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I was with an otaku at Sungei Wang plaza picking up his expensive Japanese action figures, and decided to head to Lot 10 for some La Mian (拉面) at Crystal Jade. According to the guy, this place serves one of the best La Mian in the region, and heaps better than the One Noodle at SS2, a place that I thought was pretty decent.

Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao at Lot 10
absolutely mouth-watering La Mian

The restaurant is located by the side of the Lot 10 main entrance, nicely decorated with wooden partition, pretty comfortable chairs, and a bar-style kitchen area so you can watch the chefs swinging dough into noodle. There is also an outdoor area, I imagine it’ll be pretty nice enjoying your bowl of noodle at night watching the carousel of people strolling down Bintang Walk.

Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao at Lot 10
very classy interior deco

We ordered 2 bowls of La Mian, one plain and one with beef, vegetable, xiao long bao (小龙包), shallow fried dumpling (Gyoza/鍋貼), a mango dessert, and some herbal tea.

We didn’t have to wait long before the dumpling is served. They were very delicious and juicy, still packing some soup together with the meat inside. The xiao long bao too were top notch, served steaming hot on top of some lettuce in the bamboo basket. You can even see the juice in the xiao long bao from the picture above, and it really tastes as good as it look. The vegetable too, wasn’t overcooked and the seasoning done just right, I found myself chewing down the stems as if it was some high quality asparagus.

Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao at Lot 10
the sifu making la mian.

The La Mian though, was something else. It was very smooth and rich in flavor to the point that the beef, though pretty delicious itself, proved to be a distraction to the savoring taste of the noodle. No wonder the dude ordered a plain La Mian instead. Comparing the La Mian here to the SS2 counterpart is like comparing Fiat to Ferrari, same country of origin, you might even say same soul, but totally different class. It really opened my taste to La Mian.

Map to Lot 10
map to Lot 10

Of course, the location and the excellent quality of food does come at a price. We spent over RM 30 per person, but it was all worth it. I will definitely go there again when I head to town again.

R2 Annexe Block
Lot 10 Shopping Center

GPS: 3.146290, 101.711721
Tel: 03-2148-2338

Discuss : KY eats – Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao at Lot 10

  1. come let’s go to One Noodle again this weekend 😛 hahahahaha

  2. Doubt I’ll go there that soon unless I don’t have a choice. hehehe

  3. your is beef la mian or braised beef la mian???

    i love their braised beef la mian…yummy!

  4. Their ramen is good :p Arh, i’m missing this place d~

  5. this place’s reli good. eaten there 3 times before. im goin kl tmrw so i’d go there again. muahahha

  6. yr next trip here, do order the deep fried pai kuat, the pic in the menu dang misleading cos the size came out was enormous!

  7. yes we saw a neighbouring table ordering the ribs. 2 women was sharing 1 bowl of rib noodles

  8. next time u go must try the “hot & sour la mien”!

    absolutely orgasmic!

  9. malaysianfoodguide

    I am big fan of la mien, but never tried this shop…must go this weekends.Thanks…Ur website is very informative 🙂

  10. crystal jade is from singapore. it has been in singapore for quite some already(few branches). im glad they have opened a shop in kl now. so i can eat it back home too when i get back.

  11. Looneytune

    What a coincidence. Crystal Jade in Shanghai serves good xiao long bao too! Speaking of xiao long bao, it is not easy to find good xiao long bao in Shanghail, although it is suppose to be the place of origin. I find that Crystal Jade, Ding Tai Fong and Nan Xiang are probably the best places to go for xiao long bao in Shanghai.

  12. yahh..the la mein is da best!! :p but the xiao long pao just has too much pork to my liking. oohh i so miss oriental food! *sob*

  13. crystal jade is yummyyyy. they have this pan fried bun which is so good!

  14. They are my company’s client. Their La Mien is absolutely da best.

  15. Crystal Jade is the best Xiao Long Bao i had. This one is the first Shanghai style foods that i had. And it started my venture in Shanghai Food. Crystal Jade is a very famous restaurant in Singapore. You can see it in their business card. A LOT!!!

    Their foods is nice. I like it a lot. La Mian is nice. Bao Bao is thin in skin and nice. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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