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Not your history Teachers: Ika, Serena C, Pietro
Not your history teachers

I was listening to the breakfast show on Mix FM with Ika, Serena C, and Pietro this morning and they came to touch on the history of China. It does seem like they have actually did a bit of “research” on the topic (maybe less than 30 seconds), so it certainly wasn’t something completely random.

Pietro was basically quiet this whole time, I actually respect his ability to know when not talk as a DJ, and certainly his wisdom on not to make up history.

Unfortunately, the two ladies had mouths faster than their brains this particular morning. The topic has to do with the first emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang.

Firstly, they credited the Great Wall of China to the emperor, which was at best, half true. Most sections of the fortifications and connections of the wall done by Qin Shi Huang did not survive until today. Whatever we see today are mainly from the work done during the Ming Dynasty.

The highlight of the “lesson” was when they ladies claimed that Qin Shi Huang used the great wall to fend off attacks from Genghis Khan‘s Mongol troops. Qin Shi Huang was the emperor from 247 BCE to 221 BCE. At the time, the wall was mainly used to protect the kingdom from the Xiongnu people up north. Furthermore, Genghis Khan was not even born until 1162 AD. The ladies conveniently ignored more than 1,300 years of history to put these two very different periods together. Amazing isn’t it?

I wish these DJs would just put in 10 minutes with wikipedia before babbling out their lessons. Though talk is cheap, and you can say whatever you want to say. However, a DJ on public radio does and should hold some responsibility in their speech. Making sure the facts are correct is a start. Otherwise be like Pietro and know when to stop working the tongue. This is not a mamak discussion session with your pals after all.

I was actually quite embarrassed.

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  1. I agree implicitly.

    “Unfortunately, the two ladies had mouths faster than their brains this particular morning. ”

    Unfortunately, also, this isn’t exclusive to today.

  2. lmao!
    i listen to howard stern ftw!! 😛

  3. send this to Chan Fong so he can blasts em 😛

  4. Lucky I rarely listen to MyFM, otherwise I will laugh until lost control of my car.

  5. kimberlycun

    agree. actually makes me miss richard and shaz so can imagine how bad the current show is. nowadays i listen to litefm morning, it’s oldies with pre-recorded (thank goodness) fun facts…quite interesting.

  6. It’s mixFM right? Well, maybe this is the reason Serena C got kicked out from Hitz and joined mix. =p
    Maybe they don’t expect any listener as sharp as you Ky..

  7. i remember several years ago an ignorant DJ from 988 when asked about Mother Teresa(in cantonese 德蘭修女), he doesnt even know who is Mother Teresa… so, don’t ambarass Chan Fong by asking him to “blast” DJs of other stations. our DJs ought to learn, read and do more research

  8. i can’t stand the morning show on hate those shows where they throw debates on men vs women so that people can call in and throw insults at each other.

  9. Yah it’s pathetic, prefer Hitz which has gotten a lot better in the past year or so, or Lite, which is less talk more music.

    But frankly after growing up with BBC Radio 1 Breakfast show with geniuses like Johnny Vaughn…the radio here is just crap.

    I suggest recording BBC Radio 1 from their website and playing it in your car 😀

  10. I never listen to MixFm ever since Serena C joined them.

    Nowadays I prefer FlyFM.

  11. I don’t like the show on felt like they talk cock a lot. But I like their musics… That’s why I always change to other channel when there is a stupid & boring talk cock show… 😛

  12. TheGreatFaggot

    a bunch of FEMALE n4ps 😀

  13. david wei

    shaolin tiger – if you think the radio here sucks so bad, why dont u just go back to uk then? expats like u piss me off with your better-than-you-asians attitude

  14. TheOwnage

    David Wei… what ST is doing is showing comparisons between brainless baboons against people who have a sense of class and intelect. You however shouldn’t make any remarks as if your judgement is supreme and all knowing.

  15. david wei

    what about you? arent you making a remark as if you are all knowing? and so was he when he made his comment. if you have the right to free speech, give others the opportunity to exercise theirs. and have u even listened to what kind of crap goes on bbc 1 lately??

  16. i miss richard and shaz… those 3 just get on my nerve…hitz somewhat better now than previously… flyfm just lost its charm after flyguy went missing.

    i just switch to my compilation cds.. all songs that i like and no cocktalk!

  17. these 2 girls are brainless
    lucky they are in Malaysia,try say this to a chinese in China,Taiwan or Hong Kong,i’m sure even a 13 years old kids will laugh at them

  18. Well, maybe they meant it for future protection… but of course the wall can’t do much help if the goverment/monarch (Soong Dy. and Ming Dy) was too corrupt and chicken shit to retaliate.

    Thank you Shaolin Tiger for your frankness and opinion, I hope if the DJs read this post, they would tune in to the station you mentioned. Please don’t go back to back to UK, we need feedbacks from other ppl outside our world. Not all of us are pricks who can’t take constructive criticism…

  19. @yhtan: Actually I do doubt that the young ones in Taiwan/China/HK are as historically articulate as you mentioned.

    I will honestly admit that even after 11 years of spoon-fed pure chinese education, I have trouble telling you how the dynasties came upon. Who was the emperor, what was the dynasty, what actually happened etc etc.

    Maybe Serena C got the most heat seeing that she’s chinese afterall, but I do think there’s a bit of overreacting. Do you believe I have friends who actually doesn’t know what went on with the Nazis during WW2?

  20. And i tot i was the only one laughing this morning! cheers!

  21. Really i think chan fong will blast them with full power~ haha i wonder will the myfm ‘criticizng programme’ will talk bout them or not.. too bad i cant listen to any of the radio… damn….

  22. tigerjoe

    The DJs prolly got their info from skimming through a couple of blogs. LOL

  23. all breakfast shows are fucking annoying.

    ALL DJS are fucking annoying.

    less talk more songs kthxbai.

  24. totally agreed with you about these mix fm dj, i stopped listening after 2 weeks these trios went on air. mix fm, pls bring back shaz & richard!!!

  25. Simon Seow

    Ghenghis Khan is from near the end of Shung Dynasty, which after that his grand son was able to conquer China (the fall of Shung Dynasty) and the begin of Yuan Dynasty (ruled by Mongol). Shung Dynasty is way after Tang Dynasty, Chui Dynasty,South Han Dynasty, Han Dynasty, 5 Kingdom, then only Qin Dynasty.

    To say the Great Wall is to block Ghenghis Khan during the Qin Dynasty is way way off.

  26. mix ‘was’ good, i even supported their charity causes and went to their events when richard and shaz were doing the show, at least the talk was more matured and structured instead of incoherent babblings. I switch to flyfm now, it’s nice, but the music can be really repetative.

  27. Here are some basic historical facts about Genghis Khan:

    Genghis Khan ,(Chinggis Khan), is one of history’s greatest leaders.During his lifetime, he conquered more territory than any other conqueror and established the largest contiguous empire in world history.Today his legacy continues in Asia,Mongols today celebrate him as the founding father of Mongolia.

  28. Fauziah Mahfudz

    Dear Ika,

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