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iTalk Buddy Phase 2

December 11, 2007 4 Comments
iTalk Buddy
iTalk Buddy

I first got to know about iTalk from the various blogs that featured it during the first phase, and now I finally downloaded the application and give it a try, little did I know it has progressed to the second phase already. Way to go!

For the uninitiated, iTalk is our local version of MSN/Skype/YM all roll into one but with more features. It supports the normal chatting function much like the other instant messaging services, and also includes a search buddy function that is similar to what icq used to offer. You can only search those who are online and filter the result by age, gender, and country, pretty nifty.

Other features packed into this program includes the ability to categorize buddies, find nearby buddies, and also blacklist certain people you don’t want to talk to. Chatroom, SMS, and VOIP are supported as well. Then there’s file sharing and even screen sharing, something that would be pretty useful especially to guide or help your friend in troubleshooting PC or just to collaborate on a project and such.

To me, the one thing that iTalk buddy can do that isn’t offered by the major IM providers is the Offline Services. Yes, you can actually use this program without connecting to the internet. This allows users to create offline community portal within a local area network that isn’t connected to the internet all the time, it even helps create local area network and enable file and printer sharing. Screen and document sharing works in this offline mode too. I think offices can take advantage of this feature, the fact that you can actually have more than one person editing a Microsoft Word document would be very helpful.

For those who are familiar with Phase 1, this new release includes several new features. There’s 3D Moji, a virtual intelligent pet that you can interact with and “keep” much like other addictive virtual pets. Then there’s PC to normal phone/mobile phone calls, of course, we will have to pay for this, but the price is rather reasonable. You can check here, calling to US is only RM0.15 per minute, neat. There are even mobile blogging and other premium services available in the future.

Check it out!

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Discuss : iTalk Buddy Phase 2

  1. this da one where hey sniff and intercept all your conversations ?

  2. wow..sounds like a MSN-YM-Skype-Neopet-Tamagotchi-VOIP-landline all-in-1 application..

  3. terenceg,
    I’m not so high tech, don’t know if that can be done.

    Actually this is quite an interesting product.

  4. i’ve tried this IM too and i find it quite interesting. it has lotsa features that others dont have and i’m still learning how to use it. hopefully i’ll be able to master it and share with my frens 🙂

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