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After browsing a bit at Pertama Kompleks one afternoon, SK suggested that we go to this “awesome nasi kandar place” down the road. The dude actually didn’t even know where the restaurant was located, but after a few phone calls and walking under the sun for 10 minutes, we finally reached Nasi Kandar Pulau Pinang Haji Ibramsha, situated just a stone’s throw away from the old Coliseum cinema.

Nasi Kandar Pulau Pinang Haji Ibramsha
SK enjoying his nasi kandar

It was still during the holy month of Ramadhan, and business was a little slow. We queue up for to pick the sides to go with the rice relatively fast. I was told that their Ayam Kicap (chicken with dark sauce) is not to be missed.

The one interesting side that accompanies every meal here is the fresh cucumber (like nasi lemak style) with pretty strong sambal (chili paste). I think that compliments the rice very well and give it an extra kick and freshness to renew your taste buds. The ayam kicap was really as good as advertised, very strong tasting with the chicken cooked to a very tender texture. Very delicious.

map near Sogo, Kuala Lumpur
this nasi kandar place is not far from SOGO shopping complex

A plate of rice with a piece of chicken, egg, and some vegetable runs at around RM 6+, pretty standard for nasi kandar these days. Try it if you are around the area.

68, Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman
50100 Kuala Lumpur

GPS: 3.152600, 101.696143

Discuss : KY eats – Nasi Kandar Pulau Pinang Haji Ibramsha near Sogo, KL

  1. Hey buddy need your help again. Can you recommend any good Nyonya restaurant in Penang? Preferably halal coz got Malay friends joining. 😛 Urgent urgent!! Thanks yah.

  2. Ho liao!!

  3. tankiasu,

    I don’t really know any nyonya places in penang. sorry buddy.

  4. That’s my cousin’s place, damnit! Heh heh. When are you gonna come “review” my mamak?

  5. Ashraf,

    do you have relatives everywhere?

    When i go there the next time do I get a discount? 😀

  6. Mawi Ibrahim

    I’ve been to that place before, its on TAR rite? sad to say as a true Penangite, can’t beat the real deal bro. i just got back from the pearl island and had the best nasi kandar this side of the planet dude.. I would gladly share it with you if u ever decide to visit penang. I was enjoying my nasi kandaq for breakfast when I was joined by an elderly local and he told me why the nicest nasi kandaqs come from the island.. “It’s in the water” he said which has been my suspicion all along 😀 can’t cook the rice properly without the island’s tap water bro..

  7. Mawi Ibrahim,

    Not sure which one in Penang are you referring to, I used to go to those opposite Komtar near the “indian market”. Btw, I’m from Penang too. 😉

  8. Victim no.1

    Those food SUX !! A plate of rice with a piece of prawn + drink charge RM18.50 !?

  9. victim no.1,
    LOL you actually ordered prawns from mamak nasi kandar? LOL

  10. Victim no.1

    Whats wrong for ordering prawn ? they only gave 1 piece, yes 1 piece of prawn and charge nearly rm20? This is ridiculous.

    U go and try their food again, i assure you, your impression to this store will totally change. the Ayam Kicap is tasteless, chlorine taste in the teh tarik.

  11. Victim no.1,
    wah in that case it’s really pricy.

  12. Victim no.1

    That was a slaughterhouse -_-“

  13. most unfortunate… sorry to hear that.

  14. hi……pulaupinang….sayer tinggal at pulaupinang….where you from?kalau kamu tak tahu makanan apa paling sedap at pulaupinang,tanye saye.

  15. Never ask for sotong or udang from kedai nasi kandar. Unless you’re willing to pay RM20+ for a plate of rice with sotong/udang.

    I, most of the time, just have chicken with my rice if I go to kedai nasi kandar. I tak berani ask for sotong or udang. Haha.

    But go to any Malay kedai makan for nasi campur, I don’t mind taking udang or sotong because I know they won’t charge like those kedai nasi kandar.

    Ever wonder why has it always been so cheap to eat Malay nasi campur eventhough we take many side dishes such as egg, chicken, sayur, udang, sotong, tempe, taufu etc?

    If we do the same at nasi kandar, I think it’s possible for them to charge nearly RM40. haha

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