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Everyone who knows anything about Satay (or sate) knows that Kajang serves them best, just like Klang has the best bak kut teh. However, Kajang is not exactly located at the heart of Klang Valley, and fuel prices being at this level, it make sense to find closer alternatives. Luckily, some of the famous Kajang satay houses have expanded their operations to friendlier locations, and one of the most prominent and successful satay restaurants, Haji Samuri, can be found at Damansara Uptown, among other places (see the wiki link for more locations).

Sate Kajang Haji Samuri at Damansara Uptown
satay in peanut sauce with sambal

Unlike the traditional satay places that are often associated with shacks and less than hygienic dining condition with plenty of flies and weather unfriendly location, Sate Haji Samuri is a mid standard restaurant with clean and comfortable interior. A place worthy of bringing your in-laws, perhaps.

For dinner, instead of the more common chicken, beef, and mutton satays, I also ordered a couple sticks of the rarer rabbit and deer meat variety. There are also tripe, liver, and fish satay, but my stomach is only so big. We also ordered a couple ketupats to go along with the meat.

Sate Kajang Haji Samuri at Damansara Uptown
9 different sateys to choose from

It did take a while before the food came, mostly because the meat is BBQed on demand, especially for the less popular rabbit and deer varieties. However, it was definitely worth the short wait, the satays came steaming hot and tasted very good. I like the fact that they give you unlimited very thick peanut sauce and have the sambal (chili paste) separate so you can cater for your own level of spiciness. The ketupat complimented the satay’s meaty and spicy peanut sauce with a more blunt taste very well, and there’s the standard fresh shallots and cucumber to complete the dish. It was very delicious.

After sampling 5 different types of meat, my favorite is still chicken and beef. The rabbit meat tends to be a little dry due to the lack of fats (see rabbit starvation for more info). Mutton and deer meat were just average, in my opinion.

Sate Kajang Haji Samuri at Damansara Uptown
ketupat is usually the side dish that goes well with satey

The price per stick ranges from RM 0.60 (chicken, beef) to RM 1.60 (rabbit), and RM 0.80 for one ketupat. Pretty reasonably priced, considering the generous portion of meat on each stick.

Another equally good satay place can be found at Ampang, but only offering chicken and beef satays. If you’re into some non-halal pork satay, try Kedai Satay Xiang Ji at Melaka.

map to Sate Kajang Haji Samuri at Damansara Uptown
Sate Haji Samuri is just a couple kilometers from 1-utama

No. 79, Jalan 21/37,
Damansara Uptown,
Petaling Jaya

GPS: 3.132996, 101.622720
Tel: 03-7710 5318

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  1. hj samuri in kajang is a huge place. and i prefer the mutton to beef.

  2. oi be consistent with spelling lah. sate, satay, satey.

  3. Kelvin you dunno anything about search engine leh? duh..

    Have to say I eat at Haji Samuri fairly often, great place. I don’t make use of the 9 types of satay though I have tried them all, chicken and beef is enough 🙂

    The fish is quite decent, but agree the rabbit is too dry and the mutton/deer are beaten by the beef.

  4. Mossie`Ol Chin

    i haven’t had anything since i woke up… now you really made me really hungry!!!

  5. Mossie`Ol Chin

    i haven’t had anything since i woke up… now you really made me really hungry!!!

  6. Mossie`Ol Chin

    i haven’t had anything since i woke up… now you really made me really hungry!!!

  7. Mossie`Ol Chin

    sorry for that triple posts… no idea what happened. i click the submit button once only… sorry

  8. Mossie`Ol Chin,

    No worries, just something wrong with my WP/template. :/

  9. tankiasu

    Yea their satay is pretty good. Usually I’ll go to their outlet in KESAS rest area. Ample parking and convenient too. 🙂

  10. I find the quality there a bit erratic. The last time I ate there the satay was horribly burnt. And they had the nerve to actually arrange the sticks to hide the burnt bits!

  11. Hey there,KY! LoL private message at friendster cafe? That gave me a funÑy idea of actually trying to make it happen by dropping personal msgs in a box and later calling out to the person to collect their msgs. Anyway, would appreciate it very much if you help me with the publicity. We would defintely make this malaysia blogger’s day official so the more the merrier, KY! See you there!

  12. kl_fat_guy

    On last sunday nite I went there for my dinner.Can said the place there quite nice but abit dirty,actually I saw their worker “lap” the table with dry cloth and after using my tissue to “re-lap” again,walau eh……don’t want to say anymore,scare kena ban afterwards.

