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I was at The Curve last Friday after work with a few friends, since a couple of them has already eaten, we decided to go to some place less lavish and ended up at Thai Express on The Street.

As the name suggest, this is an “express” restaurant that has a limited range of dishes. The interior decoration is simple and clean, without much fuss.

Thai Express at the Curve
nice looking menu

After looking over the illustrated menu, I decided to go for the curried soft shell crab rice and a glass of Thai Pina Colada (non alcoholic version). Kelvin ordered the BBQ fish rice, while the other two jokers only ordered desserts and drinks as they have already eaten.

We didn’t need to wait long for the dishes to be served. I was more than delighted to see two pretty good size soft shell crabs covered with good-smelling curry sitting right next to the steamed rice. As the taste of soft shell crab (argh i kept miss-spelling it as software crab) is pretty standard, it came down to the curry to differentiate the dish from the simple deep fried soft shell crab, it was not a disappointment. Kelvin’s fish dish was pretty decent as well.

Thai Express at the Curve
ahh, the soft shell crab rice!

The Thai Pina Colada is basically some mixture of mostly pineapple juice with a big scoop of the excellent ice cream. Then there’s the traditional glutinous rice with mango, red rubies, and more coconut ice cream (sweet temptation) we ordered.

The highlight of the evening was when I looked at Kimberly’s half chewed mango skin, and she explained:
“I was wondering why this mango is a little weird until I saw the skin… “
Basically the girl ate half the mango skin without realizing what she was chewing, this girl never cease to surprise us.

Thai Express at the Curve
kim with her half-eaten mango SKIN

As for price, the food, while not cheap, weren’t too expensive. The curried soft shell crab was RM 17.90++ and the fish RM 15.90++. However, the drinks are a little pricey at RM 7.90++ for what I ordered, and even mineral water will set you back at RM 2.90++.

A decent place to dine in if you’re at The Curve, but for proper Thai food, I’ll go to De’ Chiengmai at Sungai Buloh.

Thai Express Restaurant
G50, Jalan PJU 7/3
The Curve, Mutiara Damansara

GPS: 3.157699, 101.611540
Tel No: 03-7710 9629

Discuss : KY eats – Thai Express at The Curve

  1. RM12 something for a fried rice…no thanks! but soem says the food is decent enough to warrant the price.

  2. i hv eaten there once meetin a fren. the worst thai food of the lot in KL. surprised u even blog about it. there is one, cheap and nice in jln alor…errr, off jln alor that is. choke dee kap!

  3. k,

    I’ve read that some of their food is pretty awful and pricey, but the soft shell crab was good, and that was what I happened to order. Lady luck walked my way that evening I suppose. 😀

  4. you’re luck you enjoyed what you ate. i didn’t like it the first time i was there. never been back there since. =)

  5. piffles,

    If I go again I’ll should stick to ordering the same thing then. hehe.

  6. Oh my goodness, i ate at that place twice and i banned it the 2nd time. Like u said KY, maybe it’s luck. The first time i went (1 yr back) the food was good but pricey (esp the drinks!). For my 2nd visit, i ordered the exact same dish. Not only had the price increase, there were some items which was suppose to be there (it was even on the menu)… dissapeared! Can’t remember what it’s called, but it’s rice with shrimp something (did ask them for those ‘dissapeared’ items but they say it was all along served that way). I so ban that place and never walking in again…i think it’s gonna be one of those from bad to worse kinda place.

  7. singapore have thai express..but not nice and over price…lousy!

  8. kimberlycun

    wahlan…think we were really lucky then. the coconut ice-cream was to die for…

    for the record, the mango was ‘weird’ in a good way…i recommend eating mango skin!

  9. Do some boba review please!

  10. pls la. that place sucks!
    misused the word express for sure.

  11. Wah rao. this place *totally* sucks man. I got so pissed I didnt finish eating my food and stomped off. THAT bad. plus so expensive. I keep telling everyone i know NOT to go there. two thumbs down

  12. Thai Express in Singapore is not bad… I personally tried a few times
    Most of the time, I will order fire noodles and the fried bananas with vanilla ice-cream. Both are yummy~

    Maybe the chef in KL is different…

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