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It’s been a while since I posted anything regarding the home-made koi pond, so I’ve decided to take some pictures on the big fat koi fish swimming in it. It turned out that focusing fish under water isn’t exactly trivial, but I think I’ve managed to captured some decent photos anyhow.

As usual, the fatter ones are most likely female, while the more skinny and graceful kois are males. These kois are approaching 2 feet in length, and getting pretty heavy too. It’s been a little less than two years since the completion of the koi pond project and thankfully the fish are growing healthy and fat. Shouldn’t you build a pond too?

More photos at my flickr set.

two kohaku
two kohaku (red and white koi)

tancho (white koi with a red dot on its head, in this case not a perfect tancho)

showa (red, white, and black koi with some black color on its head)

chagoi (olive koi)

yamabuki ogon
yamabuki ogon (metallic yellow koi)

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  1. Nice!! fat and shining. At this size, it’s going to worth a fortune!

  2. wow~! the olive and metallic yellow koi looked humongous! They looked so pretty and healthy and colorful! 🙂 About the Kota Kinabalu trip..I didn’t know ppl sell puffer fish until you blogged about it..yikkss!

  3. ipohchai

    the koi looks perfectly nice

  4. Female ones are graceful too okay. And they are cuter than the male ones!

  5. Beautiful & so prosperous looking!

  6. huahhh so zen-likeee

  7. deep fry and pour garlic oil with coriander

  8. Kelvin


  9. tancho picture so best! look like painting!

  10. they taste better steamed or deep fried?

  11. i’m a koi lover too 🙂
    i must say yr kois are absolutely beautiful!

    how did u manage the filtering system? cos i see your water really clear…any tips?

  12. ec,

    You can check out my filtering system at the Koi Pond section of this blog, it’s all there. 😀

    Once you set it up nicely, it doesn’t take too much effort to keep the water healthy and clear

  13. nice looking koi! my dad used to have 4 (really really big) in his man made pond. 5 yrs have past n now only left one 🙁 Sad…

  14. Damn nice DIY thru out the whole Koi Pond section, KY. Most ppl just pay for services but DIY FTW.

  15. xiulongbao,
    Now I only have 4 too!

    Thanks thanks 😀

  16. chia weng yan

    hey KY,
    I notice that your koi pond has changed quite a bit. Mind taking up some picture and posting it ? I love fish ponds.. i build 1 of my own too.. Cheers,

  17. Great post!! It’s fat and pretty; I like koi fish pond. Thanks for sharing this post.

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