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Merry X’mas to everyone! The 4th X’mas Eve Party we had last night was awesome, I want to thank everyone for coming, and for the few who didn’t manage to make it (eg. my hot chick), hopefully we’ll do it again next year. I hope that everyone had fun and enjoyed the party, if I wasn’t a good host, please file your complains elsewhere cos I’m not gonna give a crap. 😀

There are more photos on my facebook album and flickr set

KY Xmas Eve Party 2007
Gerald, Suan; Kim, KY
Chan, Huey Fang; Alicia, Su Li, Mohan

Like the previous year, we have the regulars and some newcomers. Lets see if I manage to count how many of us were at the party.

  • Host: KY (naturally)
  • House mates (current & ex):Rachel, Huey Fang, Carol, Chan
  • Bloggers: Suanie, ST, Kelvin, Kimberly, Ringo, FA, Reta, TBG, Skyler, Nicholas, Esther, Sew Jin, Penny, Albert, Mohan, Simon, Justin
  • Friends: Audrey, Damien, Dree, Jessica, Winson, Jack, Edward, Douglas, Arthur, Alicia, Su Lin, Adrian Low, Naufal, Aysraf, Suertes, Gerald, Adrian (giant sotong), and Adrian Low’s friend (whose name I don’t remember)

That makes 40 even, pretty good turn-out I’d say. 😀

KY Xmas Eve Party 2007
Albert, Ringo; Aysraf, Sueter
Esther, Sew Jin; Jessica, Arthur

The party got started at around 9pm. I had gotten the place ready with plenty of drinks, the few bottles of harder stuff I have laying around, and 3 crates of Tuborg beer that were given to me by this nice lady from Carlsberg after reading the X’mas Eve Party invitation post. I guess everyone at the party was grateful of Mr. Ole, the GM of marketing and Mr. Teh, the Brand Manager of Carlsberg.

KY Xmas Eve Party 2007
Reta, FA; Nicholas, Rachel;
Kelvin, Skyler; Justin, Simon

As the night went along, people were starting to get friendlier, probably alcohol had something to do with it. They started chatting up and doing some camwhore sessions.

KY Xmas Eve Party 2007
Dree, KY, FA, Jack, Naufal; Winson, Damien, Douglas, Dree;
Skyler, Kelvin, Reta, Esther; ST, Nicholas, Esther, Alicia

The theme was Ah Lian and Ah Beng outfit, but most of the guys were not really up to task. Credit must be given to FA, Reta, Chan, and Huey Fang for going the extra mile. Ringo had an interesting harajuku type of outfit though, while Alicia didn’t even need to try, she is from Klang after all 😛

KY Xmas Eve Party 2007
Adrian Low and friend; Arthur, Audrey
Suan, Jack, Reta; Carol, TBG, Ed

At midnight, we started the gift exchange program. This time around, everyone who contributed a gift is given a number. We then draw and call each number from the hat. Whoever has their number called will get to choose a gift from the pile, or anything that is already opened from the previous person. As always, the later you get your number called, the better selection of opened gifts you’ll get to choose for. If you chose a good gift early, someone can snatch it off, as we shall see.

KY Xmas Eve Party 2007
The various gifts we got

Jack, being a noob as usual, inadvertently chose something Carol gave, a packet of adult diapers. Nicholas got a toilet survival kit from Suan. There were also condoms, KY jelly, crayon set, bubble blower, puzzle, CEO cafe, and even a Basic Instinct 2 dvd. I gave away a curry dinner meal with raw fish, prawn, curry powder, and all the vegetables.

KY Xmas Eve Party 2007
the bacon bak kua went through 8 people!

The hottest gift this year was the bacon bak kua from Kelvin. The gift was snatched up 7 times, Skyler was the lucky last person to bring back that delicious bag of bacon. Douglas promised he will bring the most sought after gift next year, like how he did the previous year (a set of keyboard)

The bacon trail: Alicia -> Aysraf -> ST -> Audrey -> Su Lin -> Reta -> Kim -> Skyler

KY Xmas Eve Party 2007
it was a great party, we must thank the Tuborg beers from Carlsberg

I think the whole bacon debacle got everyone excited and police actually came to ask us to quiet down at around 1am. Luckily the uniformed officers were nice (though they didn’t want to take a photo with me when I asked) and just politely asked us to keep it down and end the party soon.

I had a great time, and I want to thank you for coming. See you again next year!

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  1. I was afraid I was gonna get lynched at the end.

  2. skyler,
    You should have shared!!! 😛

  3. Why was Asyraf among the people in the bacon trail?


    It was fun, let’s do it again next year!

