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In an attempt to eat healthy for once, we decided to head to this Korean Porridge place, Bonjuk at Desa Sri Hartamas. I had thought that the parking situation would be pretty shitty on a weekend, it was. After a round of unfruitful hunt, I decided to just pay for it at the commercial car park just a block away for RM 3.00 that was totally worth it.

Koraen Porridge, Bonjuk at Desa Sri Hartamas
some seriously healthy food

Like most franchise, Bonjuk does not offer a very wide variety of dishes in their menu. There are, however, over a dozen types of porridge, and an equal amount of Bibimbobs (mixed meal), as well as some Korean pancakes to choose from. The pancakes aside, all the dishes were not fried nor BBQ, so far so healthy.

After scanning the offerings, I decided to go for the mid size seafood combination porridge. Since the porridge is cook to order, it did take a while before I get to start satisfying the stomach, luckily, the wait was worth it.

Koraen Porridge, Bonjuk at Desa Sri Hartamas
now you see it, now you don’t

The porridge was cooked with squid, shrimp, mussels, dried oyster, and octopus. It was actually very good, the taste of the seafood mixture blends into the porridge very well, if only some dried scallop were used as well, it would have been perfect. Then again, that ingredient would drive the price up by quite a bit.

Free flow kimchi and a plate of marinated beef came with the dish, a salty and slightly spicy chili paste accompanied the porridge too. The kimchi and beef were pretty good, I had like 4 plates of kimchi as it was just at the right level of rottenness for me. However, I gave a pass to the cold soup, that thing tasted like a mixture of vitagen and vegetable soup served cold, not exactly to my taste.

map to Bonjuk at Desa Sri Hartamas
Bonjuk is just opposite Breakers and Soda

The porridge was an economical RM 14.95, and if I remember correctly, no government nor service charge added. I’ll definitely go there again, and I think you should give it a try too. The young and friendly Korean guy who run the place scored an A+ for customer PR skills as well.

No. 18, Ground Floor, Jalan 25/70A
Desa Sri Hartamas 50480 Kuala Lumpur

GPS: 3.162584, 101.650164
Tel: 03-2300 2302

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  1. Glad you liked Bonjuk, it’s a regular hang out place for both of us. Just had it last night and Andrew has introduced a yummy pumpkin cake with the sweet pumpkin porridge. Very good stuff esp when served warm.

  2. Kelvin

    bonjuk’s good. it’s one of the restaurants i always eat at back in seoul though most of my korean friends prefer meaty food.

  3. Yup the food’s good at bonjuk. I had the seafood porridge too, but I found myself yearning for my friend’s bibimbob which was a little more savoury. Andrew Kim definitely scores and A+ in my books. 😉

  4. I’ve always like to read your blog but never drop a comment before. Somehow i m wondering if i saw you at KLCC’s LRT station yesterday… was it you?

  5. Penny,

    That’s probably me, I’m there every weekday!

  6. ‘right level of rottenness’… hehe. that’s a good one

  7. Oh yeah… hahaha wouldn’t recognize you wrongly… Next time will say hi to you cos I am there every weekdays too

  8. hi ky…
    do they serve pork? i love good porridge.. but if they serve pork, a bit hard for me to go and makan there…

  9. PreciousPea

    Speaking of Bonjuk, am very tempted to go back again for its Pumpkin porridge and cake. Do try their bibimbob, it’s nice! Do remember to request for it to be served on hot stonebowl cos some are served on plastic bowl.

  10. Afah,

    It’s a halal restaurant.

  11. waisikmiao

    Ky… i love bonjuk too…
    The cold soup is actually cold kimchi soup…
    um.. but to me i like the soup woh…
    coz its so amazing, its not red but it taste exactly like kimchi…

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  13. I went there today but could not find this place. I guess that it is no longer in operation. Btw, I am from Singapore.

  14. THomas,
    eh really? last I went a couple months ago it was still there

  15. Christina Lui

    Excuse me, KY…
    Mayb I knw, Bonjuk still in operation??

    I’m going to KL 2moro.. Plan to go thr~~~

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