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After having some porky goodness at Jarrod & Rowlins Hartamas, we decided browse the neighboring DVD store. I was happily browsing, and suddenly my friend stopped me from walking so that I don’t step onto iSulk on the floor there..

Sulking baby
i wanna go home!

According to the mother, this kid was just too tired to walk and hence decided to just lay down on the carpet sulking. Interestingly, other member of their family didn’t quite give a crap about this big baby.

Sulking baby
a close up on the sulking baby

What do you think would have happened if you pull such a stunt when you were young?

Discuss : KY saw – iSulk at Hartamas

  1. kena slapped, of course

  2. hehe…I totally approve of what the parents are doing. What for give so much attention to the kid, rite? 😛 They hv to learn that they can’t get their way all the time.

  3. waiting for you to find iFuck

  4. my mom’s version of corporal punishment…

  5. Anyone not ready for this (or worse) need to have and use condoms wisely!! 😀

  6. i think the little boy pull this prank so often that it doesn’t work with his family any more haha… dah biasa :p

    well at least this one didnt circle on the floor and crying out loud like the one i saw at klcc hahaha

  7. If that were me … i wont be able to type komen here ledi i think.

  8. i still pull these kinda stunts. hahaha. only not at the dvd store in hartamas coz later they dowan to sell me dvds then how!

    ky your new cam was a great investment! your photos are looking great

  9. TheOwnage

    Somebody gonna get a hurt real bad… Somebody… Oh I think, you know him very well!

  10. wat a cute lil boy. prolly he pulled the prank too often. but he’s cute, don’t care if he’s staying on da floor whole day, i wun get tired looking at this lil eye candy. kindly bundle him up and leave at my doorstep. 😛

  11. suertes

    My cousin was a wee little girl back then. During a long drive, she kept asking to go to the toilet, clearly past the point of reason. Whereupon my uncle decided to stop the car, and plonk her on the prickly grass to do her ‘wee-wee’. She stopped being difficult after that..

  12. If I were to do the iSulk or iBreakdance* in public when I was young, the old man would probably whack me silly till I spit tears.

    *The rolling-on-the-floor, kicking-and-screaming dance*

  13. potatoe

    eh ky – told you so many times already – why you wanna bully small kiddos ??? give him back his teddy bear. NOW.


  14. Lol. My dad would kung-fu my ass if i pulled something like that.

    Funny how he had his hands between his legs. I would have thought someone kicked him in the gugu bird.

  15. cheekky

    wahhh….. if i did that as a kid, my mother would scold me until i cry, then my father will whack me until i cry blood.

  16. I think my Mom will give me a good ear pulling and some rotan action.

  17. mr bond

    wat the fuck ? dont let dvd sales person saw u r took pic in their store . there will smash ur camera ! who do u think u r ? there r browsing private dvd !

  18. mr bond,

    which is why i did not disclose the name of the shop. 😀

    btw, I used a camera phone too.

  19. just out of curiosity…. did the mother know u were taking the kid’s picture? heheh

  20. slacker,

    The mom actually laughed when I took the pictures, and absolutely aware of it. 🙂

  21. if chinese boy sure kena cane. bloody white people should discipline their children ffs.

  22. ThatGirlYouLove

    At first I thought that was my nephew, looks alot like him. That would have been so embarrassing if it was, lol.

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