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That’s right, I registered to be a voter! After all, it was only a day short of 50th Merdeka, and I figure it’s about time I fulfill my civic duty to participate in this democratic process. I’ve already missed a couple elections when I was in the States, even though I was old enough to vote.

Thanks to the young and almost influential blogger SK Thew who actually drove me to the post office to finally get this done. Coincidentally, FA also did the same thing one day prior to me!

It’s about time to do it too if you haven’t register yourself to be a voter already. The process is simple and fast, took me only a few minutes at the post office. Do note that it takes 3 months to be effective (as a way to prevent voter movements, or something)

Register for Malaysian Election
finally registered as a voter!

p/s: Wikipedia actually has a good entry on elections in Malaysia.


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  1. orionmystery

    Took you so long to get yourself register. Wonder if you’ll need anyone to drag you to the vote casting location to cast yr vote..LOL

  2. Now you bloody make sure you REALLY vote…;-)

  3. Glad to know that you are going to exercise your rights… I missed out one time… just managed to vote last session.

  4. Dabido (Teflon)

    You look like you getting registered to get married. Make sure you filled in the right form. 🙂

  5. Dabido,

    You can’t register to get married alone. Then again, the ‘multi service counter’ does look dodgy

  6. […] time I am going to cast my ballot. I have SK to thank for bringing me to the Postal office for registration last […]

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