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The majority of people working around the KLCC vicinity are usually familiar with the 2 food courts at Suria KLCC as well as the lunch hot spot that is Wisma Sentral (Chinese food, chicken rice). However, many noobs are unaware that there is actually a food court at Menara Public Bank, hidden away at the 4th floor carpark. Even fewer people would guess that it is an outdoor establishment.

Murtabak at Menara Public Bank
2 young boys enjoying their food, including the infamous SK

While visiting there with the Snark some weeks ago, I noticed that the mamak stall was cooking the murtabak with ghee (clarified butter). Since I love murtabak, and it is not easy to find a mamak stall that cooks them with this traditional ingredient, I decided to have the mutton murtabak for lunch that day (and had the beef murtabak a week later with Nicholas and SK, when these photos were taken).

Murtabak at Menara Public Bank
this is some good stuff

The murtabak was served rather quickly after ordering. I guess the mamak guy must have prepared them in advance in anticipation for the lunch crowd. Chicken curry accompanied the dish. The size of the murtabak was a little smaller compared to those at KAYU or Pelita. However, I find the size just nice for lunch.

Map to Menara Public Bank
Menara Public Bank is just opposite KLCC

Though simple, the murtabak was really good. The meat patty still juicy, and the tastes of ghee complimented the meat and the roti nicely. And for less than RM 4 including a glass of teh tarik. You can never go wrong.

The food court is located at 4th floor, Menara Public Bank. Opens for breakfast and lunch.

GPS: 3.159788, 101.710128

It’s near Chinese New Year again, and I’m sure a lot of you guys are heading up north to the congestion infested tourist spot that is also my hometown, Penang. While on our beloved PLUS highway, many of you will undoubtedly stop at one of the R&R areas for bathroom breaks and even a meal (especially if the congestion makes the journey lasts across meal times). However, everyone knows that you can’t really find anything worth filling up the stomach for at those R&Rs, so the last trip I took to Penang, I stopped by Bidor instead.

Pun Chun (品珍) Restaurant at Bidor
this place is in business since 1938

The Pun Chun (品珍) restaurant at the heart of the town is famous for it’s duck drumstick noodle as well as their chicken biscuit (鸡子饼). In fact, they’ve been doing this since some 60 years ago. However, other than roast duck drumstick, they also serve wanton, char siu (roasted pork), chicken, fish ball, ginger duck, curry chicken, and more.

Since many other posts like this, and this has already reviewed their duck drumstick noodle, I decided to order a plate of noodle with wanton and char siu instead.

Pun Chun (品珍) Restaurant at Bidor
shrimp + pork wantan, slurps

To be fair, the char siu was just mediocre. However, the 3 pretty good size wanton were rather good. Stuffed with good amount of minced pork and fresh shrimp meat, the texture was good, and the sweetness of shrimp with the smoothness of pork proved to be an excellent combination for my taste buds. The wanton soup too, was of a lot higher quality than the chicken (probably with cheap chicken stock) soup I’ve had in many other places.

Kawasan Petai at Bidor
you can buy some good petai too

The meal was certainly satisfying, and worlds better than anything I could get from the R&Rs. However, that plate of noodle was at a pricey RM 4.50, more expensive than most other places in KL, let alone a small town like Bidor. The duck noodle would be RM 5.60.

Though a little pricey, I think it’s still worth a stop for this place. You can get some chicken biscuits for your mom while you’re there too. There’s also a dedicated petai market just right next to the restaurant.

Pun Chun (品珍) Restaurant at Bidor
the restaurant is just a couple kilometers from the highway exit

38-40, Jalan Besar,
Bidor, 35500 Perak

GPS: 4.11190, 101.28870
Tel: 05-434 1554, 05-434 1562
Hours: 5am to 10pm daily

The dad of a close friend’s friend is having a multiple bypass surgery on this coming 1st of March, 2007. The operation requires fresh blood and the surgeon has requested for at least 10 people of similar blood group (A+) to donate on the day of his surgery.

Around 1/3 of the population have type A+ blood running in their veins (I am a type O+ kid), so please do assist this family if you are one of them. You will also get an MC, not like it should be a motivation for doing this, but it’s a plus point.

I have donated a few times during various blood drives, it doesn’t hurt at all, and you get a free blood test in the process, too.

