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I have drove past Restaurant Hoppy with the recognizable giant roast duck “statue” at SS2 many times, but for various reasons (eg: several of the noobs do not eat duck), I have never had a chance to try it until last weekend. This is despite the fact that I actually do love to eat duck, as evident from postings on Fatty Duck, Sunrise, Loong Foong, and the PJ State Loh Ngap.

Herbal Roast Duck at Restaurant Hoppy (好比药材烧腊)
herbal roast duck, tofu, and steamed soup

For the two of us, I ordered a bottom quarter (thighs and drumstick portion) Tang Gui (当归) roast duck, a tofu dish, and a steamed soup. The other types of herbal roast duck includes Ginseng (泡参) and Shin Chuan (十全) style. I know Tang Gui is supposed to be a female’s herb, but that’s the only type left when I was there, so be it.

To be fair, the skin of their roast duck, while very good, is not as crispy as Loong Foong. However, the unique herbal taste more than make up for this short coming. The duck meat actually tastes strongly of the herbs, and the gravy was very strong too. I must say that this is not for those who dislike the Chinese medicinal herb tastes, but I absolutely love it. The tofu and soup, while not exceptional, were pretty decent as well.

Herbal Roast Duck at Restaurant Hoppy (好比药材烧腊)
no frill but comfortable set up

The meal for two came to around RM 25 for two. That is including the 5% government tax and the curious 2% service charge. This is still very good value for the rather unique roast duck and some pretty good side dishes. The restaurant also offers other dishes commonly found in many Chinese restaurants, such as seafood, vegetables, poultry dishes, and so forth. You can actually bring friends who aren’t into eating ducks there.

map to Herbal Roast Duck at Restaurant Hoppy (好比药材烧腊) at PJ SS2
Restaurant Hoppy is situated at SS2

This restaurant, is in fact, not the only branch. There are branches of Restaurant Hoppy in PJS 8/5, Sunway, and Jalan Desa 2/1 at Kepong.

Restaurant Hoppy (SS2 Sdn Bhd)
40, Jalan SS2/66,
47300 Petaling Jaya

3.119471, 101.620429
03-7877 9729

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  1. I tried this before at my place. I feel is not bad but i don’t know why the business seem bad later on and now closed down and change to others already.

    Based on their branch list, a lot at Johor.

  2. err since u like duck so much ar, iiwould recommend u to try this roast duck at petaling street, no that Sey Ngan Chye guy … but at the end of Petaling Street the Uda Ocean end, there is this herbal drink store rite, behind it at the back lane there is this roast duck stall … cun! and they have some soups too, the soup are kinda expensive …

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  4. its 琵琶鸭 is really good ^_^

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  6. the cio bu in the foto seems to like her top very much.
    wear to eat hokkien mee and still wear to eat duck
    slurps, i heart puppies

    yes, very bo liao, so sue me.
    i bored can?

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  8. […] with grocery shopping, we somehow ended up at this seafood specialty shop at SS2 (the same row as restaurant Hoppy). They sell anything from frozen prawns to lobsters to live crab, and when I saw the huge frozen […]

  9. hey ky did u know this place originated from Johor Baharu? i luv their ginseng duck! packed with ginseng goodness!

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