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My Vietnamese friend, Trinh invited me to his house for dinner, and knowing that I am some sort of an explorer when it comes to food, he got his wife to prepare one of the more interesting dishes I’ve had recently. Fried bee’s pupae!

Fried Bee Pupae
don’t they look lovely?

The dish is prepared by frying the pupae lightly with minimal seasoning, looks to me that only oil and some shallots was used. My friend told me that there are many ways the dish is prepared. As you bite this strange looking creature, the liquid interior of the insect bursts in your mouth, the texture is certainly interesting. However, to be honest, the taste is rather blunt, I think a stronger seasoning might help.

trinh's house
very good Vietnamese hospitality

My Vietnamese friend’s house is quite narrow and short in Malaysian standard, but in the city of 7 million, land is pretty expensive. This particular house is slightly less than 3 meters in width, and probably some 10 meters in depth. It was a pretty interesting experience.

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  1. kimberlycun

    i want to eattttt

    p/s: his wife quite hot!

  2. I had this in Kota Baru, but the difference was, the ‘bee’ dish I had included the ‘adult bees’ as well, which are black capsules like….so we eat the whole family!! HAHA

  3. Good Boy Gone Bad

    FRIED BEE’S WHAT?! Wahsai salute you man!!! The last time I chewed on insects was when I had this fried grasshopper. Fuuyoh, tasted like chicken. 🙂

  4. EEEEEEeeee….

  5. you will eat anything im sure.

  6. Some interesting food…

  7. no honey taste? heheh

  8. Fried bee pupae, I wonder how different it tastes from fried butterfly larvae lor.

  9. cookies_cream

    Fried bees? @_@ What’s bee pupae? Is it queen bees or?

  10. Bee Nee,
    no honey taste, too bad.

    oOo those are the babies.. 😀

  11. tis looks………………………sososo……. Err~~~ “nice”? lolz…

  12. wow that is nasty who eats bees come on guys that is horrible!!!: /

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  14. foodcrazee

    interesting dish . . .its actually nice. Diu. WIsh I am with ya

  15. shame on you. you should be bee in your next life and some beast like you should eat you. highly insensitive and inhuman

  16. fear god who is present in everything that has life. have reverence for life in all forms. i wonder what your culture has taught you

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