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I remember having Fatty Loh chicken rice since I was a little boy, and the stall was always super busy with quite a few chefs chopping away chicken, and at least a dozen workers yelling around trying to satisfy hungry customers. It was rumored that the business was so good internal revenue sent a guy to count the number of chicken sold in order to ensure that Mr. Loh pay his taxes.

Fatty Loh Chicken Rice in Penang
chicken rice… yum

Fast forward to over 30 years since their establishment in 1969, the original Mr. Loh and the 2nd generation (who expanded the business tremendously) has already passed away and the business is now split into two, run separately by each brother or the 3rd generation Loh, both claimed to be the “original”. I have tasted both places, and found that they are almost identical in terms of taste and price.

Fatty Loh Chicken Rice in Penang
coagulated chicken blood, *slurps*

I went there alone to have lunch the last trip back in Penang. Since it was just myself, I only ordered a plate of steamed chicken drum stick, and a coagulated chicken blood side dish. Other side dishes offered there include salted vegetable, kerabu chicken leg, steamed soup, pork knuckle, bean sprouts, and so on.

The set, of course, come with a bowl of chicken soup, and traditional chicken rice chili paste. Now one of the things that is quite unique to Fatty Loh is the way their serve the chicken, the chicken is usually stripped of all bones. I haven’t found a place that can do the same in the Klang Valley, it is a lot less messy to eat chicken that way.

Map to Fatty Loh Chicken Rice in Penang
Fatty Loh is just around 2km from Gurney Drive

The taste of the steamed chicken I ordered was pretty good, and I have always enjoyed the smoothness of the chicken meat, and the sauce that came with it. The coagulated blood is obviously something that is not for the faint hearted, and again, this is a dish that is quite difficult to find elsewhere. I enjoyed every bite.

If my memory serves me correct, the lunch costs me around RM 7 or so, with an extra order of a small bowl of rice.


21, Jalan Fettes, Fettes Park,
11200 Penang, Malaysia.

GPS: 5.452685, 100.302848

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  1. i saw the huge signage but cant remember on which road :p

  2. my favourite chicken rice in taman lenseng also serves chicken without bones. awesome. its in one of those roadside metal sheds like williams.

  3. Paul,

    ooOO, will need to find out where is Taman Lenseng one of these days. Cheras is a bit confusing..

  4. Taman lenseng is just behind the pheonix plaza at cheras. I saw the Fatty Loh Chicken Rice Ads during I drive to the Tanjung Bungah Beach… I should goto try it that time!

  5. I heard about Fatty Loh chicken rice store many years ago, during the origninal owner till their legal tussle. Try the one in Tg Bunga Fettes Park, I beleive the only one left now. Their chicken is just normal, nothing special. The chicken rice stall in KLANG, below Emporium Makan near Shaw Centre Point is much better.

  6. You haven’t eaten enough chicken rice in Klang Valley.
    Quite alot of them “strip” the bone … so it’s not that unique to Fatty Loh

  7. The chicken rice stall in SS 15, SJ serves chicken rice without bones…it’s not really unique to have chicken rice without bones, imho.

    If you’re looking a damn good chicken rice you oughta go to SS14…it’s a corner shop close to Viran sundry shop. The chicken rice stall opens at 11am and by lunchtime, ALL the chicken’s finished usually.

    I caught the chickens in time one day with my mom and the pak cham kai is perhaps the best I have ever tasted – Smooth and flavorful.

  8. ehh actually.. i think fatty loh kinda sux now… i know of a better chicken rice in penang.. much much better… call me when u’re back lor

  9. Kevinkks


    Nice website, especially for food munchies like me…I’m also from Penang, Prai, Chai Leng Park. There’s a chicken rice shop called Beng Huat Asam Fish & Chicken rice in Chai Leng Park. It is so famous among the mainland people…have a try if possible…

  10. FYI… they’ve now moved to Nagore Road..
    some newly renovated colonial building if i’m not mistaken
    on the street next to Swatow Lane where the New World Kopitiam(Sin Sei Kai) is located…. or somewhere around there….

  11. yum..yum.. Beng Huat asam fish chicken rice is gooooood!

  12. Why no Penang Lobak been found under Penang categories. Although you include the Kuey Chiap which I think is something precious. But no Lobak? Penang’s Lobak?

  13. Loon,

    That’s because I don’t go back to Penang very often, and when I do, my quota is taken up with char kueh teow and hokkien mee most of the time. But I’ll try to scour for good lobak places next time. 😀

  14. […] amplify the flavor. I particularly like the steamed chicken too, almost completely boneless (like Fatty Loh’s style), with the meat very smooth and succulent. The wantan was pretty good too, if not a […]

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