The crucial info:

  • Blood group required: A+
  • Name of Hospital: Subang Jaya Medical Centre (New Wing), 5th Floor (Blood Bank)
  • Opening Hours: 8.30 am – 5.30 pm (Monday to Friday) (Operates during lunch hours); 8.30 am – 12.30 pm (Saturday)
  • Patient’s Name: Lee Chiew
  • Date of Surgery: March 1, 2007

The donor needs to:

  • The Donor has to be healthy
  • The potential donor is required to go to the above hospital any day before the surgery date to have his / her blood screened. Should the potential donor do not know his / her blood group, the hospital will conduct the test
  • If the potential donor can only attend the screening test on the weekend, he / she will need to give one day prior notice to the hospital.
  • SJMC (Blood Bank) contact no.: 03-56306575
  • Contact person: Ms Siva
  • After having passed the screening test, the Donor will need to come to the hospital again on the Surgery date (9.00 am) for the donation.
  • Please be informed that the hospital will issue time-off medical certificates for both the screening and donation days.

Please feel free to contact any of us should you have questions on the above. Karina (012-3930993), Kevin (012-2998769) or Adrian (012-2317912)


One of my usual dinner/supper places is the SS2 mamak square, especially by the Misai mamak stall. This is mainly due to the fact that their teh-o-ais limau (kurang manis) was never too sweet, and only costs RM 1. Yes, we are cheap and likes to take care of our kidneys too.

SS2 Fried Rice
Leong Fried Rice at SS2 Mamak Square

There are actually quite a number of stalls at the square, Ramli burger, chicken rice, Pak Lang’s Malay food, Mamak Indomie, Satey, and more. One of the stalls I frequent is Leong (良), a stall that serves wantan mee, fried rice, fried kueh teow, and wat tan hor (滑蛋河).

Other than not serving pork (a mamak square after all), the one thing unique about this particular stall is their “silver fish” fried rice (银鱼炒饭). Shrimps and egg makes up the main ingredients of the fried rice, and a type of very small dried salted fish similar but unlike anchovies (ikan bilis) topped the rice. The fish is salty to taste but carries a distinctive salted fish flavor that is rather delicious. I am not aware of other places offering the exact same type of fried rice. I like it.

Coke Susu at SS2
Misai’s son, and the weird dude with Coke susu

The guy in the picture who posed proudly in front of the stall is actually Misai‘s son, Falid, who is also an Arsenal fan. Other than the usual teh tarik, limau ais, and kopi, you can order Ribena with logan. A pretty interesting combination that offers the best of both Ribena’s blackcurrant sweetness and the taste of logan. If you are a little more adventurous, you can try what the Coke susu, Coca-cola with condensed milk. I took a sip but decided to not test my stomach that much.

Mamak Area at SS2
the map to misai mamak stall at SS2

Some people drink weird stuff.

Jalan SS 2/60,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.117558, 101.622323

Thinking of an economical tai chau (大炒, made to order Chinese dishes, served with rice) for dinner, we ended up at Ming Heong (明香). This busy little corner is actually just an outdoor stall by the roadside right next to Giant hypermart at Taman Paramount in Petaling Jaya.

Ming Heong at Taman Paramount
excellent kangkong belacan

If you can read in Chinese, ordering will be easy enough. At Ming Heong, they have the menu (only in Chinese) on a big board hanging underneath a bright florescence light. For the three of us, we ordered a bowl of watercress soup (西洋菜汤), a plate of kangkong belacan (马来风光), sweet and sour pork (咕噜肉), and clay pot tofu (砂煲豆腐).

Ming Heong at Taman Paramount
one menu to rule them all

As the place was still not very busy since it was only around 7pm, we got our food within 10 minutes. The servings were a little smaller than other places, but that fits just nice as there were only three of us for the four dishes.

The dishes were surprisingly good. The sweet and sour pork prepared the traditional way and not with ketchup, hence the brownish color of the sauce instead of the more familiar reddish tone. It was perhaps not as visually appealing, but has a more original taste to it. The clay pot tofu was packed with meat, green bean, sliced carrot, onion, two types of mushroom, egg, shrimp, and of course, some very smooth tofu. The base, sweet with the taste of meat as well as seafood; and the myriad of ingredients complimented the tofu nicely.

Ming Heong at Taman Paramount
tofu, soup, meat, vegetable, we have it all convered

The watercress soup came in one of those steamed soup servings. Prepared in advance and kept in the steamer, it was well cooked and didn’t disappoint. The best dish of the night, though, was the kangkong. A simple dish with the vegetable fried alongside red chili, garlic, dried shrimp, and oil turned out to be done with the perfect taste and texture. It was easily one of the best kangkong belacan dishes I’ve had for a long time. Best of all, it didn’t even need to be overly spicy to be good.

Ming Heong at Taman Paramount
Ming Heong is situated just by Giant at Paramount

The dinner was an economical RM 13.00 per person. Four dishes, a very good value. Ming Heong only opens for dinner, and I would recommend that you go there on a non-rainy night.

Jalan 20/22,
Taman Paramount, PJ,

GPS: 3.106995, 101.624190