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It’s near Chinese New Year again, and I’m sure a lot of you guys are heading up north to the congestion infested tourist spot that is also my hometown, Penang. While on our beloved PLUS highway, many of you will undoubtedly stop at one of the R&R areas for bathroom breaks and even a meal (especially if the congestion makes the journey lasts across meal times). However, everyone knows that you can’t really find anything worth filling up the stomach for at those R&Rs, so the last trip I took to Penang, I stopped by Bidor instead.

Pun Chun (品珍) Restaurant at Bidor
this place is in business since 1938

The Pun Chun (品珍) restaurant at the heart of the town is famous for it’s duck drumstick noodle as well as their chicken biscuit (鸡子饼). In fact, they’ve been doing this since some 60 years ago. However, other than roast duck drumstick, they also serve wanton, char siu (roasted pork), chicken, fish ball, ginger duck, curry chicken, and more.

Since many other posts like this, and this has already reviewed their duck drumstick noodle, I decided to order a plate of noodle with wanton and char siu instead.

Pun Chun (品珍) Restaurant at Bidor
shrimp + pork wantan, slurps

To be fair, the char siu was just mediocre. However, the 3 pretty good size wanton were rather good. Stuffed with good amount of minced pork and fresh shrimp meat, the texture was good, and the sweetness of shrimp with the smoothness of pork proved to be an excellent combination for my taste buds. The wanton soup too, was of a lot higher quality than the chicken (probably with cheap chicken stock) soup I’ve had in many other places.

Kawasan Petai at Bidor
you can buy some good petai too

The meal was certainly satisfying, and worlds better than anything I could get from the R&Rs. However, that plate of noodle was at a pricey RM 4.50, more expensive than most other places in KL, let alone a small town like Bidor. The duck noodle would be RM 5.60.

Though a little pricey, I think it’s still worth a stop for this place. You can get some chicken biscuits for your mom while you’re there too. There’s also a dedicated petai market just right next to the restaurant.

Pun Chun (品珍) Restaurant at Bidor
the restaurant is just a couple kilometers from the highway exit

38-40, Jalan Besar,
Bidor, 35500 Perak

GPS: 4.11190, 101.28870
Tel: 05-434 1554, 05-434 1562
Hours: 5am to 10pm daily

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  1. hi ky,

    so ur from pg uh . actually i m looking for a room to rent over thr. near to bayan. im from kl.

    if you have any. do drop me an email. thnx.

  2. I’m from Penang but I stay at KL. If you want a room from PJ then I might be able to help, but not Penang.

    Good luck!

  3. PreciousPea

    You didn’t try their Yam Puff ar?? Super nice especially when it’s fresh from the wok. Agreed this place a bit pricey though. Oh yah…the goodies they sell, for example ipoh white coffee is even more expensive than Cold Storage!

  4. i’ve tried that when i was on my way to Cameron..umm..nothing special bout the duck drumstick..perhaps it’s kinda hard to find any in other places thus made theirs so special.?

  5. Yes man… da Yam Puff! even if im not gonna eat anything… i would just pack a box of those back home while im travelling… gosh… so so so miss it now~

  6. I was just at that same shop for lunch two weekends ago after getting bored of the NS Highway on the way to KL from the north. I can personally confirm the quality of the yam puff. The duck rice is good too.

  7. have not been there for nearly 1 year.. yup, my fave there is the woo kok rather than the noodles (no doubt the noodles were pretty good too)

  8. I was there a couple of months back. Absolutely love the duck soup. They say the quality isn’t as good as the old days, but since I have no basis for comparison, I’ll take whatever they serve me! Will try their wonton the next time.

  9. Lyrical Lemongrass,

    That’s what a lot of people say about almost everywhere. I think it’s just old age catching up with them and they lose x amount of taste buds as the years pile up. 😀

  10. KY: lol! watch what u say young…errr…man? woman? Sorry…new to this blog lah. Will figure out in 2 minutes. Anyway, we’ll be old one day and soon enough, we’ll be whining about how good the siew yoke was in Pudu before the datuk man had to give it up to his moneyminded grandson who franchised the place and sold his soul… Who knows, huh? 😀 P.S. Nice writing.

  11. i guess the price hiked up becuz of tourist coming all over the ‘world’ Singaporeans….it used to be a must stop place for me and my family whenever we travel back to Penang…but now, i rather stop by Ipoh…ipoh rox!! 😛
    i still think KL Char Siew is the best….at least the colour is correct.
    Perak Char Siew and Penang Char Siew colour..very funny..:P

  12. chitrakorn

    man, this place’s wantonmee is no good…lah. there is one at this zinc shed/food court area opposite the KFC after getting out frm the toll. now, that wantonmee is good dude.

  13. quality of chicken biscuit is getting low, “wu kok” is good, duck drumstick noodle is nice and wantan noodle is okay. wantan noodle (noodle only, wantan and char siu may disappoint you) mentioned by chitrakorn is good too, but no longer run by the original owner.

    back to Pun Chun’s snacks, only eat “sa keh mah” nowadays.

    btw, thanks dropping by Bidor, my hometown.

  14. kl_fatguy

    I think their quality of duck drumstick noodle is getting bad compare olden days which I still remember.You all should try another stall which just drive another 2 minutes from Pun Chun.Actually that stall is just opposite the petrol station,if not mistaken is Shell qua.It is a corner shop which I know will open until afternoon,if not mistaken.

    I just discover this stall when Pun Chun is closed on that day and see alot ppl eat there,so no harm try something new.Surprising the taste is better than Pun Chun.You guys should try it next time,can say every 2 mths I will go there to eat,ehehehe.

    That’s why ppl keep calling me fei loe,ahahha.

  15. kl_fatguy,
    Thanks for the tips! 😉

  16. […] evening commute, I sometimes head to Pun Chun for wantan mee and chicken biscuits […]

  17. Well, the best is still Pun Chun Restaurant which offer great ingredients and quality and the price is reasonable with the prawn they offer in the wanton and the taste as well. We are three generations loyal customer. Traditional biscuits and chicken biscuits are quality; can’t find any in Malaysia.

    • Paul: old school place isn’t it?

      • Hi KY, exactly! Can’t detached from it. The atmosphere, the aroma of the fried Wu Kok (Yam Puff), the small town service which you cannot compare to bistro in KL but give a a feel of traditional kopitiam. Just something cannot be copied.

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