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It’s December again and that can only mean the funnest X’mas eve party of all is just around the corner! We will be sending our SMS invites and try to have a good guesstimate on how many noobs will come, for those who aren’t on my phonebook and want to join us nonetheless, pop me a message at the contact me page, and with Suanie’s approval, we shall slot you in.

Xmas Eve Party 2006
This is how we have fun!

As usual, there are some rules to make it all awesome and fun:

  • wear your worst dress in the closet, there’ll be a prize for worst dresser and punishment for the best dresser, male and female category
  • bring a gift of value at around RM 10 for gift exchange
  • feel free to bring booze or some tidbits especially if you tend to drink like a fish or have overly healthy appetite
  • no shoes nor smoking indoor
  • party starts at 8pm till the last drunk person goes home

It’s gonna be fun fun fun, the highlight of the night shall be the gift exchange. Last year fox walked away happily with a toilet seat cover. Be creative in buying gifts, you are not limited to candles and picture frames.

By the way, the worst dress in closet theme is the brainchild of Suanie. I think it’s gonna be awesome seeing people dressed horribly, drinking, and dancing like it’s the beggar’s club (丐帮) or something.


last year’s invite, with map.

Discuss : KY Party – OMG it’s the X’mas eve Party Invite!

  1. WTF! your house there no parking wan.

  2. Beggar’s sect from The Condor Heroes isit? HAHAHAH

    Sniff. Ayam not kambing. :'(

    Make it new year’s eve lah fuckerrrr….


    24th is also KEROL’s BIRTHDAY YAY

  4. LMF: go early.

  5. LMF,
    can always park near the longkang, damn alot of space. Otherwise there’s the LRT parking. hehe.

    there’s no gift exchange in new year. noob.

  6. me not kambing where there’s no angel

  7. Would like to make it but I’ll be in Penang for Christmas…

  8. deriku: you can always go up after the party. It’s only 4hrs to Penang. Or 2 hrs if you drive KY’s car.

  9. koi bong… 18 dragon palm…

  10. wear your worst dress? lol. i can’t wait to see pics on ur blog. lol.

  11. Dabido (Teflon)

    Sorry, I cant make it again. Xmas in Perth again for me. I’m so darn boooooring! Wish i was in Sydney though.

  12. u look like bart simpson

  13. Sensual Sophia

    KY, aren’t you going to invite me? I’ll paint my face black with garishly red lipstick, hahaha.

  14. I wish to get a dildo this xmas… hee-hee 😛

  15. cepatnya end of the year aredi… i cant wait to see what outfit carol will be in this year… sure canggih wan rightt carol??? 😛 somemore telling ppl what u want for bday…. vibrator better la babe!!!

  16. cass,

    You buy that for her k? I wanna see your high waist jeans too.

  17. hope got no police this time.. then i no need hide under your bed again ky…

  18. can make it before 17th? pls pls? 🙁

  19. I’ll make it for this year’s party. Any particular bike anyone wants me to bring? No, the Black Sprinter is now in pieces, and will be gunning at the track next year.

  20. hahahhahahha….so fun..always look forward to this party….

    can i bring my son over for a swim ??? PLEASE CLEAN THE POND !!

  21. yay then i can give ur son the angpao

  22. gahhh dunno what to wear =P

  23. ebeh! New Year la ….

    Christmas Eve, I’ll be in Genting!

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  25. After reading about the party for how many years, am inviting myself along. :p eheh.

  26. come come! I don’t have your number ma, Erna.

    Genting is the boring.

  27. Ahhhhhhhhh definately sounds interesting hope my company trip overseas is cancelled so i can join as well !! 😀

  28. i mau xmas invitation card @@

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  32. On contrast to popular belief, no, I don’t drink like a fish.

    If I should come, I’ll just drop since I came once. Let’s hope no 18 bronze monk guarding the entrance.

  33. hai, got here from Kimberlycun blog becoz she ask to come here…..seemed im the first to come here from her blog hehe….its my pleasure….and would like to wishing KY & all the lovely ppl here Merry X’mas & a sucess Happy New Year 2007 😀

  34. Ish.. Ish…, I just got to know all this!!! I suppose 80% of you all already down to the floor now except maybe FA….hehe…

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