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After helping Suan to come up with her latest post aptly titled “according to ky..”, I figured I should do a quick research and verify whatever crap I told her. This is important as the woman put my words on the INTERNET for everyone to see. Half way through, I had a feeling I’m onto a great discovery.

You see, fertility rate needs to be roughly 2.1 children born/woman to sustain the population. While looking at this list of total fertility list rate by country, I noticed the bottom three countries:

  • 224 Singapore 1.06 2006 est.
  • 225 Macau 1.02 2006 est.
  • 226 Hong Kong 0.95 2006 est.

I reached the conclusion of:

Chinese Extinct
Chinese on small island + $$ + education = extinction!

Lucky I’m not in Penang anymore. 😀

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  1. Dabido (Teflon)

    I’ve volunteered to help with Vicki Zhao Wei, but she never returns my calls!

  2. doesn’t apply to Taiwan, i assume?

  3. Yea, like that we are going to extinction because someone said got marginalized here. LoL…

  4. somebody HOT should breed with me. our superior spawns shall rule the world.

  5. Dabido (Teflon)

    FA – I keep volunteering for that too … but you’re like Vicki Zhoa Wei, never return my calls … you think I’d get the hint! 🙂

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