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For whatever reason, it has taken me this long to write about Kangsane Korean Restaurant in Ampang despite having been there numerous times since more than a year ago. In fact, this is the Korean restaurant I most frequent in recent times, and there is a reason for it: simply the best Galbi (marinated beef ribs) anywhere!

Kangsane Korean Restaurant
nice ambiance, illustrated menu

Kangsane Korean Restaurant is situated right in the middle of Little Korea at Ampang, that interesting commercial square where you can find dozens of Korean restaurants, grocery stores, and even optical shops. This place is to Korean like Brickfields is to Indian. Parking is usually not an issue here.

Kangsane Korean Restaurant
kimchi jjigae (soup), samgyeopsal (pork belly), and Galbi (marinated beef ribs)

Just like most other Korean BBQ restaurants, Kangsane serves various BBQ meat, stews, bulgogi, and of course, all these comes with plenty of Banchan (side dishes) that is the signature of Korean food. The must-order dish here would be the Galbi, I just couldn’t get enough of the succulent and perfectly flavored beef ribs.

I suggest that you always give them a call to make sure that the supply of Galbi is ample before heading there. We had to go for pork galbi on the last visit as the beef version ran out of stock, while it was still very good, the beef ribs is simply irreplaceable.

Kangsane Korean Restaurant
the many banchan (side dishes)

The other commendable dish is the samgyeopsal (pork belly), do start with this dish first if you also order galbi as the pork carries a more subtle taste that might be overpowered by the beef if you reverse the order.

Of course, a good Korean restaurant must also serve good banchan (side dishes), and the good thing about Kangsane is that they always have different banchan every time we go there. From anchovies to tofu, kimchi to some funny looking vegetables, they are always very delicious and accompanies the main dish very well. I also absolutely love their kimchi jjigae (kimchi soup)

Kangsane Korean Restaurant
good food is to be enjoyed with friends: Kim, Kelvin, Pinkpau, ST, Kenneth

Price wise, this place is pretty much in par with similar Korean restaurants. Some BBQ meat dishes, stews, and maybe some dumplings will usually cost around RM 40-50 per person for a table of 4-5. Very worth it though.

Map to Little Korea, Ampang, Kuala Lumpur
Kangsane is situated in the Little Korea at Ampang, KL

C5 Jalan Ampang Utama 1/1
One Ampang Avenue
Kuala Lumpur

GPS: 3.155283, 101.751364
Tel: 03-4251 2598

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  1. at that price, the meal would already include some ginseng wine (bekseju)

  2. btw the beef supply is back!!! let’s go soon!!!

  3. i suspect that girl wearing white looks so stressed out because her boss always bullies her. suspect only lah, suspect only.

  4. Hey, I love ginseng wine too… very nice~ Btw… ajak me along la

  5. that girl in white is staring at the iphone

  6. she can stare longer at the iphone while i devour the rest of the Galbi!

  7. Why la you post so fast. Finished la the kalbee! Already susah to get.

  8. Call me the next time you go!

  9. yn, kalbi clear never mind. always good to have high turnover for fresh meat!

  10. waaa… RM40-50 per person??? expensive-nya!!!

  11. Wow! Sure seem worth every penny to me! I m a korean dish fan!!!

  12. burp!

  13. Have you guys try Mu Jin Jang before.Actually the place also at little Korea in Ampang.Actually they also serve mint leave together with the beef can say “Ichiban” but so sorry I forget which day they serve this mint leaves.Should try….

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  15. applelim

    went to try out the restaurant the other day…printed the review n brought it along s it has the map…the lady boss was so excited to see the review n she took it to show everyone….food was great but the beef kalbi wat out of stock…so went for the pork one instead…left my contact so they could call me when the bee kalbi stock has arrived

  16. hi there, i love your blog. really appreciate reviews on japanese food as I’m a very big fan of japanese cuisine.

    anyway, if you are ever in penang, there’s this one korean bbq buffet restaurant called SEOUL GARDEN situated in gurney plaza persiaran gurney. OMG, it’s really cheap for a variety of beef, chicken,seafood. a buffet lunch on a weekend would only cost you a mere rm25, rm20 on weekdays.

  17. hawa,
    Thanks! 😀

    OoO interesting. Usually I only indulge in hawker food when I’m back in Penang though.

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  19. yeap it's me

    홍험탕 (Hong Hum Tang) would be my recommendation. It’s a clear but peppery hot mussels soup …with lotsa lotsa mussels for only RM25. Value !

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