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Following our sumptuous dinner at Lucky Loke with the garlic fish and asam prawn, we decided to head for some dessert that we deserved, especially since Kim wasn’t with us. We decided to head to Food Foundry at Seksyen 17 for some Mille Crepe.

Mille Crepe at Food Foundry
how do you resist something like this?

For the uninitiated, Mille Crepe is a French dessert, basically made by many layers of very thin cooked pancake. There are some custards and other flavorings in between the layers, usually presented in slices, kinda like Cheesecake. Mille literally means a thousand, but in this case, there were 20 layers of crepe that made up this dessert.

Despite just having had a heavy meal, we ordered 3 pieces of this wholesome stuff, Vanilla, Chocolate Orange, and Strawberry & Cream.

Mille Crepe at Food Foundry
this one’s for you, Kim.

Of the three flavors, my favorite was plain old Vanilla, the texture of 20 layers of crepe with the taste of fresh custard and the vanilla flavor, very luxurious. It’s easily one of the best desserts I’ve ever had, and put Cheesecakes on a completely different scale altogether. With Mille Crepe, you don’t get the annoying “stick to the roof of your mouth” feeling as you would with the latter. The Chocolate Orange was very good too, as with the Strawberry & Cream flavors, but I thought they could have slightly stronger Strawberry taste to it though. We finished everything rather quickly while almost bursting our guts in the process.

The dessert costs RM8 to RM9 per piece, but it was seriously good and any dessert lovers should not call themselves dessert lovers if they haven’t give this a try. It was a pity Kim had to miss it.

Food Foundry at Petaling Jaya
Food Foundry is located at Seksyen 17

This restaurant is located at the same block as 6 to 10 grill, other than Mille Crepe, they serve some western style as well as local cuisine and desserts.

BG-8 Happy Mansion,
Jalan 17/13, 46300
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.123520, 101.634870
Tel: 03-7955 3885

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  1. kimberlycun


  2. The look on our faces show how much we miss Kim

  3. hahahahaha.

  4. I love love love that vanilla crepe!

  5. Hey, but i thought the original founder of the mille crepe in Malaysia was located in Melaka? I went there n eat for a few times and the crepes are absolutely delicious!!! It has 2 owners, a Chinese Malaysian guy and a Japanese gal. They said that previously they did “consign” some of the crepes to a shop in PJ but they have stop a few years back as apparently the stop tried to reproduce the crepe without their knowledge. So, the original mille crepe is only available exclusively in Melaka…

    However, i have not tried the one in Section 17. Must find a day to go try n compare. He he…


  6. Hey thanks for the map…… I was still trying to figure out the way to get to their place, until u posted 🙂

  7. JD,

    You are right, I have yet to try the Melaka’s version but hopefully will get the chance soon. 😉

  8. i’d live on mille crepe alone if i could. their tapas are delish too 😀

  9. He he…. ok. Guarantee the best-est!!! =)

    Btw, just to let u know that, although they have quite a lot of flavours there, they makes different different flavours each day. The interesting part is the type of flavours that will be sold that day will be determine by the jap owner according to her mood as she is the only one who makes them!!!!! =)

    p.s. Coffee flavoured crepe is very nice!!!!!

  10. the previous cook left isn’t it? the food not as good as it was..but the crepe, be it imitation from melaka or still good. and sinful. had to run like 15km to burn it off! (or to feel less guilty).

  11. Ive heard of this place. The food seem decent. But I wonder why is it located at Happy Mansion. Could have been located at some place better. Oh well, its the food that makes it good. 😉

  12. I don’t know about what JD says but I can tell you, having eaten there from day 1, that the crepe has jatuh standard-ed… when we first had it, and I remember it being much less than 8 bucks, it was like bitting into an orgasm…

  13. Jason CW TAN

    ky, went there yesterday

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  15. JD : Actually, not only the Japanese boss (Nozomi is her name.) makes the cake, there are another 2 chefs inside making as well. Amos, the male boss also can make, but now is given the responsibilities to take care of store front instead. He used to make them until they expanded their business.

  16. i loveeeit(:

  17. Leigha,
    Me too!

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  19. Hey KY, do you mind if I use your strawberry mille crepe photo for my magazine assignment? I’m doing a write-up on Food Foundry, and I find your photo of the mille crepe to be the most mouthwatering of all.

  20. Sid,
    Sure, go ahead. 🙂

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  22. Now Humble Beginnings Mille Crepes are available in KL and PJ!!!!!

    Check out their website at


  23. MCF,
    thanks. 🙂

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