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I was first introduced to this latest “invention” of traditional Chinese sinful treat that is the bak kua (肉干), or dried meat in Hokkien, by Kelvin. He handed me some bacon bak kua (钟无艳肉干)from Kiew Brothers to save his own arteries from clogging up, and it was so good that I finished it within a few minutes. Naturally I had to buy some for myself so that I could snap some pictures to share with you (not that I mind eating more anyway).

Bacon Bak Kua from Kiew Brothers
best of both worlds, bacon bak kua!

I don’t think there is a lot to describe about this. You know bacon is good, and you know that bak kua is great. What happen with you combine the two? A snack that doesn’t need any preparation, melts in your mouth, and tasted just super awesome! Beats any other type of bak kua I’ve ever had.

However, this thing doesn’t feel very healthy if consumed too much. I have been trying to pace myself to not have too many pieces at one go.

Bacon Bak Kua from Kiew Brothers
I love this stuff

As far as I know, this version of bak kua is only available from Kiew Brothers at the moment (update: bee cheng hiang has it too). I got mine from Pavilion, but they are not available on every location due to lower demand and shorter shelf life of this new product. The bacon bak kua is slightly more expensive than the other variety at around RM 70+ per KG.

Address: (HQ)
30 Jalan Hang Lekir,
50000 Kuala Lumpur

GPS: 3.148872, 101.713368
Tel: 03-2078 2536

Discuss : KY eats – Bacon Bak Kua (dried meat, 我来也肉干) from Kiew Brothers

  1. lotsofcravings

    this looks damn evil la..imagine having it with fried eggs for breakfasT! haha

  2. Hehe.. sinful but it tasted yum yum..think about diet later, enjoy it first! KY dun finish it all by urself. Leave some for me! =)We’ll have more then..

  3. lotsofcravings,
    That’s the healthy life style!

    hehehe, must.. resist.. eating too much

  4. thx 4 visiting my blog =D
    Ya, blogging consume a lot of time,
    but yet it is challenging and fun!
    i will link up to you ya^^
    keep in touch!

  5. The guy in the pic is not ky….who’s tht?

  6. melody,

    It is me laa

  7. can I have some???……

  8. LOL!!! How come you post up a so fucking ugly pic that i really can’t recognize that is you! Spoiled the bak kua feel and think of ah kua (人妖)… FUCKKKKEDD!!!!

  9. Loong Kee had it long ago. I reckon they were the 1st to introduce.

  10. Hey i dun care!!! I WANT BAK KUA! =)

  11. u have a new hair cut?

  12. yer… your ham sap look in this picture very geli la.

  13. Have no comment… I don’t really like bak Kua.

  14. melody,
    good eyes!

    shuttp. hehe

    Ooo, you’re missing out, man!

  15. Before i know the guy in the pic is ky, i thought he is ky’s brother who is only 17 years old…

  16. My cholesterol reading has just dropped..
    Now I’m seeing this.. hohoho.. droolingg~~

  17. aeroplane1234

    YUMM!!!钟无艳肉干 means got lots of fat right? … YAM !!!

  18. Actually, Bee Cheng Hiang came up with this, about 3 years ago…

    =) And it tastes better than the Kiew Brothers one…

  19. melody,
    You are too kind. 😀

    Go for it!

    Yes, lots!

    Oooo, I should try that too!

  20. if you look closer, ya can spot ky’s… saliva over the last bits! =P

  21. Reta,

    behave! 😛

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  24. kl_fatguy

    Wahaha,my favourite….yummy.Actually you should try Bee Cheng Hiang’s bacon bak kua.Normally need to advance booking and also need to eat within 2 hours,then you feel the taste of the bacon bak kua and also the tenderness.Cold eating is ok but not as good as hot.Somemore cold bacon bak kua you will feel more geli bec the fats and oil will freeze at the meat and your feeling like eating slipery bacon cover with OIL,geli lar….

  25. kl_fatguy,
    Geli? what is geli? hahaha, you have to embrace it cold or warm! 😛

    I wonder if heating it in microwave would be ok for bacon as it might splatter everywhere.

  26. Hi there every1, I was lucky enuf to be able to sample this Bak Kua when i visited your lovely country.
    Is there anywhere in London that i could get some of it… is heavenily

  27. Cynthia Seow

    我来也is always my beloved New Year gift from friend.
    Oops!!! It is now facing the “off the shelf” problem. As a QMS person, to be in their shoes, the actions required: 1) Immediate action: a) To retrieve all back from the market b) To make a public apology – These are their current actions. 2) Correction: a) To check whether all batches are affected. To segregate bad and good. To dispose off the bad. 3) Causes: To investigate and analyse the process on the cause and weaknesses. (causese may be due to: man, method, material, process, environment & etc. But look at the present one, the possible cause may be from man, material, method and process control, inefficient procedure) Then to have an improved actions taken to eliminate the causes. Apply improvement tools and error proof method. Use PDCA 4) Preventive actions: To audit the improved version process. Recommend to employ a third party auditor (this will regain the public confidence soon). And to act on any deviation immediate as to prevent it from deterioration. Tighten the audit frequency at start. 5) Follow up: The management will follow up on the audit result.
    I hope all these will eliminate the problem very soon. Looking forward for it to come back to the market. This yummy branded product should be back to the market soon.

    • Cynthia: sure hope so!

      • Cynthia Seow

        I am a free lance auditor. If you need my service, please contact me. I have many years of internal audit experience in hard disk and aerospace industry. I am now in Penang.
        Glad to learn that you have taken very fast action as per today’s NTV7 5.30pm news.

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