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Funny how one can be oblivious to some of the best foods closest to home while traveling miles away to hunt for the exact same dish. Such is the case with Fatty Duck Teo Chew Stew Duck (大旺潮州卤鸭) that is located a mere 5 minutes away from home, and yet I have always traveled to PJ State to have the same type of Lou Ngap fan (卤鸭饭).

Fatty Duck at Restaurant OK, Petaling Jaya SS2
fantastic teo chew stew duck

Fatty Duck is a stall that operates from around 5pm and serves the dinner crowd. They serve stew duck with quite a number of side dishes to choose from. Among these are hard boiled duck egg, salted vegetable (咸菜), hot and sour vegetable (酸辣菜), mushroom, tofu, and even duck intestine. You can have either rice or porridge to go with these dishes.

Fatty Duck at Restaurant OK, Petaling Jaya SS2
many side dishes to choose from

For the two of us, we ordered a serving of stew duck (instead of two cos the other dude actually doesn’t eat duck), 2 tofu, salted vegetable, hot and sour vegetable, and mushroom to go with rice.

While the portion of servings was pretty small, the meal was enough to provide a satisfying dinner without over bloating myself. The taste of duck and side dishes were on par with their slightly more famous counterpart in PJ State. I especially like the very smooth tofu that goes very well with the stew duck sauce.

Fatty Duck at Restaurant OK, Petaling Jaya SS2
Restaurant OK is located near KAYU and Chow Yang

The dinner only costs RM 13 for all the dishes and rice. Pretty economical and definitely value for money for this great tasting meal.

2, Jalan SS2/10,
Petaling Jaya,
(at the other end of the same row of shop houses comprising KAYU)

GPS: 3.115084, 101.616390

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  1. Wah. This map so nice one. The duck looks very smooth!

  2. somebody

    I just wonder how much you spend monthly on the food ?

  3. somebody,

    Don’t ask. =/

  4. This map sux!!!! 😛

  5. So, any recommendation for spicy vegetarian steamboat?

  6. This restaurant OKAY is rather ok. Tried there once, usually there for dinner last time. The fried ‘far lam’ (bacon) is really good there.

  7. terenceg

    fucking on !!! i love their must order the DUCK’s Tongue !! damn damn OISHIIII

  8. PreciousPea

    I tried this place before but still think that the PJ State is better especially the gravy.

  9. TBG,

    Now that you mention, I haven’t come across any vegetarian steamboat at all.

  10. well, then its about time we go on a hunt soon, aint it?


    JB here got one delicious wan in Skudai.

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  13. Innocentwitch

    You will be shocked to know that they come from same family… SS2 and PJ State….

  14. Innocentwitch,
    ooOO, interesting, interesting.

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