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This is the very first KY tv post, my very own fake plan food review “TV” show!

Now this is not the first time I wrote about Satay Celup at this particular place in Melaka. The previous entry on Ban Lee Siang Satay Celup includes the review in text, as well as pictures, contact number, address, and map. Then again, nothing beats the video, especially with hot chick (who is also my camera girl and chief editor) in it too.

It was 5pm and we were the very first customer in the restaurant. Trust me, by sunset the place will be busier than a beehive.

Tell me it’s awesome!

Discuss : KY tv – Satay Celup at Melaka (video)

  1. LMAO nice one! but keep your eyes on the road omg lmao!

  2. u need to add some hokkien swear words

  3. Looks awesome will definitely try it out when I head there this weekend 🙂

  4. christine

    its awesome. lookin forward for more video post!

  5. heyyy kaya! nice video, beautifully editted, complemented with a hot chick increase its attractiveness eh? what is the “satay thing” lolx~~~~ whoa can bring me there one day?

  6. HoldenMonaro

    Lose the accent, dude!!! Fairly intimidating, I say! As Kelvin’ve commented, add more hokkien or cantonese words. The least you can do is add some manglish words into it like “gostan”, “very the nice”, “right or not”, etc ,etc. Show the world, you’re a malaysiene and damn 9 proud of it!!

    MahLaiSaiAh BuhLeh!!!!satusatuyatyatyatY~A~T

  7. I ate there a couple of times, but I always had sorethroat after that. Eat but sorethroat, dillema. I still prefer the loklok in gurney drive, many choices, like the mlk one, much cheaper than KL. with smaller stick portion, can eat more varieties 😀 😀 😀

  8. jess,
    wait hah, wait.. hehe

    I think you might be in Aussie for too long to remember how Malaysian accent sounds like. 😛

    yah this stuff is spicy, always need to drink a lot of water afterwards

  9. ethelwenn

    Wow.. just when I’m about to visit Melaka this week – you’re posting about this Satay Celup. Wah! Wah! Definitely going to look for it if my driver willing to drive around. :mrgreen:

  10. MayWong

    you know wat.. i was there too about that tie.. went there about 530.. sat right at the end.. hahahaha…

  11. You should say: “Kanneh! Si Beh Pan Yi!!!! Lau lu hor kui teik!!!”
    hehehehe… 😛

  12. kimberlycun

    awesome video! lol

  13. 😛 shouldn’t have viewed it when i was hungry… end up at lok lok stall.. ehh next time whole gang drop by to melaka for this 🙂 call me ya?

  14. ky, saw so many “sticks” on the table. U seriously can eat.

  15. Ahdave,

    That was for 2 person la..

  16. your english sucks hey !

  17. Anonymous,

    I’m glad you pointed that out, would be better if you can get more specific

  18. they do sell the sauce right?

  19. wow, ky tv is here as i predicted earlier. kind of different listening to the man himself compared to reading posts. keep it up!!!

  20. its awesome


    no really… ITS AWESOME

  21. myhorng

    not RM0.50/stick but RM1.00++. forgot to count the toll fees and the minyak dude.. haha..

  22. […] This is the second installation of KY TV show after the satey celup post last week, this stuff just keeps getting better now isn’t it? […]

  23. Mama BoK

    This is funny..!! you sound shy..! 😉

  24. […] When it comes to food in the historical town that is Melaka, there are a few items that you must never miss. Kinda like the Char Kueh Teow and Laksa in Penang, the must-eat items in Melaka are Satey Celup (video!), Chendol, Poh Piah, and of course, perhaps the most famous of all, the Chicken Rice Ball. […]

  25. Hey KY, finally i’m here to check out ur blog after u told me to do so 😛 Ur video is fantastic! And i enjoyed watching it. Definitely i will go and try de loklok if i go to melaka 🙂

  26. ice kacang

    Hi KY, my frn jst came back from a Melaka trip. She said the chicken rice ball & satay celup a must to try. I am fr Sabah planning to visit Melaka soon, but has no friend in Melaka. Can u introduce some1, an aunty age group (who likes food off course) to show me around?


  27. Great ideas, KY. Add Tanscript to it will be even great!

  28. Pin,
    Hahaha, that’ll be too much work!

  29. shop is clean and food hygenically prepared
    but nothing stops my doubts on th recycled sauce.. err possibility of hepatitis B & C.
    esp those which like cockles or bloody liver 😛

  30. Eugene,
    Hahhaa, it’s boiling so it’s ok! 😛

  31. Hahaha! I was so skinny last time! Why no one compliment my editing skill one. After watching the 2 videos again, I am impressed with myself! 😛

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