted to go… 🙁 Anyway, KY…you’re a diver?!

  12. Amei,
    Good luck!

    yeah but I haven’t dived in 2 years!

  13. […] were lots of fish. Yen had brought some bread with him so we could feed the fish, though reading this comment at KY’s blog, it probably wasn’t a good idea. Yen also brought a disposable stove/ […]

  14. Hi! KY,

    The fishes are brought in and cared by the fisheries department. They are feeding the fishes daily, with fish pellets. Ikan Kelah is not a native to this river.

    I do agree with Yue Li with regards to feeding the fishes. A good example will be the feeding of eagles in Pulau Langkawi. Their stock seems to have declined. The big hotels in the island are no longer promoting this tour.

    How are we going to tell the wardens of the area, not to feed the fishes?

  15. but u never called me anyway… 🙁

  16. steelrage,
    blame it to suan.

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  18. was the 3rd KKB photo photoshoped?

  19. haan,
    I only converted the photo to B&W during the RAW processing. Didn’t use photoshop

  20. thanks for replying. that photo immediately caught my attention.. very contrasting..

  21. haan,
    playing with color channels during B&W conversion can create some dramatic effects akin to using color filters in film days. 🙂

  22. ah.. that means not “pure” conversion to B&W lar.. u got do some “playing” 🙂

  23. haan,
    nobody really use a “pure” B&W conversion. that tends to make the picture looks very flat and grey. 😀

  24. ky, sorry for have posting few comments… coz your 1st and 3rd B&W pics look very different. so i was curious to ask. i also rarely do “pure” B&W conversion 🙂

  25. haan,
    nothing wrong with posting more comments. bloggers feed on comments! 😀

  26. Happyyen

    Hi! KY,
    Thank you. Recently Shanon read your website and he organise a group to Chiling Waterfall. They had a good time and really enjoyed the Chinese meal in Ulu Yam Baru.
    Will you be interested to visit Lepoh Waterfall in Ulu Langat? About 1.5 hours hike up the hill?

  27. Happyyen,
    Suan will be organizing the stuff. 😀
    We will surely engage you for any trip! You’re an excellent guide!

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  29. wow… Rawang have this great place that i couldn’t know until u post this. is it dangers ?

  30. sy,
    Dangerous? Not really, but I recommend getting a good guide though.

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  32. Pushpa Veni

    Hi i am pushpa veni , curently pursuing my studies at UNITEN and doing a project called” malaysia’s adventurous spot information portal. I am looking for all kind of adventurous activities information. Can i get some information from your Kytravels, so then i can include in my webpage and promote your company more. I need to know what are the packages you are giving to tourists also. Thank you in advance. Hope i will get some information from you. Thank You.

  33. Pushpa Veni,
    I have to disappoint you and tell you that I do not own any travel agency, this is a personal blog. 🙂

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