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Happy Deepavali (or Diwali) to my Hindu friends.

I took the opportunity of the holiday to go down to KL and snap me some pictures. These shots were taken around Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, near the Maju Junction. The Canon 400D and Tamron SP90 were the gear used in this excursion, I was trying to see the effect of using a basically macro/portrait lens for streets photography.


An old man anticipating the arrival of his bus as cars and bikes passes him in the reflection.


specks of gold

the spiral
the spiral

In the older part of the city, you can find remnants of architecture from the bygone era. Do we still have dedicated fire escape routes in shop houses these days?

where do you want to go today?

There are a few more of these at my flickr set

Discuss : KY – streets of KL in monochrome

  1. kimberlycun

    very nice…my fav is third one. specks of!

  2. tenkiu tenkiu

  3. that’s my fav too. but i can stare at the last photo for a long time

  4. Suddenly so emo 😉

  5. Very good photography…… keep up the good work!

    The third photo really good………

  6. suanie,
    stare then, stare!

    not emo laa.. just some photos ma. 🙂

    thanks thanks.

  7. Brilliant… Did you use a filter to get the specks of gold out? 🙂

  8. Angie,

    No, it was just some very simple color channel toying that got me the effect.

  9. Wow.. didnt know you were so artsy fartsy. Very nice.

  10. Thanks for the 1st comment! So touched can die >.

  11. My comment got cut off -_- I like the last pic, a path leading to unknown -.-

  12. loving the pics 🙂

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