  4. Terima Kasih beribu-ribu banyak atas kesudian Encik KY menjemput saya serta kelompok penyibuk dalam-talian dari serata negara. Maaf dipinta sekiranya saya terlalu bising atau pun bersikap comot di pondok indahmu.

  5. KY’s party rox!

  6. Kuzco : You should ask, why am I there in the first place 😛

  7. Dunno what’s so great about the bak gua. I’d choose the secret recipe cake over the bak gua anytime.

    Well, not that time.

  8. sewjin,
    the meshed up cake? hahaha

  9. merry christmas KY, great party, sorry, hot chick could not make.

  10. KennyStyle

    “Bao Dai Yan”
    Haha! that’s the coolest gift.

  11. eh the bak gwa is BACON bak gwa ok!
    teh awesome… (by reputation)

  12. KennyStyle,
    you want it? I’m sure he’ll sell you for a very cheap price. haha

  13. Yay, that was the great party and thanks to the host – Mr. Ky !!!

    Sorry for my disappointed turn out caused I really dunno how to be Ah Lian / Ah Hua ( 😛 ). I did to think of the looks and style but I always failed to get any ideas. Maybe I only good on Halloween Party (winks @ KY). hehe….

    Anyway, hope next year I can do something in the party and the cops won’t visit our party again!

    Happy New Year!!!

  14. You didn’t give the officers some bacon bak kwa kah? In the spirit of Christmas sharing 🙂 LOL!

  15. sotong,
    ok so which sotong are you? I’m sure you’re not carol or adrian.

    Thanks for the tips! I should have thought of it!

  16. Oh.. I forgot to thanks Carlsberg for the Tuborg beers! It was nice beer caused the alcohol is not that high (5%). It is just nice for me as I’m not a good drinker. 😉

  17. sotong,
    You can drink like a fish, i mean, sotong. The only problem is that you’ll be dancing silly

  18. thank you KY for the beers and great party 😉

  19. Ed,
    you are welcome. I didn’t buy those beers btw. 😛

  20. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and yours.. KY.. 🙂
    I’ve always enjoyed your makan sessions. 🙂

  21. oh my! The cops came?&@#$(*!! Wish you had photos…even secrets ones taken with a camera phone. LOL.

    I guess this is the definitive proof of a great party when the cops are called in to tone things down. Go KY!!!

  22. Waaa… I want the bacon bak gua. I only held it for less than 5 minutes! Sad sad.

    Anyways I enjoyed the party – minus the bak gua. The beer was good though =) Thanks for having me!

  23. Mama Bok,
    merry x’mas to you too.

    I asked but too bad the cops didn’t want to have their pictures taken

    Su Lin,
    hahaha, tough luck. Thanks for coming.

  24. wow lovely party it seems…damn missed it! Merry Christmas anyways..! 🙂

  25. thanks for all the booze!

  26. Simon Seow

    Thanks KY. Had great fun there. It’s been a long time never drank so much beer. In the morning my pee smelt of high concentrated alcohol.

  27. I got a picture of the cops heh, think it’s pretty blurred tho as it was a sneaky one.

    Good party, let’s have another soon 😀

  28. charmayne,
    merry x’mas to you too!

    you’re welcome, thank Tuborg!

    you’re welcome. 🙂

    ooo, best, send me!

  29. Dear Fellow Friends that are Food Bloggers,

    Would you like to have a food review at Marco’s new outlet in Bangsar Village Shopping Centre? Let’s set a date as soon as the attendance is more or less confirmed! Don’t worry, it’s on my Boss! =D

    I forgot to mention that, spaces are limited yeah!

    Happy blogging!

  30. Giant Sotong

    Adrian’s friend is Dinesh, and I’m not Adrian #2 😎 Just label me “BP”.

    (my gosh, was I really carrying that bag the whole night? Explains all that sweat)

    Great party, and thanks!

  31. Giant Sotong,

  32. I posted about the party!


  33. Its funny how when I brought the pizza over, the first thing Dree said to me was, ‘So you puking pizza this year aye ?’

  34. no food… only booze? haha…

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  35. damn…i missed it …:(

  36. Hi KY. Just want to update you that my was taken down by my ex-boss. The domain and hosting was given free to me when I worked there. I’ve moved my blog to Thanks.

  37. […] inviting!). Chui Hoon was also the one who was responsible for the 3 crates of beer during the last x’mas eve party. (It was nice meeting […]

  38. nice party.. bt how did u get the sponsors..? cuz i would like to had a huge~ party of my own.. so jz asking..

  39. WH,
    I didn’t find the sponsor. They approached. 🙂

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