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Sort of like the laksa of Penang, anyone who goes to Melaka should not miss the uniquely Melaka delicacy, the satay celup (celup: dip). It is basically a type of steamboat on with the raw food on the stick to be cooked in a boiling spicy peanut sauce that is similar to those that comes with normal satay. Other than the different medium for cooking the raw food on stick, it is identical to the more recognizable lok lok.

Satay Celup at Ban Lee Siang, Melaka
this stuff are absolutely mouth watering

For supper during our Melaka trip, we headed to Ban Lee Siang to fill our stomach with this uniquely Melaccan food. Now some of you may suggest that Capitol Satay Celup is the “better” place to go. In a way, while Capitol is one of the “original” and oldest place serving satay celup, there are simply way over-crowded (with people standing right next to your table waiting for you to get done) for anyone to enjoy a peaceful meal there without rushing. My baba friends from Melaka hence suggested this place, which is just as good.

Satay Celup at Ban Lee Siang, Melaka
only 50 sen per stick, pay what you eat

The place was quite packed as well, we managed to get 2 tables right next to each other to fit all 10 of us. We then head straight to the line to get our stuff. At this place, everything is priced at RM 0.50 per stick, no matter if it is prawn, vegetable, fish ball, quail’s egg, cockles, anything. You only pay for what you eat. You can also order some bread too.

Satay Celup at Ban Lee Siang, Melaka
some happy diners (notice Kim, on the left, stained her shirt)

Serving is simple, you just put the stick of raw food in the boiling satay sauce/soup, let it cook, and then put it to your mouth. The stuff packs a punch though, in terms of hotness, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who can’t have spicy food. But if you like spicy food and enjoys lok lok, this is an awesome combination.

Map to Satay Celup at Ban Lee Siang, Melaka
the map of Ban Lee Siang satay celup at Jalan Ong Kim Wee

After crowning herself with 38 sticks of satay in the afternoon, Kim got the better of us again and devoured almost 30 sticks of satay celup. I only had 2/3 of what she managed, respect.

If you head down to Melaka, do not miss this dish.

45E, Jalan Ong Kim Wee,

GPS: 2.202742, 102.243994
Tel: 606-284 1935

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  1. next time i am in Melaka I will visit the places u mentioned
    Merry X’mas

  2. Actually, Ban Lee Xiang is the more older satay celup shop ler.

  3. kimberlycun

    they were really tiny morsels of food on sticks k!

  4. looks yummy :). but i prefer the popiah :P. i think satay ayam tastes much better than satay babi 😛 mahuahua

  5. omigosh…i goin put on weight….

  6. Why Margie look so blur?

  7. ya… y??

  8. whats the fuss over satay babi ??? so dry.. give me a tender,juicy, well marinated chicken satay anytime…. maybe some some tripe too.. 😀

  9. jason, u realize that capitol satay has been running for 3 generations since being a stall in front of the old capitol cinema? i think they only probably satay celup vendor that is older is kingtu but that one closed down and was last seen having a small stall at newton.

  10. hmmm… this 1 looks ncier than da 1 i went… which is more popular i think…. gotta try this when i get back….

  11. Did you celup char kuey into the sauce??? I find char kuey the best as it soaks all the gravy…yummy yum yum.

  12. errr i like lok lok, i like them alot …

    but ever since i tried the melaka satay celup, somehow i dont like it as much as i like lok lok in KL

    that pot of satay sauce is there for like …. forever ….

    i cant rememebr the one i been to in Melaka, but we requested a new pot of satay sauce, and they charged us RM10 for it … hahaha at lelst someone else is gonna eat my saliva ….

  13. hi ky, i just went to melaka on thursday. unfortunately, i didn’t know that jonker’s st is only open on fri, sat, sun… and ban lee siang also was closed that day. so my friend and i ended up at ‘zao jiuu’ next door, which is not bad also.

    all i can say is… after u’ve cooked ur food in the satay sauce, don’t dip them back into the sauce! be considerate to other patrons who won’t like the idea of sharing saliva…

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  16. Alfred Lim

    Hi KY,

    I’m planning to go Malacca sometime near was doing some makan resarch that I chance upon your site. I like your recommendation & think you were elaborate & unselfish. Thanks!

  17. Alfred,

    Thanks. 😉

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  19. look delicious.. sunday have open ?? what time until what time working ?? i want go to try it..

  20. any gps co-ordinates to share with

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  22. gjl,
    I believe so!

    GPS coordinates updated. 🙂

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  24. i suggest u try kingtu satay celup at Taman Cheng Utama. opens on Wednesday till Sunday, from 7.00 pm – 12.00 midnight. telephone 012-6068805 Mr. Lim.

    delicious too.

  25. Sweekiang,
    oOO thanks for the tips. 😉

  26. I love satay celup and I have my fix at least once a week … I have tried all the shops, Capitol, McQuek and Ban Lee Siang and I used to think Capitol was great until I chanced upon a new shop called Satay Celup Nyonya at Taman Melaka Raya, towards Dataran Pahlawan. Their sauce is a little tangy and sweet and it taste just great. Looking back, I think all the other shops’ sauce taste bland in comparison to this nyonya style. Go try and judge it for yourself … and check out their website (I had a hard time to suss their website out)

  27. Satay Celup, i like very much! too bad never got chance to eat at Capitol. Always so long queue. Went Ban Lee Siang instead but noticed they kept the same pot of sauce on the table after customer left for the next customers. Eww!
    Last weekend found one new satay celup shop somewhere near Melaka Raya shopping complex. Nyonya style. Sauce is slightly different from Ban Lee Siang and McQuek but quite nice.
    New shop, very clean and only cost RM0.50 per stick :o) compared to Capitol RM0.80.
    Next try … besides the Famous chicken rice ball shop, can anyone recommend other nice chicken rice ball shop pls?

    • they always keep the same sauce, but you’re not supposed to dip back half eaten satey back to the pot anyway.

      • cindy tong

        eeww….even i haven been to Ban Lee Siang but after knowing that the sauce was not replaced wit a new one, I would’t think of going!
        QQ: where is this nyonya celup located?any specific address?looking forward to try!

        • cindy,
          hahaha it’s not replaced but by right no one puts in half eaten food to boil anyway right?

          • Cindy Tong

            u r right but still it felt not hygienic at all because the sauce eventually will dried up n stick on the edge then later drop back to the sauce!!

  28. Sokkhaing Ly

    I really like your satay celup, but I can’t go to eat at Melaka. Because I live at Cambodia. How can I eat? Could you sell satay celup in supermarket? It’s easier for me 2 eat.

  29. Sokkhaing Ly

    How can I get them Mr.KY? 🙁 Could I ask 1 question? What kind of food does Satay celup sold?

    • Sokkhaing Ly: Satey celup basically use peanut sauce + chili as the “soup”, and the ingredient can be anything. I’m not sure where you can get them tho …

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