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This is my second working trip to Yangon, Myanmar. The pictures from last trip was taken with my now retired Nokia 7610. I have, however, decided to jumped onto the DSLR bandwagon and got myself a brand spanking new Canon 400D as an excuse that I need a better camera to document the stay at the former capitol of Myanmar. Furthermore, I will be traveling to a couple other interesting locations within Myanmar as well.

Yangon city, Maynmar, busy day time
Dyna bus, only 100 kyats to board

Nothing much has changed since I last visited this place about 2 years ago, with the exception of the new Yangon airport that was opened just 3 days prior to our arrival. The city still looks the same, I haven’t spotted any new big buildings, Dyna buses are still roaming the busy streets, carrying at least 5x more passangers than those trucks are designed to.

Yangon city, Maynmar, busy day time
the day market, bustling with people

The main street outside Traders Hotel are still bustling with people and merchants, some of them more energetic than others. Here you can find anything from

Yangon city, Maynmar, busy day time
a high energy merchant selling cloths

Yangon city, Maynmar, busy day time
a tired shop keeper

Yangon city, Maynmar, night market
Myanmar’s very own satey celup?

The scene at downtown Yangon at night is similar to day time, but with more food stalls selling variety of local delights that I haven’t find the chance (or courage) to try yet. Among the usual offerings such as food, cloths, and watches, I changed upon this street artist who employed a pretty unique style of painting by using a brush and a knife to draw up beautiful landscape pictures, very impressive.

Yangon city, Maynmar, night market
an artist at work

Yangon city, Maynmar, night market
one of the many pagodas in Yangon

These are among the first pictures taken using the new gear, many more shall come, stay tuned!

Canon EOS 400D
my new gear, Canon EOS 400D

Discuss : KY travels – 2nd visit to Yangon, Myanmar

  1. 400D battery grip and 2 lenses, so fast la haha.

    You spent too much time with Kelvin, buy kwanon 😛

    Looking forward to decent food pics from now on anyway, get yourself a 580EX.

  2. lotsofcravings

    how much did that baby cost? looks damn exp

  3. great. i also wanna know how much they have changed since 2005.

  4. ST,

    I only bought an extra lens, the 50mm F/1.8. The 28-200 is loaned from Kelvin (indefinitely, hahaha).

    They had the purchase with purchase thing and asked for RM 299 for the battery grip, not easy to resist.

    Yeah, 580EX is next on the list, but that won’t be so soon. *broke*

  5. lotsofcravings,

    The kit with some extras (CF card, screen protector, camera bag, lens cloth, and the throw away tripod) can be obtained for RM 2850. 🙂

  6. Yah have to get the grip as the camera body is so small, makes it a lot more comfortable, plus extends the battery life so you can go a full day without worrying about changing battery. Yeah flash is definitely required…broke but happy aye, it’s all good 🙂

  7. kimberlycun

    canon is too gay 😛

  8. Someone said cannot access to any websites nor email providers… *alt 172*

  9. Simon Seow

    Well, my boss support Nikon because Nikon is the sponsor for his photo documentary project. So we always can loan lenses from Nikon and get to test any new model from them.

  10. Simon Seow

    Well, my boss support Nikon because Nikon is the sponsor for his photo documentary project. So we always can loan lenses from Nikon and get to test any new model from them.

  11. Simon Seow

    Sorry for the double post. It went to an error page after I submit the first time.

  12. PreciousPea

    Ky, RM2850 very well spent! Great photos.

  13. Oi KY, when you bought the 50mm ah?

    Don’t tell me you’re that fucking buyer that bought off from the guy frm Penang!


  14. Galvin,

    No la this is a 50mm F/1.8, you can go ahead and get that 1.4.

  15. Canon 50mm f/1.8 is MUCH better than the f/1.4 anyway, if your gonna upgrade has to be the f/1.2L or stick with the f/1.8.

  16. Dabido (Teflon)

    Would you buy an energy drink from that sales lady? 🙂

  17. stephen wong

    hi ky great to know u r there, your pic remind me when i was there 10 years ago.i love the ppl there.
    i would said there r the ppl who open up my eye,there r kind and generous in many way.
    Hope u have a pleasant stay.

  18. myhorng

    damn rich nowdays huh

  19. congrats on your new toy
    have fun shooting

  20. Hi KY,i like your night photography photos

  21. Patrick the pup,

    Thanks 😀

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