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While checking out the latest huge mall that is the Pavilion KL, the house mate, friend, and I decided that we should have some appetizer before dinner. The famous J.CO Donuts just opened their first franchise in Malaysia at this mall, perfect.

J.CO Donuts at Pavilion KL
half a dozen sweetness that go straight to your waist line

J.CO Donuts is actually a chain from Indonesia, often criticized for copying the style of the even-more-famous Krispy Kreme (from the States but have a few shops in Indonesia) and doing a very good job at it. It’s been quite a number of years since I had Krispy Kreme donuts and I do wish they are available in Malaysia too.

J.CO Donuts at Pavilion KL
my favorite would be the original glazed donut

We ordered half a dozen + a free donut for RM 10.95. Individual donut goes for RM 2.00 to RM 2.30, but the more you order, the cheaper it gets. A big box of 2 dozen donuts would be less than RM 30 instead of the expected RM 48. Pretty interesting pricing scheme I’d say, sort of like an evil plot to make you fat.

J.CO Donuts at Pavilion KL
this dude seems to be enjoying the snack

The donuts were sweet, and to be fair, pretty good. The fillings were generous, and the dough very soft and airy, they have a very nice bite to it and does not fill up the stomach too quickly. My favorite would be the original glazed donut, and although I prefer Krispy Kreme’s version that has a slightly crunchier texture, this one is plenty good too.

KL Pavilion

I also have sampled the Big Apple’s glazed donut at the Curve, this one is on the same par. Try it.

LL1.05 Pavilion KL
168 Jln Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur

GPS: 3.148872, 101.713368
Tel: 03-2141 7751

Discuss : KY eats – J.CO Donuts at Pavilion KL

  1. doughnuts are evil

  2. Rice Blogger

    ohh…if you take a look at krispy kreme in indonesia…they are selling them at RM1 a donut…..(with credit offer you buy one dozen, free 2 dozen)

    i doubt they are making money after franchising fee, rental, worker salaries, raw material, overhead and credit card charges.

  3. I tried Krispy Kreme and I find it too sweet and the smell of the glaze is unbearable.
    Is it available in Msia? Even if it is, I doubt that it’ll last long. It’ll probably start off well or crazy like I saw in Shinjuku where there was a queue for the main queue for Krispy Kreme. But it’ll probably fade like Dunkin Donuts

  4. Rice Blogger,

    which might tell us why they only have 3 stores in the whole country? 😀

  5. I was passing by on last Saturday during my visit to Pavilion. Just wondered what actually great about JCO… seems like everyone was lining up for this…

    Just curious, what is the difference between JCO and Dunkin donut?

  6. TZ,

    Well, J.CO donuts are softer and in some way, richer than the Dunkin donuts. Furthermore, due to the high volume of customers, the donuts don’t stay on the shelve for more than a few minutes. You always get them fresh out of the oven.

  7. Dunkin donuts are mingin, J.Co and Big Apple are nice and light.

  8. I think this would be way better than the mass produced Dunkin Donuts. =)

  9. what’s with you and donutsss =P

  10. so far big apple never fails to conjure up a long queue in the curve.

    how about jco? haven’t got the chance to visit pavilion yet.

  11. drooOoollllLLlllssss…

    i guess its time to blog about mooncake d…
    Heppy Mid-autum Festival!

  12. is there very long queue? when i was in jakarta, the queue is always very very long. plus, i even saw ppl bringing back dozens of donuts on the plane back to kl. haha!

  13. queue wasn’t too bad but then again the place just opened so it has yet t heat up.

  14. I thought JCO and Big Apple were THE SAME franchise because their decos and even the name of the doughnuts were similar

  15. I’m glad J Co finally made it in KL!!! I haven’t tried Big Apple but I had J Co in Jakarta and it’s much much better than Dunkin’ Donuts for sure! After I discovered J Co I really felt pity for us Malaysians who had to endure Dunkin’ Donuts for years! For those who haven’t tried it, try it and you’ll know what I mean!

    P/s: Donuts are not very healthy and contain about 300 calories (depends on the type) so eat wisely!

  16. next time you go KY – tapau for me and soo hsia. soo hsia may not want her portion – so i can have two portions instead!

  17. farah,

    it was a weekend laa

  18. Yuen-Chi Lian

    I miss Krispy Kreme 🙁 Don’t remind me, omg!


