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After watching the Astro AEC program (channel 19) “Our Root” on the Baba and Nyonya cultures featuring Kelvin the noob on Sunday. We decided that it would be fitting to have some Nyonya food for dinner to celebrate his success in dodging the grandmother’s “got bring gf back or not?” question on satellite TV. So we headed to Ah Tuan Ee’s Place in SS2.

Ah Tuan Ee's Place, nyona food
“jiu hu char” or fried mengkuang with dried cuttle fish

There are actually no less than 4 Nyonya restaurants in SS2. The others are Restaurant Bibichick, Melaka Street, and well, Nyona Restaurant. I have sampled them and they were all pretty decent.

Ah Tuan Ee’s Place has a much more refined interior decoration and a nicer ambiance comparing to it’s counterparts. The illustrated menu is especially helpful if you are not familiar with traditional Nyonya food.

Ah Tuan Ee's Place, nyona food
nice ambiance and illustrated menu

For the three of us, we ordered a “jiu hu char” (fried mengkuang with dried cuttle fish), sambal salted fish, egg plant with sambal, and fried asam prawn to go with steamed rice.

Ah Tuan Ee's Place, nyona food
“jiu hu char”, sambal salted fish, egg plant with sambal, fried asam prawn

The food were pretty good, especially the super simple dish that is the salted fish sambal that goes very well with white rice. The egg plant was a little too oily, but the prawn and “jiu hu char” dishes reminded me of my mom’s cooking, it was great. (My mom isn’t a Nyonya, but Penang Chinese cooking is similar in many ways). It was a pretty good meal.

Ah Tuan Ee's Place, nyona food
Ah Tuan Ee’s Place is just a block from SS2 Square

The food were good, however, the price isn’t very economical. I guess you do have to pay for the nice ambiance after all. The meal for 3 costs us RM 77, that includes a 10% service charge and the 5% government tax.

74, Jalan SS2/72
Petaling Jaya
47300 Selangor

GPS: 3.118673, 101.625810
Tel: 03-7957 2915

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  1. what is a jiu hoo char acherly? I seen this quite often in the menu, like in the lil penang cafe, not knowing wat it is

  2. I think it’s over-priced and not that great imho, for that price can eat at Mom’s place ftw!

  3. ST,

    You’re correct, it’s not ‘great’ and priced similar to Mom’s place, but it does offer some decent authentic nyonya food, like the sambal salted fish. Not a place I would go too often, but perhaps once in a while.

  4. Here again… Thank you KY!!
    heheheheheehehehehheheeheheh…. 😛

  5. i like but expensive ler…

  6. jiu hoo char is loosely translated as cuttlefish fried.

    jiu hoo is the dried cuttlefish, those brown kaler one. char is, well, fried.

  7. Anyone Known or have been the Ostrich Farm @ Seremban? Any food recommend

  8. HI! Good job on this blog. i would like to arrange to meet up with you. I am from oOmph!, the ultimate food & entertainment portal ( Ah Tuan Ee has just recently signed up with us, and we will be having some promotions for Ah Tuan Ee. She has noticed your blog and would like me to award you, a special thanks for your kind mention of her restaurant in your blog.

    Please do contact me at my email.

  9. ➡ Very very very good. No contest. Ah Tuan Ee had taught me well. To be kind, to cherish all and to be positive at all times. Love U. J

  10. […] there are various Nyonya restaurants to be found in Klang Valley (in PJ there are Ah Tuan Ee, Bibichick, & Nyona Restaurant all at SS2), there isn’t usually any place where you can […]

  11. Just LOOOOVE AH Tuan Ee’s food!!! My mum’s very happy everytime I take her there… 🙂
    Hey! it’s the CLEANEST resaturant i have ever been to!!
    Check it out!!


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