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Just a couple of days before the start of Ramadhan, I had a chance to accompany one of my friends to have one of her last dinners before sunset in the coming month. We went to Kelana Jaya just outside the older and smaller Giant hypermart where a row of Malay hawkers operate in the evening.

Nasi Lemak Kukus at Kelana Jaya
nasi lemak kukus with ayam rempah (chicken with spices)

I can’t keep my eyes off the very good looking ayam rempah as soon as I saw it, I knew that would be my dinner. After buying some deep fried cempedak for appertizer in a neighboring stall, I ordered a plate of nasi lemak kukus with the ayam rempah while my friend ordered the Malay chicken rice. The word “kukus”, according to this particular lady (not an authority in the Malay language by any means), refers to the wooden container the rice is cooked in. I suppose the wooden container gives the rice a hint of flavor normal electrical cooker just wouldn’t do.

Nasi Lemak Kukus at Kelana Jaya
as the awek eats

The nasi lemak was served hot, and the chicken was very good. Plenty of rempah (spices) accompanied the chicken and compliments the rice very well. I also added an egg (sunny side top) to go with the chicken. I usually prefer the warm version of nasi lemak instead of the more common type that is served at room temperature.

Nasi Lemak Kukus at Kelana Jaya
this hawker stall is just opposite the small Giant at Kelana Jaya

The relatively simple yet fulfilling dinner costs around RM 5 with drinks included.

Jalan SS 6/3,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.105838, 101.600329

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  1. nasi kukus=steamed rice

  2. tilan,
    ok I guess I was conned by the awek. =/

  3. Copy and paste post? 🙂

  4. cat,

    Your post, pinged to PPS, is clearly an article targeted to Americans and not Malaysia. Hence I was wondering if it is copied from some articles.

    I think pinging a Malaysian blogtal isn’t a very good idea if your contents are not aimed at Malaysian.

  5. So it’s not a copy and paste blog then. Good.

    I was aware about the targetting and it was a test. Anyway thanks for your feedback.

  6. cat,

    my pleasure, good luck. 🙂

  7. Wei, y don’t c u around lately?

  8. richardbussie

    Will try it soon as nasi lemak is my favourite!!! My favourite stall now is in Imbi Road (behind KIOSK) and opposite Bintang Palace Niteclub. By side of SP Corner Mamak stall is a umbrella stall openat 9pm to 2am… Hot, fluffy steamed rice, best sambal chicken and sotong and its really really good!!!! Unbelievalable stuff!!

  9. Have you tried the nasi lemak stall at Sea Park behind Maybank. Only operate for dinner.

  10. Tham H C,
    Haven’t yet but I will soon. I actually stay pretty near there. 😀

  11. must try this one

    must try this one. thanks!

  12. must try this one,
    Make it happen. 😀

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