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For some reasons (don’t ask) I found myself at Kim Gary in Sunway Pyramid for dinner just the other weekend. Not knowing what to order as I have yet to find something that is actually any good from the restaurant, I turned around and look at the nice big poster promoting their new Stoned Grilled Unagi Rice and promptly asked for that instead.

Bad Kim Gary Stoned Grilled Unagi Rice
I couldn’t finish this crap

I thought since I love unagi, I couldn’t go wrong with the decision. *beep* – wrong.

When I first saw the dish, it was the size of the unagi that caught my eyes, or shall I say, almost escaped my eyes. The big poster (top right) showed a nice chunk of eel filet, but in reality it was only half of that, equivalent to about 1.5 sushi. I was going to make a complaint, then I noticed that the picture (smaller of course) of the same dish in the menu actually spotted the tiny portion of Unagi. Borderline false advertising, but they cover their asses well.

The presentation for the food was actually not half bad sans the tiny unagi. However, the dish came with the unagi sauce instead of soya sauce, and there was no wasabi either. I began to wonder why they called it “Japanese style”. A bite later, all hope was lost, as they never bothered to use proper Japanese rice.

Worse still, it was actually Stoned Grilled Rice with Unagi instead of Stoned Grilled Unagi Rice. The bottom part of the rice was all burnt, I had no idea why they made the rice bowl that hot.

When the waiter came and clear the table, he didn’t ask why I had no finish the food. I took the initiative of telling him how bad the rice were, and all he answered “you have to stir the rice at the beginning“. And I thought it was a bad habit stirring your dish like a washing machine before eating.

By the way, if you need some ketchup, Kim Gary served them in packets so you can have the feeling that you are eating take-out orders from McDonald’s, how nice. -.-”

I am not likely to ever go there again.

p/s: I realise some of you come to this blog to look for recommendation of good food, hence I apologize for having to make a post of a bad dining experience. I’ll keep this to a minimum.

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  1. You are not alone. I ordered the same Stoned Grilled Rice with Unagi at the Kim Gary Branch in City Square, JB and had the same experience.
    As instructed, I started stirring the rice at the beginning and in between as well but it turned out burnt anyway. The bowl was too hot!

  2. i never ever..ever ever LIKED kim gary in the first place..bleh

  3. Is good to post bad food too. At least we know is bad.
    Anywhere i don’t like Kim Gary at all. If really no choice then only will take Kim Gary.

  4. kim gary… never my choice…

  5. went there yesterday for my first kim gary experience…the set meal is a-ok where value is concerned if yu don’t mind the bland taste.

    I was hungry, so, it wasn’t half as bad.

    but i’lll not go back there again, despite them having such extensive menu!

    and the one in curve, they even have smoking section inside the crowded place! gosh!

  6. Yah can’t stand Kim Gary, dunno why anyone likes it, lousy place.

    Wong Kok is sooo much beter and cheaper.

  7. haven’t step into one… never heard of any good feedback bout that chain. no idea why they can expand so fast with so many outlets.

    doubt i would ever drop into one… ever.

  8. I think it is really important to post bad experiences – it helps those looking ofr good food!

    As for Lim Gary – I can never bring myself to step into it – for some odd reason 🙂

  9. food lover

    omg!! KY is angry………………….. kim gary really that bad meh? ;P

  10. I don’t like Kim Gary either…

    But sometimes my friends will drag me there for lunch and I don’t have a choice… so I’ll stick to the spicy chicken chop or something like that. The taste is turning worse and worse each time I have that.

    The one in MV sux…. the drinks sux! Service is BAD!!!

    I used to go to Kim Gary @ Sg Wang. The french toast there was not bad.. but i’m not sure about it.

    U-Village is better. At least the food is more appertising and the price is reasonable too…

  11. Kim Gary… the foods there sucks and expensive…

  12. Really it’s like a routine for restaurants in malaysia… when u open too many branches… u’ll start to get suck n everybody hates u… when da 1st kim gary opened in Sg. wang… it WAS really not bad at all… but now… cin cai go to some coffee shop la~~~~

  13. Kim Gary does not exist in HK. Kim Gary is not very nice and besides in HK the real cheese baked rice is not served in those dim sum wooden bowls. Probably that’s why kim gary is quite successful in msia since they have that concept. To sum it all, ppl are paying too much for char char teng kim gary in msia. Aihz… what a waste of money.

  14. shouldn’t it be stone grilled instead of stoned grilled? maybe the whole purpose is to make you stoned at how bad it tastes.

  15. You should see the crowd in their Sg Wang branch. Whoa … all q-up till the shop next door and they even provide you with chairs outside while waiting for you to be seated. Their food/drink is generally not great but there are lotsa ppl who has no requirements in their meals to that’s why Restaurant like Kim Gary can make tons of money and opened up branches everywhere. Thanks KY for the review. At least save us the hassle of ordering the same dish and curse afterwards.

  16. Never been there, but claypot chicken rice at SEA Park isn’t so bad.

  17. my colleague can have 2 bowls of this similar rice set at Kim Gary. Believe it or not? Believe it.

