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Been a while since I last had this type of stupid riddle over here, and here. Since we are counting down to our great X’mas Eve Party 2006, it’s just fitting that I dig up this hot and spicy party photo from ST‘s site and make this “spot the differences” pictures. There are a total of 7 differences, find them!

Margie and Sotong lesbian photo
the first lesbian picture

Margie and Sotong lesbian photo
the second lesbian picture

For the noobs, check the answer here. Come to the party!

Discuss : KY games – spot the differences in this lesbian pics

  1. ERmm….

    That almost looks like p0rn lah…

  2. OMFG…what differences? more is better!

  3. will there be any smashp0p jump at the party? *hides*

  4. spiller,

    You must have gotten tired of staying alive. hehe

  5. hotttt!!! more pics plz! 😀

  6. More please!

  7. Cool pics~ jsut wanna wish u merry Christmas n happy new year~ really feel shti tat im stucked in this country… so wish tat i could come by to ur party~ hahaha

  8. …till the cops come knockin’…

  9. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
    Wishing you nothing but the best …

  10. Dabido (Teflon)

    I came here last night while explaining to my 8 year old nephew what Blogs were. Thinking it woul dbe a harmless blog about food and stuff. Instead, I had to quickly press te ‘X’ to get away as two pictures of lesbians [one with a cock on her forehead] appeared before my eyes. lol

    Merry Xmas KY. 🙂

  11. merry xmassssssssssss ky, val =P

  12. Put a picture like that and you want ppl to look for differences?!? LOL

  13. the great thing about lesbian sex is, that most girls don’t need much encouragement to start fucking like lesbian sluts. These 2 certainly look ready to fuck hard, and that girls mouth is like a lesbian sex organ, and clearly into need of a hairy, wet cunt to fill it with steamy muff juice.

  14. Is it all?
    Come on in my blog! 😉

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