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I remember distinctly that Twisties play a major part of my childhood life. Trips running to the neighborhood grocery store buying Twisties, getting my fingers all colored from Twisties, fighting over the last pieces of Twisties with siblings.

However, the normal Twisties isn’t exactly an adult’s snack, grown ups must have chips instead! It is then natural that I have to try out Chipster, the grown up adult snacks from one of my favorite childhood brands, Twisties. Even better is that they are running the “Nothing Else Matters” contest Just submit whacky pictures and you have a chance to win a Macbook, N95, or huge 80gb ipod!

Just go over to the chipster website and do it, I’ve joined and here’s my picture, cool huh? VOTE FOR ME!


Discuss : KY eats – Chipster from Twisties

  1. Does Chipsters taste as good as Twisties…

  2. Hey KY…. I saw u at SS2 yesterday, around 10pm walking pass the burger place with 2 cun babes… He he….. Just finish ur dinner izzit?

  3. JD,

    Those two girls are my house mates, and your definition of cun is probably different from mine. =/


  4. Erk…. Well, I hope they dun frequent ur blog too often ya…. hehe =p

  5. Dabido (Teflon)

    Chipsters – cooked by chip monks!

  6. a lot of famous bloggers all take part in this contest hor, swt swt, lol.

    anyway good luck, hope you win. 😛

  7. eh…wanted to vote for u …tak nampak urs pun….wat number r u ?

  8. klsebursamalaysia

    support you,man…:)

  9. i lost the address

  10. i lost the chipster address

  11. i need the chipster address

  12. Check out this site:

    Tells you where it’s cheapest to buy Chipster!

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