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So since today is a Friday (meaning 2 hour lunch) and I was thinking of something spicy, together with Nicholas decided to pick up the nuffie Skyler for some Pan Mee in the city. Ordinarily, we would have gone to the famous Kin Kin Pan Mee, but I decided to give Restaurant Super Kitchen just across the road a chance to prove their worth since Kin Kin is always too packed, and I was never too good at tolerating horrible service anyway. Give the underdogs a chance, shouldn’t we?

Super Kitchen Chili Pan Mee opposite Kin Kin
a much more hygienic setting, with air conditioning too

We ordered the dried Pan Mee, and instead of having to wait for over half an hour in hot and sweaty condition, the food came within a few minutes. Minced pork, anchovies, poached egg, pretty much the same thing you get from their more famous counterpart. One of the most annoying thing about Kin Kin besides the owner’s attitude, is the fact that the soup always lag behind the noodle by at least 3-5 minutes. Over here, everything is served at the same time, perfect.

Video taken at their Subang Jaya SS15 Branch in 2018

Super Kitchen Chili Pan Mee opposite Kin Kin
the chili is just as good and the pan mee very well made

Of course, the most important part is the taste of the food. After all, many of us might place good food above everything else. I find that the Pan Mee at Super Kitchen, if you can shrug off the psychological effect of this place offering “imitation food”, it is actually pretty good! I believe that a person who has never heard of Kin Kin would probably prefer this place especially if you take everything else (price, service, and ambiance) into consideration.

Super Kitchen Chili Pan Mee opposite Kin Kin
Nicholas is feeling the heat, over sized forehead sweating like mad

Another thing to note about this place is the choices of drinks you get to choose. While the opposite restaurant only serves a few choices of canned drinks and over sweetened herbal tea, you get much wider choices, just like an ordinary coffee shop. After discovering this place, I think I’m not going to have to put up with the famous Kin Kin again, the food is pretty much just as good, and the service with a smile won me over.

Super Kitchen Chili Pan Mee opposite Kin Kin
Restaurant Super Kitchen is just right opposite Kin Kin Pan Mee

Jalan Dewan Sultan Sulaiman 1,
off Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, Kuala Lumpur

GPS: 3.161031, 101.698272

Discuss : KY eats – Spicy Pan Mee at Restaurant Super Kitchen (opposite Kin Kin)

  1. i remember the’s amazing!! the heat rush, the sweat.
    i must go there again , how i wish.
    *drooling* nowwww

  2. wish?

    you must be out of the country?

  3. for a good anus stinging experience, add more chilli! yay!

  4. Set! I’m going there next time someone suggests dry pan mee – you are correct on all points about the incumbent… 😉

  5. Rice Blogger

    erm…I would actually prefer kin kin if it is not packed…I don’t mind superkitchen…but it is really lack somehow…i feel that the noodle does not absorb the taste…making it dryer in superkitchen…..although the price and soup taste better… have 1 pork ball somemore..hehe

  6. Rice Blogger,

    I don’t think, I might attribute that to the psychological factor. hehe

  7. Went there last sunday after terry fox run. After a cool workout, decides to eat there since it is nearby. The chili still as hot as ever.

  8. KY,
    I alr gave up on Kin Kin two years ago. The aunty skolded me for taking more chillies. I was so angry that I decided to blacklist the shop. I am a loyal customer of Super Kitchen ever since, although the noodles werent as good when it first started out. I mst say the dry and soup version on panmee has improved tremendously since its opening.

    I strongly suggest potential customers to boycott Kin Kin and give Super Kitchen a try!

  9. corynne,

    I agree, I agree. 🙂

  10. walau…how come like that? vcd can try pirated, food can’t … make urself suffer guy!

  11. Not a regular customer for Kin Kin. Today i went to try Super Kitchen. In term of noodles, soup, chillis all this is not as good as Kin Kin. Kin Kin still the best. After i had at Super Kitchen, i don’t feel satisfy then i went to Kin Kin and eat again. SUPER SATISFY. The taste is really different. As in Kin Kin, even u don’t put the chili just dry only it also feel great. Ya their service is not that friendly, but i think is normal. Great stuff normally is like that. Even wait for 1 hour i also will wait for it rather than Super Kitchen.

  12. Cool! Will go to Super Kitchen next time i feel like pan mee and will try as much as i can to go in with an unbias tongue. Hehe!

  13. pinkpainter

    yup, i agreed with u that the attitude of the owner is damn bad. Will try the Super Kitchen as u said

  14. dragonfly

    Super kitchen has opened an outlet in kota damansara. mayb my tough isn’t dat sensitif or it’s too numb (by d chillies)to taste anythg, so whether kin kin or SK, both r close in term of taste, the chilli still burn me up from top to toe.

  15. dragonfly,
    Yeah, and definitely much better service. 🙂

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  17. There got a outlet at pandan indah also. 😉

  18. agnes sim,
    wrong comment! 😛

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  20. we’ve tried the superkitchen pan mee 2 years back, and it was super satisfying! although i have not try the kin kin, but heard alot of disappointment voices, like dirty, attitude, service…..etc.

    As a consumer, we pay for satisfaction, and every consumer has their own preferences of “satisfactory”. So, enjoy what ever you like is the MOST important thing!

  21. I’ve tried both Kin Kin and Super Kitchen – and I prefer Super Kitchen’s version of the lat jiu pan mee. What amazes me is that their food is consistently good even with so many outlets. (I’ve eaten at various outlets throughout Klang Valley) 😛

    • windy: yah, I think Kin Kin is slowly realizing what they’ve done and nowadays at least opening up some branches (ie: food court at publika).

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