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Most everyone who works in an office building has a food drawer filled with snacks for the time when stomach makes the untimely growls. Alongside with the awesome Keebler’s Chips Deluxe Cookies, this biscuit with the silly Hello Panda name is one of my favorites.

Hello Panda biscuit
well herro panda!

This stuff is made of hollow shortbread with stuffings inside, and my favorite is the chocolate stuffing. One of the two types you can find at Isetan supermarket, the other being strawberry. There are altogether 4 types of stuffings but the vanilla and peanut butter (YUM!) can’t be found anywhere. If only I had discovered this before I went to Tokyo. The sweet and soft chocolate gives a very good taste and textural contrast the blunt but crispy shortbread, sort of like the Oreo experience, but a lot tastier and alot less messy.

Hello Panda biscuit
ahhh yummmmm

The biscuits come in an over sized tube ala Pringles style. Convenient to store and doesn’t get soft and and limp from the moisture. Best still, you can keep the tube and use it for the great Keebler’s cookies!

A tube is about RM 15+ and contains 450 gram of wholesome bite size cookies. Not exactly cheap, but this thing is awesome it’s really worth it, not to mention packs a meal’s worth of calorie in a snack session. Best. Meiji is a Japanese confectionery brand, but this particular product is manufactured in Singapore.

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  1. erm…
    i saw ‘fortune cookies’ from dis brand ler!

  2. Koala bear cookies > panda bear cookies.

  3. Heh I love these too, only the pink strawberry pack tho, don’t really like the chocolate or the others.

  4. strawberry one is the best! u noob 😛

  5. I love the strawberry flavor…

  6. u shud buy the japanese one…although..abit expensive.

  7. i luv hello panda toooo. i’ve only tried the chocolate ones though.

  8. i always get my friends from brunei to get this for me in bulk, it’s pretty cheap there, about 80 cents per box i think. =)

    bring me go makan! this blog is really bad for my diet, methinks… hehehhehe..

  9. reminds me of the teddy cookies.

    first time reading about this. is it available in hypermarkets?

  10. Cheesecakeerian

    Hello Panda Hello Panda Hello Panda!!!! *jumps up and down*

  11. PandazRock

    i found the cookies at a world store – they sell inernational foods – and i thought it was the best thing i have ever had, so then i got the chocolate one and it was even better! thanks for idea!!
    btw -I LOVE PANDAS!!!!!- 😀

  12. PandazRock

    LOL!! I just noticed that the last comment i posted was about two years after the one Cheesecaakeerian posted
    but i still love PANDAS!!

  13. PandazRock,
    wah that’s a long time! Pandas = great! 😀

  14. i prefer chocolate flavor

  15. jolene,
    Yes myself too! 😀

  16. ~PandaRocks~

    Cheap sales in One Utama now, 2 for RM19.90

  17. PandaRocks,
    Thanks for the information! 😀

  18. Jade Zheng

    Rocky leh? Cheaper & also not too bad.. Same flavors! 😀

  19. Jade Zheng,
    That one’s sticks maa different. 😀

  20. […] pretty hungry while skyping with Mell later at night. And since I had finished the big can of Hello Panda biscuits Eiling gave me a couple weeks earlier, it was time to have some instant […]

  21. Hi there.
    May I know is there’s any shop that sells HELLO PANDA in KL area, except One Utama?

  22. Panda,
    Isetan, and almost all Cold Storage markets 😉

  23. Oooooh there are peanut butter Hello Pandas? I need to taste them!

    I’m eating the chocolate ones now as I type.

  24. I realize that my comment is five years too late, but oh well! What you said about Hello Panda is true. So yummy!

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