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While the KLCC area offers quite a variety of lunch choices, one eventually gets tired of them, that is when we decided to head down to Bukit Bintang area to hunt for something more satisfying and ended up at Ka Soh (家嫂) Restaurant. This little restaurant actually sits right in a parking lot opposite Ritz Carlton hotel.

Update 7/10/2014: This place have moved to Jalan Delima

Ka Soh Restaurant (家嫂), Bukit Bintang
big prawn *drools*

The place is famous for their fish head noodle, but for this session, we decided to go for their dishes with steamed rice. For the two of us, we ordered some big prawn with dark sauce (明虾), a tofu dish, and fried Hong Kong choy sam (菜心) vegetable. A standard dish of delicious achat (pickled vegetable with crushed peanuts) was served as appetizer.

The food didn’t arrived in less than 15 minute’s time and were served pretty much all at the same time. Taste wise, they were all excellent, the prawn very fresh and sweet, and the brown sauce was probably just a simple combination of dark soya sauce and some other seasoning; but proved to be very effective as the compliment to the succulent seafood. The tofu too was very smooth and the sauce not over powering. Lastly, there must be something about Hong Kong and Chinese vegetable that is just so juicy and sweet (“organic” fertilizer maybe?) that made the simple choy sam dish so delicious.

The simple trick to ordering is to provide a varying texture and taste across the dishes. In this case, the firm texture of prawn, the smooth tofu, and the slightly crunchy vegetable, we also have the taste of seafood, fresh vegetable, and the more subtle tofu.

Ka Soh Restaurant (家嫂), Bukit Bintang
three dishes and an appetizer

This wasn’t a cheap lunch (their fish head noodle would be cheaper), the meal costs a little over RM 30 per person. However, the 6 big prawns were huge and would probably cost over RM 10 each if you order them from the mamak stalls. Locals usually aren’t ready to pay this type of price for Chinese food but will happily shell out more for foreign cuisine, which is somewhat of a puzzlement to me. This place is totally worth it though, you will find photos of celebrities dining there on the wall as a testament to the good food served here.

Ka Soh Restaurant (家嫂), Bukit Bintang
Ka Soh is just right opposite Ritz Carlton Hotel

205, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur

GPS: 3.147619, 101.715835
Tel: 03-2148 2207/3207

Other Branches:

  • 136, Jalan Kasah, Medan Damansara, 59490 KL (03-2093 0905)
  • no. 59-G, The Boulevard, Mid Valley City (03-2287 6328)

Discuss : KY eats – Ka Soh Restaurant (家嫂) at Bukit Bintang [Moved]

  1. oh..your should try the fish head Ka Soh famous dish!
    but..the prawn look good..hungry liao…hehe

  2. While it still tasted good, I felt that, compared to previous meals which I had there a few years back, the standard has dropped quite a lot. Even my folks felt the same…

    Anyway, respect to your mapping skills.

  3. PreciousPea

    I tried once at their outlet in Bukit Damansara. My favourite dish would be their deep fried intestine which tasted pretty much like suckling pig. Their Fried Chicken with shrimp paste also not too bad.

    By they way, the prawns really look yummy!

  4. drool…. ~>.

  5. I’ve tried all 3 outlets when I during my 2 months stay in KL. The best is still the 1 in Imbi….No doubt. Their fried ginger frog were the bestI ever had if they can maintain it’s “STANDARD”. However, the fishhead noodle varies from time to time compared to all 3. There could be more improvements to be made in its ambience especially the one in Imbi but who cares as long as the food can be maintained. Good job. Nice map work!! Try the other 2 outlets too.

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