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Of the many types of dried fruits available, from raisins and prunes to dried guava, my favorite has got to be the dried mango. The sweet sourish taste of mango in the easy and convenient to eat package makes a very good office snack.

Dried Mango From Cebu, Phillipines
absolutely delicious dried mango from Cebu, Phillipines

Furthermore, this stuff has plenty nutritional values. Lots of potassium, vitamin C, and most importantly, good amount of fiber for those who might have digestive inconveniences but do not fancy prunes. Dehydrated mango is believed to preserve all the nutritious properties of the fresh fruit (or so they say).

I have tasted three different brands of dried mango from Philippines, two found at Isetan at KLCC, the Joy Mangoes, and 7D Mangoes, with the third, CEBU (also the name of the province that produces the best mangoes in Philippines) brought back by my buddy ShaolinTiger all the way from its country of origin.

The taste of all three brands are comparable to each other, and way superior to the local brands I have tried. However, a 100 gm pack of imported dried mango goes for RM 8+, while the local brands are around RM 3+. In this case though, you get what you paid for. The local stuff is just too sweet and lacking the distinct mango sourness and aroma.

Give it a try, this is really good.

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Discuss : KY eats – Phillipines Dried Mango (Cebu)

  1. I KILL YOU!

  2. wah, so many type of dried mangoes….so, which is the best one?

  3. kljs,

    basically all the Philippine ones are good 😀

  4. bwaahaha “KY = used to describe indelicate or unperceptive people”

  5. Paul,

    WTF! LOL

  6. I usually got dried manggo from my colleague whom attending the face to face meeting. They always recommend the CEBU Mango as the texture of the mango is more fine than others local brand.

    I have never tried all others brand, but according to my colleague @ Phillipines the CEBU brand is the best and cheap for export quality.

    Drool! Drool! yummy…

  7. Hey there. looks like u’re a food hunter.
    can write up a Food Dictionary 🙂
    anyway, De’Chiengmai wasn’t quite a satisfactory, for me. Was it for you?

  8. Wooh! I love dried mangos as well, tend not to eat much, the local ones are like eating frosted sugar. xD

  9. OMG!!! i love those!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I even brought some to the UK! sniff! i love mangoes!

  10. TZ,
    Any Philippines dried mangos from Cebu province has all been great.

    If only you order the steam fish

    Yeah, local dried mangos are quite disappointing.


  11. i still like the Philippines 7d manggo lo
    my former colleague she bought 4 packets for from philipines.
    nowhere mango can beat this mango!!yum!

  12. jo,

    Try those from Isetan!

  13. I think the 7D Dried mangoes are available in most of the supermarket like Jusco, cold storage, isetan and a those in bangsar and hartamas. and normally there will be some discount during xmas or new year lo..

  14. mf,
    oOO, nice to know that. 😀

  15. Do they export to Canada too? I’m trying to find some here in Alberta.

  16. Jules,
    I’m not sure where they export to, but might find it at any Asian grocers

  17. Jules,
    I have bought CEBU brand (and other brands that aren’t as good) dried mangoes in Toronto at an Asian supermarket.

    Perhaps you can call the distributors in Canada to see if there are any retailers in Alberta…

    From the packaging, these are the Canadian Distributors of CEBU:

    APO Products Ltd. Toronto, ON (416)321-5412

    UNO Foods Inc. Vancouver, BC (604)327-5323

  18. Colin,
    oOo interesting, thanks for the info. 🙂

  19. Try our dried mangoes

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