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I went to Pavilion with the hot chick yesterday for a little bit of walk and shop. It is rather crazy that we had three new malls (or extension of the current) opened during the past quarter, I guess shopping is really the national past time here in the valley of mud.

We saw a crowd of over a dozen people surrounded the John King Egg Tart stall just as we came up to the food court from the escalator. Curiosity got the better of us and we joined the group to investigate the commotion. Apparently samples of the egg tarts and other traditional Chinese pastries were being handed out at the counter. We took a small sample and decided we need to buy some of these stuff.

John King Egg Tart, 香港蛋塔王, Pavilion KL
yummm.. egg tarts

John King Egg Tart is said to be originally from Hong Kong, and this is their first branch in Malaysia. They offer 3 types of egg tarts, the original, egg white only egg tart (healthier I suppose), and a rather interesting durian flavored egg tart. There are also lou phor peng (老婆饼), chicken pie,and siu pao (烧包).

The crust of the tarts was really fluffy and goes very well with the very soft texture of the fillings that are not overly sweet nor oily. It felt very light and yet very delicious, the durian egg tart really does taste of strong durian smell and flavor, not to be missed by durian lovers. I tried samples of the chicken pie and siu pao, and they were pretty good too despite having chicken instead of the pork in their siu pao.

John King Egg Tart, 香港蛋塔王, Pavilion KL
this stuff is really awesome

The egg tart goes for RM 1.60 to RM 2.00 a piece, siu pao is RM 1.50, and the chicken pie are RM 2.60. These stuff makes for good snacks, try it! There are also many other interesting dining choices in this nicely decorated food court (including J.Co Donut), check out masak-masak’s post on this place.

map to Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
Pavilion KL is right at the heart of Bukit Bintang

Food Republic
Lower Ground, Pavilion KL
168 Jln Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur

GPS: 3.148872, 101.713368

Discuss : KY eats – John King Egg Tart (香港蛋塔王) at Pavilion KL

  1. lotsofcravings

    was tempted to try also..but too full..really can do a mini food crawl in pavilion..

  2. She's Jess

    Tried them. Love them 🙂

  3. wth is the review for wo lai yeh’s bacon bakkua???

    what do u call chicken pie in mandarin?

  4. Kelvin,

    I bought the bak kua already, it’s at home and I haven’t eaten them… YET

  5. I love Egg Tarts! Its really pricey.

  6. 3? Gardens, Pavilion and?

  7. ST,

    and Pyramid 2.

  8. got Jaya 33 also!!!

  9. have u tried the mini tarts at Taman Muda? people need to queue up and there are people who reserve 200 pieces, which is 20 boxes..but i think it’s a bit pricey for RM1.60 – RM2.00 per piece?

  10. And still within the muddy valley, we have Bukit Tinggi Shopping Centre and Giant Kinrara all happening during this period.

  11. Nastasshea@Nesh

    Yummy yumm yummmmm….

  12. Nyum. I like your face-lift. Looks a bit like my blog now ler…with all the dotted lines. 🙂 I’m getting over the Achmed joke ady.

  13. nice tart! And it doesn’t look burned. Can I have one too?

  14. Yatz & magnee,
    Will try that when I have a chance, thanks!

    It’s about time!

    yes you can have 5 instead, just go to Pavilion, with money. 😛

  15. wahhhhhhhh…the egg tarts look so nice and “fluffy”! Must try them when I go Pavilion next time. I realised that you like taking a photo of yourself eating the food eh..same like what you did with the ‘bak kua’ post! :p

  16. we love egg tarts!! Superhero W is simply crazy over egg tarts. Must buy some for him to try. Take your word that it’s good ok..hehe..

  17. supergirlfriend,
    Once in a while I must camwhore myself a bit. 😛

    Glad that you enjoyed!

  18. […] Peach Bakery at Wan Chai and it turned out to be better than any I had in Malaysia, better than John King egg tart at Pavilion KL, which I thought was pretty good. The pastry is very fluffy and the content […]

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