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After a prolonged procrastination, I decided to finally upgrade to the latest version of WordPress and customized a new theme for this blog. The current theme takes advantage of higher monitor resolution so that I have a slightly bigger real estate to play with, I made that decision since more than 96% of you now uses at least 1024×768 (according to my sitemeter reading)

I created subcategories under Eats->KL City in response to the claims that most my dining recommendations are concentrated at PJ only. As you can see, there are currently 66 posts filed under KL City, just shy of 2/3 compared to those around PJ area.

Old Theme at KY speaks
the old theme

I have also added the comment subscription plugin as well as the link for comment feeds.

Do you like the new look? Please do let me know should you have any comments and suggestions. Cheers!


Discuss : KY Speaks face lift, new theme!

  1. This new theme looks great! :)And yeah, better than the previous one…

  2. its cool….. but the collage in the older theme is fun.

  3. You may want to add a paragraph code to your “Related Posts:” section. Or was that done on purpose? Anyway, 1024×768 should be the minimum resolution these days. Nice theme.

  4. Blue… my favourite color^^ so its nice 4 me!

  5. My first post in your blog, although always visit.

    The new theme is better. 🙂

  6. Nice new theme.

    I am not sure if I am the only one… but I prefer bigger fonts.

  7. TenthOfMarch,
    Got that fixed, thanks for pointing it out!

    You’re right, I increased the font to 11px instead. 😉

  8. colbert low

    nice theme. looks a bit like the Tiffany blue theme

  9. First reaction was “woahhhhhh”… lol
    So high-tek(pronounced with cina accent) wan ky hoho btw, i don’t like blue! make it green! 😛

  10. Simple, presentable and ease to surf around… i think the new theme is better than the previous…

    Anyway, the moment i have a guess or friends that wanna to try special food in KL… your site is where i will click for recommendation. 🙂

  11. so free ar? come upgrade my blog for me kthx 😛

  12. ky,

    jogoya having 2nd anniversary discount !!

  13. aeroplane1234

    you should decorate further the header. ur earlier ones with mosaic photos were nice. im sure u are working on something this is just temporary saja right?

  14. When are you coming to eat with me again T____T

  15. so boy boy colour =P

  16. aeroplane1234

    Jogoya DISCOUNT!!!???? do you mean the shoppe that offers unlimited supply of mega sized Oysters along with abalone soup and Teramitzu is offering DISCOUNT???!!!

  17. Nicholas Chay

    make a new banner!

  18. ha.. u left a comment on Ming’s blog.. so funny~

  19. WootZ!

    Looking good KY. Liking the new layout.

  20. Wow!! Wonderful layout!! I love this new set up!! The color is matching, overall provide a new life to your new design.

    Congratulation! Good Work!


  21. Wow, nice new theme! Surprised to see all blue when I entered! Very modern look ^^

  22. Very refreshing new template. 🙂

  23. i just upgraded to wordpress 2.3.1 too after 2 months and it feels like a load off my shoulders. it’s my first time visiting and i love your blog, keep it up!

  24. thanks thanks. 😀

  25. Nice, definitely better than the old one, but the collage was good.

    Banner is a bit plain now, maybe make a new collage 😀

  26. ST,

    Still contemplating if I should uglify the banner or not. hehehe

  27. Nicholas Chay

    Do it!

  28. you need a better profile photo though. ha ha.

  29. You should uglify your banner. It’s your thang man. It doesn’t feel right seeing your header so plain like that…

  30. i also procrastinating for mine! can help me upgrade ar 😛

  31. potatoe, micahelooi,
    hahahaha, clean, ok!

    do it!

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