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It’s been quite a long time since I met this friend of mine, Drika (don’t really care if I can use his name here); and we decided to go for dinner after work last night. Since we had to pick up his special one at PJ, I figured it might just as well we try the interestingly named Restaurant Bibichick, the Nyonya place I saw on Ho Chak series on TV8.

Restaurant Bibichik, Nyonya food, SS2
these two diners were certainly happy

The restaurant is clean and decorated minimally but comfortable. There is a suspicious looking corner with a drum set, I sure hope there’s no karaoke session during the weekends, some Jazz would probably be fine though.

For the three of us, we ordered the recommended mango fish (with mar yau), honey squid, fried chicken with Bibi sauce, and a plate of vegetable.

Restaurant Bibichik, Nyonya food, SS2
mango fish, honey squid, vegetable, and chicken with Bibi sauce

While the vegetable is somewhat average, the other three dishes were all actually very good. The mango fish dish is prepared with the fish cut in small fillet (while retaining the whole fish) and deep fried, before pouring the mango sauce and shredded mango on top. The structure and taste of the fish actually matches the mango sauce very well, nice.

The honey squid was awesome too, reminds me of the honey chicken I had Kampung Atap. Last but definitely not least, the fried chicken with Bibi sauce actually tasted very close to belacan fried chicken, but with a slightly more complex taste. The girl had like 3 big pieces.

map to Restaurant Bibichik, Nyonya food, SS2

The bill came to around RM 80 for the three of us, including drinks and a 5% service charge. The biggest item being the fish at RM 32.50, the other dishes were priced between 8-15 ringgit, which were still reasonable for an air conditioned restaurant, and comparable to the Nyonya Restaurant at the other side of the same shop lots

No. 17 Jalan SS 2/30
47300 Petaling Jaya

GPS: 3.113498, 101.621003
Tel: 017-319 6191

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  1. PreciousPea

    I missed the Ho Chiak when they showed Bibichik, all i knew was Nyonya Restaurant in SS2. As I know, there are only 3, Tuan Ee, Bibichik and Nyonya. Took the wrong choice and went for Tuan Ee…so pricey and yet not good. 🙁

    Thanks to you, i will try bibichik soon.

  2. hahaha funny to find drika on your blog, of all the random people to come across while mindlessly blog surfing.

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