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The hot chick and I met up with Kerol for lunch a couple weekends ago, and she suggested that we give one of her new found places a try. We met up at Aman Suria and headed to the Famous Seremban Favorites Restaurant for what she described as the best char siew (bbq pork, 叉烧) in town. This is someone who recommended me the very good char siew at Meng Kee, Glenmarie, so I actually had pretty high hopes.

Char Siew (BBQ Pork) Famous Seremban Favorites Restaurant
awesome char siew (bbq pork, 叉烧)

The restaurant is actually situated at Sunway Mas Commercial Centre. I actually went to a couple bak kut teh places at the area: Wong Siong Wong, and Klang (Dry) Bak Kut Teh. The place is set up like a kopitiam but with only one stall overdose with plenty of char siew. Other than char siew and Hakka noodle, they also offer chicken rice, sui kao, and wantan. The interior is pretty clean and comfortable. As it was still rather early on Saturday, the place was rather empty. However, I have heard that the weekday lunch crowd can be quite crazy.

char siew and hakka noodle, Famous Seremban Favorites Restaurant
look at the amount of char siew there

We ordered 3 bowls of Hakka Noodle and a big plate of char siew to share. If you’ve never had it, the noodle, like most Hakka food, is rather plain. The texture and taste of the noodle is pretty similar wantan mee. However, instead of dark sauce and wantan, Hakka Noodle comes with ground pork and almost no sauce.

As for the char siew, it was really awesome. The texture was just so soft and tender, and together with the char siew sauce provided, it was actually slightly better than the already very good char siew place in Glenmarie I mentioned earlier. We actually ordered another plate just to satisfy the taste buds.

char siew and hakka noodle, Famous Seremban Favorites Restaurant
char siew, hakka noodle, and choices of chili

With drinks, the meal cost us around RM 30 for the three of us. Pretty decent price and definitely awesome taste. You should give this place a try if you are a char siew lover. Couldn’t get any better than this.

Map to Aman Suria, Famous Seremban Favorites Restaurant
Famous Seremban Favorites Restaurant is located near Aman Suria

No. 80-1 (Ground Floor),
Jalan PJU 1/3B
Sunway Mas Commercial Centre,
47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.118630, 101.598891
Tel: 017-279 8582

Discuss : KY eats – Char Siew and Hakka Noodle at Famous Seremban Favorites Restaurant, Aman Suria, PJ

  1. Oh you finally got to try this place which has been the current fav char siew joint for food bloggers!

  2. Seems like so nice eh … Anyway, just came across a chicken rice stall at setapak, near TARC there … It’s call ‘Lam Gei’ (Uncle Lim) chicken rice stall … Although a bit stuffy because all the students there … but the rice is very nice … May be you can try if you somewhere near there … Anyway, do you have any Dimsum buffet recommendation in KL area ?

  3. Wah, glistening Char Siew with fat!!! When I stayed at Dataran Prima last time, I never bothered to visit this place, and by pass it so many times.

    Grrrr, must visit one day.

    Btw, I know the handdrawn map is a classic part of kyspeaks, but ever thought of migrating to google maps? Just a suggestion to save time. 😛

  4. Sony no longer there la..

  5. tankiasu,
    I didn’t know abou that.

    Thanks, will try that if I have a chance.

    Yeah, a must try! I am actually considering adding GPS location or google map link since they have Malaysian GIS now, but the hand drawn will stay. 😀

    Yeah, I reused the older map. hehe

  6. lotsofcravings

    man everyone has tried this place except me..grrr…is “kerol” non-halal ar?

  7. lotsofcravings,
    kerol memang non halal to the max.

  8. wah.. char siew is my favourite and to think that I normally hang around Sunway Mas Commercial area also dunno such great food existed. Thank you KY 🙂

  9. Yozoranitesky,
    Try it and let us know if you like it. 😀

  10. good stuff…. looks like the real thing…

  11. philcp,
    definitely the real thing. *slurps*

  12. My office is nearby Aman Suria. I have lunch with my colleagues at the restaurant quite often. Yea, their char siew really nice. I usually order “half fat” char siew.

    One of the available seremban food is “Yao Yu Mai Fan” (Cuttle fish rice vermicelle).

  13. went n tried d char siew…absolutely
    d best in pj…

  14. whoa, u also went. Definitely one of the best char siu, and at a very decently priced as well.

  15. nice post! i’m char siew fan ^^!

    i stay @Bayu Puteri Apartment, don’t even know around Aman Suria got such a restaurant… >.<

    will try tis soon, can’t wait hehe!

    hv u try the char siew around Bandar Manjalara, Kepong? it is nice too! the restaurant (sry…. forget the name) is located opposite Petronas and Shell petrol station.

  16. Seems like everyone likes the char siew place, I have to plan to go there again myself!

    I haven’t try the one at Kepong, will do that one of these days.

  17. i hv tasted it today… very very nice… i personally rate it 5/5, and it’s better than the Kepong 1!

    will go again wit my friends… ^^

  18. Bro, i’m a big fan of your blog. Please keep up good work! 🙂

  19. Jack,
    Thanks for the vote of confidence! 😀

  20. pinkpainter

    yup. Completely, entirely and totally agree with u. Its Char Siew indeed thumbs up. The best i had. i like it than Meng Kee

  21. Thanks for the tip KY.
    The char siew looks awesome!

  22. pinkpainter,
    I’m glad you like it!

    they are awesome. 😀

  23. hi ky
    at nite this shop got open ar?

  24. meanie,
    I think they’re only open from morning to afternoon.

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  28. wow,,black chako char siew !!
    Must try
    Thanks KY

  29. I just spent RM30 (for 2) there, only on rice and char siew. *burp*

  30. 9393,
    You’re welcome!

    Sounds like you had a good meal. 😀

  31. chinchin

    There are many more other good food around Aman Suria namely:- Bak Kut Teh around the corner beside the Hakka Restaurant, Kluang Noodles (opposite Denise n Dylan petshop), BaoBao, EaZy Teochew Porridge,Kung Fu Kitchen serves best Hakka Yong Tau Fu and other stuff (same row as 88 pet store) etcc… u should try them out as well if you havent. By the way, the kopitiam next to Seremban Favourites serve best Teh Ais! check them out… 😉

  32. chinchin,
    Yeah, you’re right, there are now quite a lot of eating places at Aman Suria. When the place first started opening I thought the whole commercial area was going to be a failure, apparently not. 😀

  33. now im drooling for some char siew fan…
    erm…abit confused how the arrow goes la…b4 the toll turn left all the way can reach??

  34. fashionasia,
    Yes yes before the toll left turn and then go all the way!

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  37. Thank you, il go there asap.
    Johnnes/ swedish char siew fan # 1

  38. Johannes,
    Enjoy! 😀

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  40. Just Try out there yesterday, feel tat the char siew very expensive, XL size for RM20, but the char siew very few only….+ the onwer attitude really bad(lunch time).no visit for second time…..

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