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I actually got the idea to make this dish from the “tai chau” place near one of the badminton halls I frequent. It tasted so good the first time I had it, we ended up ordering a second plate of the same thing. So when I decided to make a vegetable dish for lunch, it was just natural that I had to try to reproduce this french beans with dried shrimp (虾米玉豆). With this KY’s recipe, you can make it too!

French Beans with Dried Shrimp (虾米玉豆 )
this stuff was really good


  • French beans
  • dried shrimps
  • cili padi
  • garlic


  • mince the dried shrimps and cili padi together and chopped some garlic separately
  • heat the frying pan with cooking oil and start frying the chopped garlic
  • add minced dried shrimps and cili padi after 20 seconds
  • fry the mixture till golden brown, then add French beans
  • add a sprinkle of salt to taste, fry the beans over high heat for a minute or two
  • ready to serve!

French Beans with Dried Shrimp (虾米玉豆 )
very simple ingredients and preparation method

This is my very first trial in making this dish, and I must say it didn’t turn out bad at all. I had a little too much dried shrimp going on, and definitely way too much cili padi. However, the taste was still very good, crunchy and fresh tasting beans contrasting with the flavor of minced dried shrimp and the hotness of cili padi, a great combination. Try it yourself!

Discuss : KY cooks – French Beans with Dried Shrimp (虾米玉豆)

  1. as u mentioned too much udang kering. u need to add more garlic and a bit of water during frying too.

  2. hi hi…chance for you to write something else besides food…Sorry, you’ve been ‘tagged’!…goto

  3. never add carrot meh…hehehe Looks yummy. Dang! why i owes come to yr place b4 lunch and make myself hungrier!

  4. Now i’ve got a good source for many food reference.. straight in my bookmark 🙂

  5. Kelvin,

    oO, i added plenty of garlic too.

  6. Why dont u make prawns with cheese next time? 😛

  7. Dude, better change the name to DREID SHRIMPS WITH FRENCH BEANS! LOL

    I know your enthusiasm in cooking but those heh-bi really overkilled the dish.

    Hmm…all the cooking but never invite. Siennn!

  8. wah….i wan 2 eat 😛 u should start a new blog, KYcooks ? hehe…collection of all ur homwcook dishes 🙂

  9. ching siang

    so yummy!

  10. It’s simple and fast.. but i feel u put a lot of dried shrimp, it wont very “masin” meh? still put some salt? if me, i will put some sugar instead of salt..

  11. I cook this dish quite oftenly as well, either with minced pork or minced chicken breast. Might have to try with dried shrimps next time

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