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The “new” Chow Yhang, as it is written in Chinese character 新朝阳, is actually own by the the same boss that once operate the restaurant of the same name located at where KAYU and Mee Yoke are now. Years after selling off the two corner lots, Chow Yhang now run the new shop just a stone’s throw away from the old location.

Chow Yhang 新朝阳 at SS2
always packed but there’s air contioner

We got there at about 8:30 on Saturday night and there was a healthy crowd at the restaurant, luckily we got a table just as the previous diners were leaving. Though stripped of it’s former glory of spanning across 2 corner shop lots, the new Chow Yhang is still nicely set up restaurant, it’s no frill decoration is clean; and rather comfortable with air conditioners keeping the temperature at check.

Chow Yhang 新朝阳 at SS2
oyster omelet, tofu, vegetable, and soup

For 5 of us, we ordered an oyster omelet (蚝煎), a basic fried vegetable (蒜米豆苗), tofu with minced meat (王金豆腐), seaweed soup (紫菜汤肉碎), and the unique dish – fried bacon (炸华腩).

To my delight, the first dish came in less than 10 minutes after ordering. However, the subsequent dishes did not exactly come fast enough, so we ended up almost finishing the first before the last one arrived. Not so great at planning, I suppose, but I’m not about to complain too much.

Chow Yhang 新朝阳 at SS2
the fried bacon with Thai sauce, yummmm

The food though, was top notch.

Instead of normal white rice, fragrant rice is used, nice. The oyster omelet fried just nice and goes well with the chili paste provided. The tofu, soup, and vegetables hold their own in terms of taste as well as presentation, not too salty nor blunt. The fried bacon though, was excellent, if you happen to be the sort of person who loves bacon. The crispy pork bits with plenty of raw shallots, lettuce, and Thai sauce blends very well to create a pretty unique taste and texture. It is rich and not for the faint hearted.

Chow Yhang 新朝阳 at SS2
Just a couple of turns away from the expensive LDP

The bill came to RM 73, a pretty good deal considering it was less than RM 15.00 for each of us. The most expensive dish was only RM 15 (fried bacon). Would definitely go there again.

135 Jalan SS 2/6
47300, Petaling Jaya

GPS: 3.116359, 101.616883
Tel: 03-7876 8767

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  1. karateshihan

    Thanks for stopping by my new blog. actually i’m a frequent visitor to your blog. and i’m blaming my weight gain on you! LOL, review so many places to eat ,every weekend i surf here and pick a place leh…..grrrr

  2. Wow KY, you really got the hype to write these stuff man. Nice articles, makes my mouth drooling right now. Question, how come you got so much time for this ar? 🙂

  3. PreciousPea

    Ooo…bacon is my favourite too!! Since you recommended it highly, will try it very soon!

  4. KY, next time try the Honey Pork Ribs…’s to die for 🙂

  5. bugger…with baby around, hard to go out la and eat. can only read and salivate here!

  6. whoa!
    map with straight lines!

  7. I went once on an afternoon. Pro – not many people, so service was fast. Con – actually all the other people were just staff, not patrons, and lunch ended up with them staring at me dining with me Mom.

  8. I would like to poin out that u got your facts wrong…the owner of new cheow yang is not the previous owner but rather the chief cook from the old establishment…with some of the ex-staff carried over…..hence the taste and cooking style is actually the same albeit at a lower class as this is a lower-class setup without the prowess and networking-savvyiness of Mr. Tang, the previous owner.

    The blunder notwithstanding, i thoroughly enjoyedyour review on some of the eateries in and around the country.

    Keep it up….

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  10. halal food ?

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