    I don’t know you all guys notice the sate at Uptown is a little bit smaller compare to Kajang,maybe the rental there expensive qua…I actually order mutton and chicken sate and the taste for mutton is quite good but chicken eerrrrrr….( no comment ).

    Can said I still prefer Hj Samuri at Kajang because the freshness and aroma much more better.At uptown I don’t feel the taste is good because not that juicy and also basic aroma also not much.The chicken meat abit rough and hard until my teeth want to come out,ahahahaha.

    Actually I notice there are no different between Kajang and Uptown is the peanut sauce and sambal,hoping their quality at Uptown not dropping.

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  14. perfect!
    gotta love your maps…saves me a lot of trouble circling around the area although it’s been said it’s behind maybank (not familiar with that place)

    thank you!

  15. FeR,
    You’re welcome! 😀

  16. sate kajang hj samuri at Bangunan Dato Nazir..
    we been there last 2 year and intend to go again AND last week on our vactaion..i and my family went there but their service not friendly and not intimate as before..

    asked for the menu there said no menu, while we asking for the ordered there looked boring and at last we intend to tapau and having our dinner at our room hotel..

    its bcoz my mum love their sate and we came again the next following day for our lunch down yet still the same..the waiter n the waitress not friendly n not intimate at all..

    sorry to comment all this but i think the service need to show more intimate with smile on their faces..

    thank you..

  17. shilah,
    Thanks for commenting. I think that generally restaurants in Malaysia, while serving good food, lacks decent services. The branch at Uptown wasn’t that bad though. 🙂

  18. sabtu lepas, i ng family i g mkn kt satey Haji Samuri kt kajang tuh!!!yg kat stadium tueee

    aper yg i nk komen ni, sbb i btul2 x pueh ati ng servis n daging dyer..
    daging ayam ng lembu keras semacam,,, macam i mkn batu plak…pastu sejuk plak tuh, cawan pn bg pkai cawan pkai plastik…
    nape x wt mcm dlu???
    i rs dlu pnyer lg best, kualiti pn ader, skang mcm da down plak…

    i just nk bg pndapat, kalo nk bisnes maju, jgn nk kedekut la…
    cawan@ gelas tuh kalo blh bg yang ok skit la, n servis satey tue ok2 la skit, xkn nk bg org ramai mkn satey yg da sejuk bediii…

    nk laku, kne wt yg terbaik..

    kn ker satey u da terkenal, so i hrp sgt u dpt tingkatkn blik potensi restoran u… i rs pasti restoran akn lg terkenal kalo u x hidangkan satey yg sejuk…

    majulah satey Haji Samuri Utk Negara,….

    n Kembangkan lagi bisnes u ke pasaran antarabangsa…


  19. era,
    I rasa servis kat cawangan uptown masih ok lagi. 🙂

  20. hi..

    just need clarification over some issues..

    i hv received a forwarded email regarding The SECRET of Sate Kajang serve in Kesas, might be at another place too…

    in the forwarded email stated:
    – after we hv finished our meals -the sate, the kuah will be collected and put into one place to be re-consumption
    -the same thing with the lidi, kayu pencucuk sate..

    due to kos yang mahal.. Takkan nak buang.. said by the workers…

    eww.. Gross… is it true?
    im a fan of Sate Kajang Hj. Shamuri.. whenever im in town i will find time to taste the delicious sate…

    but since ive received the email.. i dont know shud i believe it or not…

    hopefuly its just a khabar angin

    Please.. tingkatkan mutu layanan anda!!

  21. anonymous,
    I wouldn’t trust the email if I were you. With their pricing I don’t think they need to do that at all. After all the most expensive ingredients are usually the meat anyway. 🙂

  22. Betul ke org kte stay hj gune kuah yang org dh mkn…klu btul jauh2 kn lh yea…xelok buat ,mcm 2..

  23. RINIE,
    I don’t think so. 🙂

  24. sangeetha

    Last week i had sate at haji samsuri at ampang…it was a weekend and lots of ppl there… It was not as what i have expected… The meat was not cooked and the sate kuah was watery (cair)… Maybe this happen cos of too many ppl…. Anyhow they have to keep up to their standard lar… or else better close shop..

  25. sangeetha,
    Ahh that’s bad, yah they need to keep up their standard

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