  19. i think doughnuts are overated. only a nerd eats it. its not suitable to be eaten by girls either. its just dough with liquid sugar toppings, very unhealthy. makes u fat, makes ur teeth ugly and make u look nerdy. its stupid. doughnut eaters are attention seekers

  20. We also went to this place. Its good. Have anyone try Big Apple Donuts & Coffee at The Curve. Please take a look at our website.

  21. rezazurien


    Just wondering… since u posted this under the Halal Food category, are you confirming that J.Co Donuts are halal, then? Donut glaze do contain gelatin u know, which may contain animal fat. I’m just concerned ur misleading readers, including myself, as i was logged on wondering if donuts were halal, and ur info seems pretty vague. Do J.Co and Big Apple have halal certification? Can u let me know? Thanks!

  22. rezazurien,

    I am under the impression that they are, not entirely sure if they have a halal certificate. You should be able to check with them through phone, however. 🙂

  23. the Donuts are very delicious, soft and fluffy but you may disappointed with it. They have famous donuts (as pics above, the one with the black topping, forgotten the name) but they won’t make it when there’re lots of,lots of customer.

    do you that i had been q up for 1/2 hr just bcoz wanna to try? hahaha….

  24. jess,
    1/2 is a pretty long time to wait for some donuts! Last I went there the line was so long I just gave up

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  26. Intan J.CO Donuts & Coffee

    Greetings From J.CO Donuts & Coffee!
    In celebrating our 2nd opening in Sunway
    Pyramid this 7 December, we’re pleased
    to inform all donut lovers out there
    that J.CO will be doing sampling from
    27th Nov until 4th Dec (12pm till 5pm)@
    of donuts will be given away during that
    hours, so come and join the fun with
    J.CO! See you there!!

    Intan Suraya
    J.CO PR (M)

  27. i wanna eat j. co donuts …

  28. oh believe me, krispy kreme is way much better than j co. besides states of course, they hav it in sydney and melbourne too.

  29. I tink their operation process is causing the long queue… JCO shld speed up their turnaround time else ppl will just walk away… tried once but will not queue more than 20 mins for it again!

  30. karen,
    Krispy Kreme is good, I agree, but I think J.Co’s pretty close. 🙂

    Yeah, the que is a bit ridiculous!

  31. Hae Hanafi

    Intan Suraya,

    Since u are the J.Co PR (M), is J.Co halal?


  32. Hae Hanafi,
    I am quite sure this is halal. 🙂

  33. J Co « ωϊΪΪϊαm §öö’s ßlöġ

    […] ^ Half a dozen sweetness that go straight to your waist line, …perfect. Thanks KY. […]

  34. i love hazzle dazzle,..mmmm yum yum

  35. elle,
    OoOo, nice nice.

  36. Dera Sir,

    Please advise on Franchise opportunities out of Malaysia.


  37. Faizal,
    I am not familiar with this. 😀

  38. My galfriend bought me 3 J.Co Donuts last nite for me, hubby & son but since the boyz were zzz-ing, I ate all 3 at one go! Thank goodness for the lightness and fluffiness of the donuts (sooo unlike Dunkin Donuts!) but there goes my waistline! hahahaha… love’em donuts! J.Co + Big Apple Donuts = LOVE!

  39. Mel,
    Hahaha, watch out! 😛

  40. Hi,

    Is J co have a halal cert. Anybody I can call to confirm about it.How to get a franchise.

  41. Sharifah,
    I believe they do. 🙂

  42. Is new franchise still available in malaysia?

  43. sharifah,
    I suppose you will need to contact their office. 🙂

  44. JCo DOESN’T have A HALAL Certification. Like it sister company BreadTalk, which discontinue its Halal certification.

  45. Mirna,
    Interesting observation, thanks. 🙂

  46. krispy kreme is the best. don bother wasting money or time queing for the other donuts man. that is, if you hv a sweet tooth for overly sweet stuff lar.

  47. aussie,
    I guess everyone’s got their favorites, undoubtedly krispy kreme is good though. 🙂

  48. i just called jakim they said dosnt have halal certification but big apple still applying for halaj certificate from jakim 😉

  49. emiyl,
    But then again I don’t think there’s really any non-halal product involves.. emm

  50. My ratings would be:
    JCo > Krispy Kreme > Big Apple > Dunkin Donuts can ‘chap lap’

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