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If you’re longing some good traditional Malay (and pretty economical) food in the heart of KL, look no further than the nasi lemak (rice with coconut cream) and ikan bakar (BBQ fish) at Tanglin food court. Located just a stone’s throw away from the magnificent national mosque.

Nasi Lemak and Ikan Bakar Tanglin, KL
the stall is always packed with hungry people

We went there a few weekends ago, as usual, there is a queue in front of the famous Nasi Lemak Tanglin stall. I ordered a piece of curry chicken and some sambal squid in my nasi lemak. To make the meal complete, we also got ourselves some stingray ikan bakar from the next stall.

True to its reputation, the nasi lemak was very good. The rice not too hard, and the sambal very creamy and aromatic. The chicken was pretty decent, and the squid cooked to the illusive texture that isn’t springy nor rubbery.

Nasi Lemak and Ikan Bakar Tanglin, KL
these ikan bakar and nasi lemak are absolutely delicious

The ikan bakar, though not nearly as famous as the nasi lemak, proved to be an excellent side that went very well with the main dish. While the fish is grilled just like any other places, the sauce that came with it was really superb. It was very spicy and full of asam flavor. If the nasi lemak massages your taste buds, the ikan bakar with the sauce really hits them hard and gives you a wake up call on a lazy Sunday morning. It was awesome.

map to tanglin foodcourt, KL near birdpark
Tanglin food court is located near KL bird park and butterfly park

Price wise, the food court is on par with most other Malay stalls. The meal, with a Teh Ais, costs about RM 10. It was a RM 10 well spent.

Kompleks Makan Tanglin
Jalan Cendarasari, Kuala Lumpur

GPS: 3.144212, 101.690762
Tel: 016-650 8494 (Zainol)

Discuss : KY eats – Nasi Lemak Tanglin and Ikan Bakar at Tanglin Foodcourt, KL

  1. dude we didnt go there on sunday lah. it was a saturday. ikan bakar not open on sunday

  2. MMmmmm…looks so good. I’ll go try it when I’m back

  3. Pretty packed tho, the queue is always huge.

    Usually have breakfast there before hitting the bird park or buterfly park.

  4. ooO, I’ve forgotten the actual day. =S

  5. my fave nasi lemak place!

  6. not-importatnt

    hmm..,ky not accept bad comments… guys .. just put good comment only .. pls

  7. not-important,

    ya kah? i thought i was replying to your comment only.

  8. Just went there for lunch……..rice is nice……the meat portion is really small… would have been good if the sambal is not ‘loaded’ with sugar…..I have one in Wangsa Maju. Brill……aromatic and all that….mail me if you want the directions.

  9. richardbussie

    Quite long que on the day i went…Waited 20 mins to be served.. Comparable with Pak Ali famous nasi lemak in Imbi, opposite Golden Palace Niteclub is a mamak stall SP Corner…Umbrella Stall open 9pm – 2am… Really loved the grainy steamed fluffy rice and sambal chicken!!!

  10. […] I dragged myself out of the bed the next morning to get some photography done. The dudes had some nasi lemak Tangling and we were off snapping happy after […]

  11. […] at Jalan Raja Abdullah is one of the original famous nasi lemak places in KL city, alongside with Tanglin and Antarabangsa (which I haven’t try). Of course, there are also the very good Jalan 223 and […]

  12. good info guys… tq!

  13. buka dari bila sampai jam berapa?

  14. mal,
    Morning till lunch. 🙂

  15. julie lee

    You are the best in the whole world
    and I have been everywhere-26 countries
    as a matter of fact.

    Nasi Lemak is still the stop for me when
    I visit KL. Back in those days Mak
    used to give me extra sambal in a plastic
    bag. I live in California now and have
    been in America for 25 years.

  16. julie,
    Wooo, California .. well, nasi lemak would be a bit harder to come by there ya? 🙂

  17. julie lee

    To KY who replied my post on Nasi Lemak
    Tanglin, back in those days I went to
    Methodist Girls’ School, walking distance
    to the nasi lemak stall. Those days, poor
    lah only buy nasi lemak dengan sambal
    20 cen Malaysian.

    Whenever I go back to KL I have the whole
    9 yards, daging, paru and double.
    After that, tau pau more for later.

    How much do I love this food? Say, they
    give me the death sentence and I have my
    last meal, I want nasi lemak Tanglin.
    If they cannot provide, I will raise
    holy hell, not giving me the last
    request. This is America, we have our
    last request.

    Do I make a point about my love for this
    nasi lemak? Love to reply to your mail
    but could not get access.

    you get the point?

  18. julie lee,
    You’re very hardcore! I’ve stayed in the states before so I know what you mean too. 😉

  19. Chewah…suddenly thought of eating this Ikan Bakar and terlupa the location. I know I can trust on you. haha~ Skali Google sure dapat~ Thanks

  20. lorna,
    hehehe best gila. 😛

  21. baru mkn pagi tadi… best!!! paru dia best giler…

  22. Lyna,
    Glad that you love it! 😀

  23. hi ky… i finaaaalllly had the chance to try this out… superb fragrant coconut rice… by the time we got there at 11am, a lot of stuff sold out.. only managed to try fried chicken and sambal sotong.. yummy yummy sotong and sambal…

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