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Last weekend a few of us decided to have some spicy food and went to this Hong La Qiao (红辣椒 – literally Red Chili) at the heart of KL for their unique Szechuan steamboat. Knowing that the place is usually packed during weekends, we called ahead to book for a table. Do note that it is advisable to get someone who can speak in Mandarin to make the booking, since the receptionist doesn’t really speak in English.

Szechuan steambaot - restaurant Hong La Qiao 红辣椒

The restaurant, situated just right behind Berjaya Times Square, serves rice dishes as well as steamboat. We ordered the “ying yang” steamboat with the spicy Szechuan soup as well as the clear soup, and a bunch of steamboat dishes to chuck in there. There were fishball with meat stuffing, dumplings, beef, fish maw, dried pork skin, tofu, crab stick, fish fillet, a few types of vegetables, mushroom, sea cucumber, and more.. all in all more than 10 dishes.

Szechuan steambaot - restaurant Hong La Qiao 红辣椒
the spicy szechuan and the clear soup

The other must-order item at this restaurant is their unique cold cucumber dish. Basically cucumber sliced to bite size sticks, covered with oil, salt, seasonings, and very finely chopped garlic. The ingredients might look simple and even odd, but it proved to be a very refreshing and interesting “snack”. We eventually ordered 2 plates for the 4 of us. The other non-steamboat item we ordered was the gyoza, though pretty decent, it wasn’t as good as the one served up at Crystal Jade.

Szechuan steambaot - restaurant Hong La Qiao 红辣椒
the interesting pickled tofu sauce with crab stick

The steamboat though, was rather nice… if you are one of those guys who enjoy spicy food. The spicy Szechuan soup tasted very hot and even numbing. The top layer of red oil was especially powerful in attacking the heat receptor. However, cooking fish and meat in the hot soup, and then dipping them in their unique picked tofu (腐乳) or fermented bean paste sauce proved very addictive.

Szechuan steambaot - map to restaurant Hong La Qiao 红辣椒, pudu
Hong La Qiao is just behind Berjaya Time Square

The taste was pretty unique and rather good, though a little on the spicy side, a great place for that exotic yet very Chinese food. Since we ordered up a boat load of food, it came to about RM 40 for each of us, but a normal serving of steamboat should be around RM 30.

No. 53,55, Jalan Cangkat Thambi Dollah,
Off Jalan Pudu, 55100, KL

GPS: 3.140666, 101.710321
Tel: 03-2141-8078

Discuss : KY eats – Szechuan steamboat at Restaurant Hong La Qiao (红辣椒)

  1. MILF restaurant!

  2. I feel very hungry looking at ur food pic. Nice pic u took. BTW what happen to huntingthesnark? I can’t acess the site. Can u?

  3. HuntingTheSnark is hiding or something. I’m not sure, I had lunch with him but the dude didn’t want to tell me why he put down the site.

  4. randomkaypohblogreader

    best food blog in msia

  5. I will miss reading his entries. Have a nice day.

  6. I think this is the place. 3 chilis. I don’t know the name as i dono mandarin. This place is opened by China people. Their staffs OMG only know mandarin. Is hard to find someone know how to talk cantonese or others language.

    The best place for MA LAT. Their MA LAT is spicy like hell. I tasted once then i damn like the herb soup alr. Too spicy.

  7. Looks not very SiChuan to me.
    Btw, who is this Horny Ang Moh? funny name u have there.

  8. Looneytune

    The cucumber dish is a very standard cold dish in China. It’s easy to make too. The secret ingredient to make it “oh so tasty” is a dash of msg.
    The soup looks very red and potent. Don’t like 麻辣much as it kills your tastebud and ruins the other food.

  9. Good Recommendation . Red Chili is my favourite restaurant in KL. If you guys don’t like spciy, “sour vege soup” will be an alternative ^_^

  10. kl_fatguy

    Hung La Qiao yeah,which I try before on last time.Good reconmendation.KY you should try their Dried Chilly Chicken,powerful and taste good.When the DCC coming that time,you only see the dried chilly and you need to search for the chicken meat but really worth to eat.

    Normally when we eat steamboat at outside,normally there have their Ma Lat soup which make out lips become double hot dog and also numb on our toungue which become tasteless but this rest.served Ma Lat soup not feel that bad,yes is very spicy but still you can taste the food.I think this is the taste I been looking for,hot and spicy but still can taste.

    Surely will go there again.


    After ate,please prepare to hug your toilet on tomorrow.New Colon cleaning methods,ahahah

  11. kl_fatguy,
    Hahaha double hotdog. You’re hilarious.

  12. […] style steamboat in the valley. Last I had this type of steamboat was more than 1.5 years ago at Hong La Qiao and Inner Mongolian Restaurant at Pudu, so when the invitation to Jin Shan Cheng from foodstreet […]

  13. heng jee

    Hi KY,
    I am really fascinated with your blog. Really amazing.

    Anyway, i just wanted to comment about this restaurant which i went yesterday. 2 things i may want to comment;

    1. Food. The food is not up to our expectation. The food is not that fresh because it was frozen food. It was as hard as ice cube. And the sichuan soup was too oily, and immediately my friend had stomach discomfort after just one bowl of the soup

    2. Service. The staff not really that helpful & reluctant to explain much on the food.

    Sorry to say this, but this restaurant really need improvement. Otherwise, it is strongly not recomended.


    • heng jee: thank you for commenting, and you could be right. This post was written more than 5 years ago and I guess things have changed since.

      • heng jee

        you are most welcome. things might have changed over time, but its good to share. Again, really admire your passion in looking and sharing the food that you have had 🙂


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