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Three of the most well known hawker food originated from Penang are Char Kueh Teow, Asam Laksa, and of course, Prawn Mee (usually referred to as Hokkien mee up north). Of these three, Prawn Mee probably has the highest market penetration in Klang Valley. You could find plenty of hawker centers offering this dish, often claimed to be from Penang.

Prawn mee at Kampung Chempaka
the proper prawn mee (Penang Hokkien mee)

I have tried Prawn Mee from numerous locations around PJ and KL, including some of the more prominent stalls such as the stall at Chow Yang, SS2 and the “famous” stall at this kopitiam at PJ State. However, they usually turn out to be such disappointments, until this one day when I saw this mobile hawker stall selling Prawn Mee just outside my house. I took a bowl from the kitchen and ordered a bowl, that was more than a year back.

Prawn mee at Kampung Chempaka
This is how prawn mee should taste like.

The Prawn Mee prepared by this old man was so good I kept thinking about it whenever I thought of this dish. Finally a couple weeks ago, when I was having the Pork Noodle near my house, I spotted this stall on the move, and quickly inquired the owner about the base location. Apparently the old man goes around the neighborhood at the area from around noon, and station at Kampung Chempaka from about 2-4pm daily.

Prawn mee at Kampung Chempaka
Located at Kedai Kopi Hoonky, Kampung Chempaka

The Prawn Mee here has no special secret ingredients, just the usual noodle (and meehun, or kueh teow), kangkung, bean sprout, small prawn, boiled pork, and fried shallots in a rich prawn based soup. Sambal paste is added according to taste and preferred level of hotness. This stall made it just nice, tastes exactly like what anyone would expect when ordering Prawn Mee in Penang.

Of course, the old man speaks the Penang Hokkien, too.

The Prawn Mee is sold for RM 3.50 regular and RM 4.00 for the big portion.

Jalan PJU 1/4,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.116027, 101.598945

Discuss : KY eats – Prawn Mee (瑕面) at Kg. Chempaka, PJ

  1. Looks good, glad you found this place.

    Hard to find decent prawn mee in KL.

  2. got new phone… eksyen…

  3. Will definitely give this a try. Currently, my top 3 best prawn mee shops are:

    1. Chow Yang SS2
    2. OS Paramount Garden
    3. PJ State

    I really hope this shop can knock one shop off my list 🙂

  4. hv u eaten at yat yeh hing during the day? they hv chicken rice, Keke Bentong Chicken rice. just opposite loong foong. go there and give it a shot. but go early cos the lunch crowd is kinda overwhelming sumtimes… their chilli + garlic sauce is yumms… soup is free-flow. the “pak-jum-kai” is fabulous.

    chicken rice yumyumyum~~~

  5. yummy! seksyen 17’s one not bad altho the guy looks like a perv..

  6. PJ State’s prawn mee SUCKS!!!
    so expensive and no taste… totally BAN!!!

  7. PreciousPea

    I agree with sotong…and they made me waited 35 minutes and kept saying coming coming coming.

  8. Hey KY since you go around eating outside so much i was wondering if you know anyplace that sells penang style hokkien char around Klang Valley?

  9. this shop punya prawn mee nice ka? I stay so near also Dunno. Ok This sat i go try!

  10. foodcrazee

    dude, whats nice in Damansara Perdana ?

  11. eksk,

    I’ve been looking for that for a long time too, still no luck. Not easy to find them even in Penang these days.

    I’ve been to Mum’s, got some pretty good but slightly higher priced food.

  12. hi ky,

    瑕面? couldn’t find the right chinese character for prawn? :-)))

  13. Hi! KY!

    there is another good prawn mee at Kepong… if i m not mistaken from PJ to Kepong, after the jusco there is a petrol station (i think is shell station, not very sure) a right hand side, then u turn into the petrol station and go future in, is around there lar. the name of the prawn mee is “hao yee gei”…

    i love the prawn mee… after u try it, u will love it… believe me… 🙂

  14. The hokkien mee by this man is good. He has been pushing his stall around for years. If not mistaken, his house is opposite the SS2, Taman Bahagia LRT station.

    Besides hokkien mee, he serves ‘ching tong’ as well.

  15. Good Day,

    Went to this place today; but could not find him. I was there from 2.20 until 3pm. Did I miss something or does he have off days? Thanks.

  16. glozz,

    The old dude probably has an off day, I’ve only been there on weekends.

  17. Looks delicious, been reading your blog for ages, first time I’ve commented though. Do you stalk the old man around Noon on weekends? lol I would if it tastes as good as it looks.

    Btw, do you intend to do any paddling/orange-scavenging this coming Chinese New Year? Perhaps you could get a better ‘boat’ this time, haha.

  18. hi Ky

    which stall do you recommend for hokkien char in penang then? 🙂

  19. eksk,

    Used to love the one near Pengkalan Weld, but I believe they’re not operating anymore. It’s been a long time since I had any Hokkien Char.

  20. » KY eats - Prawn Mee (瑕面) at Restaurant Yon Lee, TTDI - by

    […] My never ending quest for a bowl of good Penang Hokkien Me (瑕面, also known as Prawn Mee in this part of Malaysia) has brought me to Restaurant Yon Len at Taman Tun Dr. Ismail (TTDI). Although the old man at Kampung Chempaka does offer excellent prawn mee, the operating hours are only from around 2-4pm, and I want to have it as breakfast. It was one of those things that bothers me, until the hot chick suggested Yon Len at TTDI last weekend. […]

  21. I went to the kedai kopi several times but couldn’t find the old man. finally i managed to spot him last Saturday. The prawn mee soup is good. Accoding to the old man, he usually be there from 2:30pm till eveything is finished. Monday is his off day.

  22. Giant Dan

    Check out The Champ prawn mee at 1st floor centre point…. It my favourite bar cafe for prawn mee..

  23. Giant Dan,
    I’ve been there a few times and fell in love with their tau yeu bak! 😛

  24. redmeanmachine

    KY, for Penang Hokkien Char try this – it’s damn freaking tasty!

    • redmeanmachine: ahh, plenty in Penang, but in KL i can’t find any penang style hokkien char!

      • redmeanmachine

        KY, there used to be one…. in Puchong, opposite IOI Mall, there is a corner kopitiam called An Sim. the stall is from penang.

        unfortunately, due to robbery that befall on him, he was injured and he quit. currently there is an aunty who took over his stall, who still sell the penang hokkien char, but it’s not that good anymore…

        • redmeanmachine: ahh, that’s tragic!

          • redmeanmachine

            hey KY, there is also another place to eat hokkien char (penang style) that i forgot to mention. it’s at Meng Tien Tmn Megah. Beside the BKT stall. Owner is from Penang, but the food so-so nia…but better than don’t have…:)

            • redmeanmachine: i went to look last night, walked the whole place and couldn’t find it. :S

              • redmeanmachine

                KY, shoot! don’t tell me ‘kam tiam’ liao…went there 2 months back still got.

                it’s beside the Klang BKT, same row as the toilet…

            • readmeanmachine: if you can find it again inform me ok! 😀

  25. I wish to recommend another good prawns noodles opposite loong fong restaurant in paramount- Chun prawns noodles

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