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David Lian invited me to the Symbian S60 Night by Nokia, and since it was going to be at the Rick’s Cafe Casablanca at Bangsar One (with dinner included), I didn’t need to hesitate before jumping onto the opportunity. Plus, getting to play with some of the latest gadgets from Nokia doesn’t sound like a bad idea at all.

Nokia Symbian S60 Night
clockwise: Dinesh, Kim, David, KY, Suan (pic from david)

It was a pretty informal session, with Mr. Mahmood Kalantar (Nokia APAC BD), Dinesh (Nokia AP communications manager), Hazel (Nokia (M) communications manager) playing hosts. There was a presentation on the road map of S60, follow by feedbacks and discussions from us, and of course, there was also food and some of the latest phones, including the N82 to play with.

This baby was just released a few hours earlier by Nokia, it looks great, with Xenon flash, 5mp camera, GPS, HSDPA, and all that jazz. I like the candy bar format too, I’m just not as much a fan of slide & flip phones. The phone is solidly built, and the xenon flash really helps in super low light conditions. Get me one already, david! 😀

Nokia Symbian S60 Night
Mr Mahmood doing his thing (pic from david)

The food served were mostly tapas , including salmon, meat balls, cold cuts, chicken pate, and even some spaghettis. Best of all, we had free flow beverages as well. The food was actually pretty good, though I wouldn’t really order the chicken pate myself as it was too much of a departure from foie gras with the latter being 50x better.

Nokia Symbian S60 Night
the food was pretty good too (pics shot with N95)

Overall I think the event was very enjoyable, we got to know a bit more about Nokia, and specifically the versatile platform that is S60. In return, we also gave our feedbacks and tell Nokia what we think of their products and directions they should pursuit. Suan, ST, Kim, James, David, Hazel, and Dinesh actually stayed until past midnight just chatting about various nonsense, I also met Cobalt Colbertand Jason there. It was awesome.

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  1. so you didn’t stay back lah? heh

  2. ops, terlepas. :/

  3. colbert low

    I dont see my face on this post…but thanks for the linkback. You spelled my name wrongly too…hehe

  4. colbert, yah, cobalt is some metal. ops! sorry sorry somehow it just came out automagically.

  5. I will rob your mobile.

  6. Sorry, LYN, but I already robbed his mobile…. lol… 😉

  7. NOOOooooooooo

  8. Woa that’s quite a good looking spread 😛

  9. The phone is impressive but my only gripe is they charge you if you wish to get the GPS to direct you to yr destination. Other phones it is a free service.

  10. This N82 looks to kill the SE K850i, which is what I like now. Any word on the pricing of N82?

  11. boo_licious,

    Well you can get other GPS programs and maps too. The nokia maps application does charge for voice navigation, but the maps are freely updated though. I guess there are pros & cons

  12. bem69,

    No idea on pricing yet though

  13. first time meeting you hahah 🙂

  14. colbert low

    automagically…haha. good work

  15. Hey KY that day i was there also. Next to smashpOp. But no chance talk and intro a bit….

  16. jehutyz,

    oooo, nice to meet you too! 😀

  17. Lol. 🙂 Thank ya’ll for comin’

  18. colbert low

    david, when is the next meetup for bloggers???

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