  18. Some of the dishes are okay, like the honeyed barbeque pork ribs in vegetable rice, but a lot are just down right weird. I’ve tried spagetti with pork chop and garlic sauce, EWWWW!!! 😛

    I didn’t want to try their stone rice, I thought they were trying to borrow the Korean stone rice sans the soup and chilli sauce, plus marry it with unagi. Bad idea 😛

  19. Kim Gary sucks after they went famous. it used to be quite good and i love it there until is being invaded by pedigree (ah beng/lian) and smoknig section and rubbish waitress. i get better service from a piece of tissue paper.

  20. no need appologize la.. thats real food review..good and bad ! ppl wont blame u for reviewing bad food ! and in future, please review more bad food, at least we know to avoid !

  21. I’m with everyone else:
    No need to apologise! It’s good to post up bad reviews of restaurants that totally deserve it….. If not, then the rest of the world won’t know to avoid it if possible.

    It’s sad though, I remember Kim Gary being quite nice years and years ago when it just opened in Sungei Wang…..

  22. I support your bad food reviews. Keep it coming! Btw, i have to agree Kim Gary is getting from bad to worse. The last i had it was in september last year…at Mid Valley. The food already sucked then. And, I have totally banned most Kim Gary style cafes coz their food are all about the same style.

  23. Same goes for Kim Gary branch in Penang.
    Trainees trying to act professional by carrying as many food and beverages as possible on their hands.
    Recently, I went there for lunch and one of them dropped the baked rice on my baby’s stroller!!! Thank God my baby was not in the stroller!
    Can’t they just go for another round to bring the food if they can’t manage? Scares the shit out of me.

  24. KIM GARYYYY????!!!!!! yucksss… abhor the food! always makes me regret walking in there. I think everyone has to shout to talk, lousy food with chunks of msg (gets so thirsty after eating there).
    Surprisingly my good friend from JB loves that place, i can never understand that!

  25. No comment about the food since I go there for the Hong Tau Ping only.

    But I see a lot of discrimination about the smoking section here. *PUFF*PUFF*

  26. i just went there to have the stone grilled rice yesterday nite..actually i edi heard from my colleague as you guys mentioned those rice at the bottom all burnt…but i stil went for try also…the waiter try to served me dat…first..he poured the sauce to the rice…then he started to stir the rice…until it get balance, then he relocated the rice to another bowl…so dat those rice wont get burnt…as i saw in the picture above…obviously..i can sure dat u never stir the rice..coz as i ate rice edi blend with the sauce color…neway..dat taste finally not dat bad…maybe u guys can try on it as my way next time if u guys willing to try…haha….

  27. hmmm….ya..i’m agree with it…but sumhow the cheese rice tht their famous set is not bad…compare with other HK stlye restaurant i’m stil like their cheese rice more than oths….but ur one i think is a bad experiance…you can try on oths food…anys news pls updated me okies? coz i’m also a food lover!!!

  28. erm… I had the exact same dish in Kim Gary Sunway Pyramid, and strangely the portion was much better than how urs turned out. the Unagi was decent sized, much better than those served in Sushi King or Genki Sushi. So to me Kim Gary is still the better place to go for some fast Hong Kong like food. Compared to Mong Kok, this is wayyyyy better. Mong Kok is like the worst of the pile man!

  29. kim gary sucks big time!….the food, drink, service, the smell inside the restaurant and not forgetting the price

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  32. Well, I used to go to Kim Gary for that Cheese baked rice until one day when my Uncle told me that he saw some Kim Gary staff making tea/coffee. He stirred it, use the same spoon to taste it and then put the spoon back into the cup and stirred it again.

  33. the curve’s kim gary is nice lo…i agree wif u tat the rice is not japanese type geh…i think the best stone grilled rice is sakae shushi geh bibimba…NICE…
    *WONG KOK is D-I-R-T-Y*

  34. If you’re thinking to have meal in a HK style restaurant, I will recommend Causeway Bay Restaurant (Toong Lo Wan). I used to go their branch in Low Yatt. According to my colleague who stayed in HK for few years previously and travel to HK often recently, the food served in Causeway Bay Restaurant is almost similar to those in HK.

  35. Kim Gary Restaurant foods used to be very nice but then maybe open up too much and the boss can’t cover too many branches. So maybe the standard will drop. But I want to clarify that it does exist in HK. I went to their branches in HK before. The food there was very nice.

  36. I think they always improve their quality of food from time to time. I seldom go to restaurant to eat but I find out their service is good.and i have a lot of good memory there.

  37. If the unagi set they made is like japanese style. what for they call their restaurant hk kim gary restaurant. May be u can try other food,is very nice. the cheese baked rice is very nice.

  38. is not only the stoned grilled rice! other thing whicch I don’t rmb what were they since I went with my cousins..all were bad!and from then on we never stepped into any of the Kimgary anymore!Phobia of Kimgary~

  39. dont go to kim gary! the last time i ate there,
    there was a stewed cockroach in my soup!
    stewed as in soft,with legs and all..yuck.
    best thing is the waitress..she wanted to replace my soup with a new one
    (isnt the all soups are boiled in the same couldron??)
    talking about extra cockroach essence!

  40. The rice being burnt – well, that part is seriously annoying. Plus, Kim Gary’s milktea really sucks! Tastes like the usual teh tarik at hawker centers.

  41. KY don’t keep bad food review to the minimum. We also like to know which place to avoid as well.

    • Boon: usually doesn’t have enough time to post good stuff, let alone bad ones hahaha. But if you join my facebook page or follow my tweets I do give feedbacks on the lousy places. 🙂

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