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It’s been a while since I had some Lam Mee (淋面), so when I went there to yum char with my buddy Kenneth last weekend, I ordered a plate of this wholesome noodle dish despite having just had lunch a little over an hour.

Lam Mee at Damansara Uptown
ahh… mouth watering

Living Food Restaurant has been in operation for quite a number of years, and is actually operated by the sister of the famous May King Lam Mee at Pudu. The interior of the restaurant, while resembles a kopitiam, is clean and air conditioned.

Ordering food is very simple too, just write down the number of items you want on the little ordering template provided, and hand it to the waiter. Prices are written on a giant board on the wall, so you can work with your budget. It’s simple and minimizes a lot of waiting time.

Lam Mee at Damansara Uptown
ordering is easy as 1-2-3

I ordered the Lam Mee with thin noodle and mee hun, while Kenneth had the more traditional version with the thicker noodle. The dish basically resembles Loh Mee (卤面) in Penang, like the famous outlet in Chai Leng Park, Penang. The biggest difference being the chili paste provided, Loh Mee usually comes with the Prawn Mee style chili paste and finely chopped garlic, while Lam Mee here comes with a thinner, but spicier chili paste.

Lam Mee at Damansara Uptown
prices are written on the wall

The flavor of the dish was very good, with the sauce thick and best served warm. The ingredients include prawn, slices of pork, bean sprouts, fried shallots, some green onion as garnish, and of course, your choice of noodle. We also ordered some “fu chuk”, fish ball, and deep fried “sui kow” in an attempt to stuff ourselves.

map to Lam Mee at Damansara Uptown
Living Food Restaurant is located at Uptown

The main dish costs from RM 4.50 to RM 5.30, and the side orders were RM0.80 a piece. Pretty reasonably priced, and a satisfying tea time indeed. Do note that this restaurant is not opened for dinner though, they only serve from morning till around 6pm.

This Lam Mee place is just a few shops away from Sate Kajang Haji Samuri, and just behind the economical Hokano Japanese restaurant

67, Jalan SS21/37
Damansara Utama
47400 PJ, Selangor

GPS: 3.133060, 101.622194

Discuss : KY eats – Lam Mee (淋面) at Damansara Uptown

  1. looks more like pg ‘lor mee’ than ‘lam mee’

  2. Hokano is only economical for certain sushi nigiri.

    I had their June “special”.. a small piece of tuna, 3 grilled oysters and a prawn for RM32.90++….. so little! And the taste of the tuna is not bad, but so tiny. I think the waitress was embarrassed that I ordered this rip-off dish as well. I had to order another entire roll (RM15.80++) to fill myself up.

  3. Been to this place since i was young. Famous with Lam Mee but for me is nothing special. I prefer their laksa. Much better. Not cheap having lam mee at there.

  4. thean,

    I think the comment should be on the Hokano post, no? hehe

    I had the salmon dish the other day at RM29.90 and was actually quite filing, didn’t know about the June special yet.

  5. Hmm.. the drinks there is so expensive…

    Can drink = RM 2.10
    Ice tea = RM 0.80
    Ice water = RM 0.50


    Tips: “Tapau” is the best! hee-hee

  6. oh my god…best mouth watering pic so far…i’m so hungry. singapore food sucks big time.

  7. lotsofcravings

    yeah the pudu 1 is dman shiok..but on the salty side..the fu chok rocks and also the pork balls..for some reason i awlays eat this with hor fun

  8. maybe we can rename this greatly understated unglorified dish as the new prawn lor lam mee coz it certainly looks like one !

  9. sotong,

    aircond not free also laaa

  10. PreciousPea

    The serving of the Lam Mee look small but was it cos it was covered with the gravy? Hmm…never try lam mee before but since it’s so near my place…will drop by soon. Eh…when are you posting about Shanky? 😉

  11. tankiasu

    Been eating at the May King’s outlet in Pudu for ages. They used to be pretty cocky though, maybe now no more eh?

  12. *grumble grumble*
    Hand me some Lam mee now!!

  13. […] The restaurant (kopitiam set up) serves several dishes, with illustrated menu to aid the selection process for the uninformed. Naturally I have to try the clay pot fish paste noodle, the other noobs had the dry version of fish paste noodle and the lam mee (something similar to loh mee). We also ordered extra dumplings and fish balls to share. […]

  14. Tried the branch in First Subang via Groupon vouchers (Discount).
    The Lam Mee was fine but the Nasi Lemak fried chicken drumstick was half cooked approx 50% done and blood inside.
    That spoiled our whole lunch and can’t finished it anymore….
    Very dissapointed with this happen even they did a good advertisement via Groupon.
    Shall not support them anymore…

  15. I’m so sad with MKP LUM MEE ( UPTOWN DAMANSARA ). I’m customer of this restaurant since I’m in secondary school, which mean I had eating their LUM MEE over 10years. During these years, they keep on rising their price very frequently BUT their ingredient getting lesser & lesser. Can u imagine u paying rm7 for a LUM MEE which written LARGE but is SMALL portion, additional rm1 for request only with prawn. BUT their prawn was only 3-4 slices of HALF small prawn which mean 1-2 prawn for normal LUM MEE, addional rm1 for adding 1-2 HALF small prawn which rm1 for prawn, rm8 for a LUM MEE which only come with 3-4 prawn & nothing else. It’s ok for me, I understand inflation is increasing, just that their restaurant increase faster only, then I asked with their bos for addional belacan=chili, BUT she shutting with me:”HELLO! Do u know what’s the cost of chili!?” (WHAT!?) then what’s the cost of SMALL portion LUM MEE with ONLY 3-4 SMALL prawn & NO ADDITIONAL CHILLI!? Normal LUM MEE u eat outside only rm4-5, WHY I pay rm8 for this kind of service!?

  16. […] just a stone throw away from our new place. I’ll start Restoran Lam Mee first, according to KY Speaks, its actually the sister outlet of May King Lam Mee at […]

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