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After driving around PJ not knowing what to have for dinner, we somehow ended up at Sri Hartamas. Since the density of Korean restaurants at this area is probably only second to Ampang, we decided to include Kimchi for dinner.

note: this place is no longer in operation

Mu Gong He Korean Restauratn at Sri Hartamas
quiet little place just above 7-11

After scouring around for a parking spot, we finally deposited the vehicle next to the 7-11 convenient store. Since there is a little Korean restaurant situated right above this place, we decided to give it a try instead of going to some of the bigger and more lavished competitors.

Mu Gong He is just like many other Korean restaurants, offering numerous grilled meat dishes but not a whole lot of other stuff that does not use the burner. The interior decoration is simple and actually a little dated. Since it was a weekday evening, the restaurant was rather quiet too.

Mu Gong He Korean Restauratn at Sri Hartamas
the soup and side dishes

We ordered 2 soups, a Kimchi jjigae (Kimchi soup), and a Hae Mul Soon Dubu (Seafood tofu soup). The two soups (more like stew) came with banchan (side dishes) that is typical of Korean food. Two metal bowls of steamed rice were served too.

The two stews were surprisingly good, the Kimchi stew very strong in taste and packed with quite a lot of kimchi, as well as meat, tofu, and other ingredients. The kimchi served here were more fermented and thus more flavorful. Just the way I like it. The seafood soup though, was even better, generous amount of shellfish, squid, and prawn gives the soup a good base. The tofu used was very smooth and tasted awesome soaking in the spicy soup. There was even a half boiled egg, just perfect.

Mu Gong He Korean Restauratn at Sri Hartamas
situated in Sri Hartamas, pretty easy to find

It was a very satisfying meal, 10 different dishes with rice. The banchan comes free and the soups each cost RM 15. Including tax, the two of us only needed to shell out RM 16.50 for a very satisfying meal. This place is a little underrated, but I would happily go there again.

Jalan 23/70A
Sri Hartamas
(above 7-11)

GPS: 3.161674, 101.649756

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  1. the 7-11 is just beside bestari if not mistaken.

  2. 16.50 is damn cheap for Korean

  3. PreciousPea

    If you are in Hartamas area, do try out Nak Won Korean BBQ, a shop inside the foodcourt. They served up to 18 side dishes plus beef kimchi soup.

  4. PreciousPea,

    8 side dishes cos there was only 2 of us. Already pretty generous I’d say, plus they refill it too.

  5. PreciousPea

    This Nak Won place…even 2 person also they served as much. They even have this steamed egg served in the hotpot which we rejected cos two of us having trouble finishing the kimchi and they insist we take it. Really worth it! Should try.

  6. Since when there is a warning notice up there? LoL…

  7. bUttsH4k3r

    i hate reading your blog because all that food makes me go hungry lah!

  8. Is this Sri Hartamas or Desa Sri Hartamas?

  9. Verkhovensky

    Delicious looking Kimchi jjigae!

  10. […] Now, there are 2 ways you can have Korean food, the cheap way (like at Mu Gong He, Haeun Khon) or you can have a feast with the Korean specialty, the BBQ. Fresh meat don’t come cheap, but sometimes the urge on my taste buds overcome my financial brain cells. Like this particular meal. […]

  11. ky, do u hav the contact no of this restaurant?Plan to do reservation for my department dinner~ TQ

  12. fei,
    I have a feeling this place is no longer in business.

  13. hai, ky. i would like to ask, is this restaurant a pork-free restaurant? i’m looking for a halal and affordable korean restaurant, actually. thanks.

  14. ernie,
    I’m not exactly sure if this place is still in operation.

  15. Hi all,

    Thought of wanted to share out my newfound Korean Kimchi website. I have tasted it and it tasted good and fresh, not like those in Tesco, Giant, Cold Storage. Also the price is affordable.

    Try it out Authentic Korean ….

  16. april,
    Thank you for the recommendation

  17. its still in operation> i visited this place a month ago

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