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Being a blogger, we love feedbacks. Comments are great, but I am sure many of most of you remember the first time you get a “fan” mail through the contact me page you have on your blog. Mails such as these often make my day:

Shilme wrote:
Love your site, esp the halal food section! I’m Malaysian live in Cairo… miss our local sooooo food badly!


jojo wrote:
Hi hi KY , great food blog .


Melody wrote:
Hi Ky,

I love your blog so much! I started read your blog last month. It is really informative and interesting. Are you a full-time blogger? Reading your blog is really joyful 🙂

For these readers, thanks for the confidence, I really appreciate it!

Then there are emails seeking recommendations or advice, like this one. I usually try to reply to them as much as possible even though the question could be a bit vague.

Lanny Law wrote:
I’m looking for a reataurant that can have some eat & take home package. Example set dinner with wine or any specialaties take home items. Can you recommend any of those near KL, Bandar utama, Mont’ kiara area? Thanks for the help

kenson wrote:
how to create my blog?

However, the majority of emails I received lately looks like they are from readers who thought I run certain restaurants. I reply to them and sometimes even call them up just for kicks:

Celeste Ching wrote:
i would like to book 2 tables around 15 person on 26/12/07, Wednesday 8pm under the name of Mr. Paul Phang.

Pls contact me ASAP 012-233 xxxx.


I’m sorry, Celeste, which restaurant is this?

Alicia wrote:
Pls combine the table for booking no L180031 & L180027. If you need further confirmation pls contact me at 017-387xxxx.

Very detailed, Alicia, but I don’t know how to hack the booking system of that restaurant, if you would tell me the name of the restaurant to begin with. 😀

HELEN wrote:

I’m sorry, HELEN, but I hope you had fun on the 10th?

Then there’s this guy who wants to run a franchise

Elvis Low wrote:
Would like to know more details. My contect 012-203xxxx.

Website: Interesting about franchise.

Sorry Elvis, I guess you will have to visit’s website.

On an unrelated note, we went to Chilling Falls yesterday for a hiking/sightseeing/soaking session and it was great. Our guide was awesome and we had a fun time. I will write about when I get the photos processed. It is just 3 days away from the X’mas Eve Party, I can’t wait!

Discuss : KY doesn’t own any restaurants

  1. I want reserve two bak kut teh with eztra yau char guai to go please. does you do delivers also?

  2. so funny!! OMG, can’t believe there are such noobs out there!!

  3. Pls reserve 1 table for 10 persons for your xmas eve celebration. For more details, contact 012-3456789. Thanks.


  4. I have received 2 emails scolding me for not answering the reservation phone line (for Jogoya I assumed).

  5. eyeris,
    Ok, no problem. Do you want it with stevie G’s sweat?

    Do not under estimate the noobs.

    Wah you have a very nice phone number. 😛

    hahahah. I have plenty of those too

  6. WOW..ahha..amazing how the mind works for some people..How did they even get misled by you in the first place?? :p

  7. dear KY, i want to book 2 tins of 100+ hijau ar 11pm on the 1sr thursday of january next.

    Please call me at 010-5551234 for confirmation

  8. twosuperheroes,
    amazing isn’t it?

    wah you still have ATUR phones, can you sell it to me? 😛

  9. 2 ramlee burger, less mayo, more chili sauce. Send to my office by 4pm.

    But seriously, I guess those guys googled those specific places and thought that you were the official website. Probably they still new to this “INTERNETS” thing.

  10. I put my phone number on the internet and I have people calling me,

    “Sibaraku? I want to make reservation for 7.”
    “Tan Catering? Do you cater for 100 people?”


  11. Klaw,
    I suppose!

    That’s cos you do look like a restaurant owner, you know, the shape at least. 😛

  12. Nicholas Chay

    Hahaha.. Alicia’s the best LOL

  13. Are those message leaving authentic email address or just spam ?

  14. Dabido (Teflon)

    Hope you have a list of good Vegetarian Restaurants for me when I get to KL. 🙂

  15. I guess those booking e-mails came in because your site is starting to rank up pretty well on searches for names of some restaurants. This is why some average Joe users might think that your review is the official site for the restaurants. 😆

  16. Nicholas,
    Hahahha, same name with our friend some more.

    They are authentic

    I have 2 places for you.

    Wayne Liew,
    Yah, that’s true, but I guess it’s pretty obvious this site isn’t an official restaurant’s website. Oh well.

  17. You probably should get those restaurants to coordinate with you, since your blog has been promoting them. 😉


  19. Pls try Ho Ho Steamboat in Sri Petaling ( The soup is superb delicious, better than Yuen Steamboat. You will love it. I am having it weekly there,kinda addicted you know. hehe

  20. KY, your car is in muscleman’s house. Tenkiu for the ride! heh heh

  21. Jess,
    weekly, u’re crazy. lol

    the dude better fix it right this timeeeee

  22. KY,

    I want to book two crates of beer please thanks.

    Call me at 012-555 8888 for any further details thanks.. I will be there 8pm…

    LOL !!!!

    Dude, your fans are hilarious la… wakakkka

  23. you trash your car issit =P

  24. Reta,
    I didn’tttttttttt

  25. Hi, I would like a plate of nasi lemak please, tambah sambal, telur mata kerbau, tak mau kacang. Oh, teh tarik satu also 😀

  26. crysV,
    Sorry no delivery to Italy. 😛

  27. ky… u r my IDOL !!!!!

  28. melody,
    Thanks thanks. *bows*

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